11 Metaphors for elses

The "History" is a curious medley of pagan and Christian legends, of chronicle, comment, and pure invention,all recorded in minute detail and with a gravity which makes it clear that Geoffrey had no conscience, or else was a great joker.

All else is picture sunshine.

but the secret lacking, The secret of the child, the bird, the night, Faded, flouted, bespattered, in days so far Hate cannot bitter them, nor wrath deny; Else were this Desdemona....

Consequently, whilst among polygamous nations every woman is provided for, where monogamy prevails the number of married women is limited; and there remains over a large number of women without stay or support, who, in the upper classes, vegetate as useless old maids, and in the lower succumb to hard work for which they are not suited; or else become filles de joie, whose life is as destitute of joy as it is of honor.

The wars of this century have been of another character than those of the past; they have not involved basic principles of human association, but have been the result of attempts to gain comparatively trifling political advantages, or else were the almost inevitable consequence of adjustments of national relations.

REALLY EXISTING, they must in some degree conform their ideas to the things they would speak of; or else men's language will be like that of Babel; and every man's words, being intelligible only to himself, would no longer serve to conversation and the ordinary affairs of life, if the ideas they stand for be not some way answering the common appearances and agreement of substances as they really exist. 29.

All else is darkness.

All the scholarly works of the period, like William of Malmesbury's History, and Anselm's Cur Deus Homo, and Roger Bacon's Opus Majus, the beginning of modern experimental science, were written in Latin; while nearly all other works were written in French, or else were English copies or translations of French originals.

Here's a letter they giv' me fur Lurindy, at the post-office; ev'rybody else's afeard ter come up here";and by-and-by she brought it up from under all she'd stowed away there.

All else was a background of modulated depths.

Ere they broke ground, the boundless forest howled around a stray party of Indians, come to hunt, or to pasture their flocks on the few open plots skirting the river: all else was waste and solitude.

11 Metaphors for  elses