115 Metaphors for enemy

The worst enemy of the martyr is doubt and the divided mind, which suggests the question, 'Is it, after all, worth while?'

Your real enemies are the ministers who are fearful of affording you the opportunity of overbalancing their influence.

When it was revived, in 1714, he had discovered that his enemy was Swift.

The enemies of truth, and the cause of Christ, be multiplied, and many there be that rise up against it.

"Their chief enemy is the mountain lion, which hunts them on the cliffs, apparently never about watering places.

As though they were on one side against a common enemy, and that enemy was her father.

Your greatest enemy is the Government which has dragged the fair name of Germany in the mire of dishonour, shocking the moral instincts of the whole world by acts no other civilised country would think of committing.

What an enemy to peace is an unbelieving heart!

Besides, his enemy was a hated Briton, whom their country was almost on the verge of war with, and it would not be a bad thing to kill him in advance.

Time will not be allowed us to multiply to unquestionable peace, but by drawing upon England we can swiftly transfuse what we need of her strength into her veins, and by that operation bleed her into health and sanity Meantime, the only serious enemy to the Empire, within or without, is that very Democracy which depends on the Empire for its proper comforts, and in whose behalf these things are urged.

" A very minor but most malignant enemy was Dr. Benjamin Rush.

But the unseen enemy is always the more dangerous; hence my deep apprehensive reflections that day as I walked those sordid back streets "over the water," as the Cockney refers to the district between those two main arteries of traffic, the Waterloo and Westminster Bridge Roads.

General Hunter made a reconnoissance to Wilson Creek, and ascertained that the only enemy that had been in the vicinity was a scouting party of forty or fifty men.

"The enemy is at hand, Captain Colden," said Willet.

The enemy from which they had to wrest it was triple: the sea, the lakes, the rivers.

"More enemies, more enemies," be your prayer in this hour of retribution.

44, that the enemy shall be the head, and his people the tail.

One day when Charles was accordingly hearing it and was very near the enemy, one of his officers, Auffroy de Montboucher, said to him, "Sir, you see right well that your enemies are yonder, and you halt a longer time than they need to take you.

The deadly enemy of the young "Cowt," so called from his great strength, is Lord Soulis of Hermitage Castle, on the Scottish side of the border.

A passion, for her, is a campaign; and her deadliest enemy is satiety.

What an enemy is a light and trifling spirit!I was grieved because I had disobliged my mother.

Our enemy is not the German Kaiser.

The old enemies of the Hebrews were the Assyrians and Egyptians, not the Babylonians and Medes.

" "Then you have reason to believe that the enemy of this poor fellow Santini may be your enemy also?

"My enemies are my wife's also, I suppose.

115 Metaphors for  enemy