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146 Metaphors for  enemy

146 Metaphors for enemy

" "But do the people stand by him, Angelo, and the Signoria?" "He has strong friends as yet, but his enemies are like ravening wolves.

The worst enemy of the martyr is doubt and the divided mind, which suggests the question, 'Is it, after all, worth while?'

Your real enemies are the ministers who are fearful of affording you the opportunity of overbalancing their influence."

When it was revived, in 1714, he had discovered that his enemy was Swift.

Mar. If your enemies brought it to this, your enemies are Cutlers, come leave the King.

She is the real mover in the case, though another enemy of Caelius, the son of a man whom he had himself brought to trial for bribery, was the ostensible prosecutor.

Aside from man, the most important enemies of the sheep in nature are the mountain lion and eagles of two species.

As though they were on one side against a common enemy, and that enemy was her father.

Your greatest enemy is the Government which has dragged the fair name of Germany in the mire of dishonour, shocking the moral instincts of the whole world by acts no other civilised country would think of committing.

What an enemy to peace is an unbelieving heart!

In other words, when the lies emanating from the seat of political authority are fully revealed, the perceived enemy will no longer be Al Qaeda but Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Powell, et al.

The last Enemy to Benevolence I shall mention is Uneasiness of any Kind.

Besides, his enemy was a hated Briton, whom their country was almost on the verge of war with, and it would not be a bad thing to kill him in advance.

A very minor but most malignant enemy was Dr. Benjamin Rush.

But the unseen enemy is always the more dangerous; hence my deep apprehensive reflections that day as I walked those sordid back streets "over the water," as the Cockney refers to the district between those two main arteries of traffic, the Waterloo and Westminster Bridge Roads.

General Hunter made a reconnoissance to Wilson Creek, and ascertained that the only enemy that had been in the vicinity was a scouting party of forty or fifty men.

The enemy of populism is consensus.

"More enemies, more enemies," be your prayer in this hour of retribution.]

44, that the enemy shall be the head, and his people the tail.

For thirteen-year-old Rose Dunlea, the war against Germany seems far away while her enemies are the words that inexplicably jumble on the page when she tries to read them.

One day when Charles was accordingly hearing it and was very near the enemy, one of his officers, Auffroy de Montboucher, said to him, "Sir, you see right well that your enemies are yonder, and you halt a longer time than they need to take you."

That enemy is, of course, Seath the Scaleless.

Dialogue is not a fashion, it is necessary, as the real enemy to faith is modernity's growing secularism as pointed out by Novak.

"The more enemies, the more glory," was the inane motto so popular early in the war that it was even printed on post cards.

Miley's enemies are Amber Addison (Shanica Knowles) and Ashley Dewitt (Anna Maria Perez de Tagle), who are constantly mean to her and her friends, but are huge fans of Hannah Montana.

Such was the state of confusion in which they arrived there that a momentary pause was necessary to enable the men of the various regiments to gather together, and the enemy, taking advantage of this, brought down three battalions of infantry, who advanced close to the bank, and, as the four regiments dashed up it, met them with a tremendous fire.

While enemies with Flamethrowers may be a problem for one Golem, several Golems ganging up on a Sanguine (which counters all attacks by unleashing Fire damage to an area around it at melee range) will likely wipe out a Golem army.

A passion, for her, is a campaign; and her deadliest enemy is satiety.

What an enemy is a light and trifling spirit!I was grieved because I had disobliged my mother.

Our enemy is not the German Kaiser.

The old enemies of the Hebrews were the Assyrians and Egyptians, not the Babylonians and Medes.

"Then you have reason to believe that the enemy of this poor fellow Santini may be your enemy also?" "One never knows whom one offends when living in Italy," I laughed, as lightly as I could, endeavoring to allay his suspicion.

Meanwhile, it may be well to depict the situation from the enemy's point of viewthe enemy being the islanders as a unit.

"My enemies are my wife's also, I suppose." "You have not told me the secret of that dastardly attempt upon me when we last met," I said in a low voice.

His enemies were the leaders of the Federal party, if we except Aaron Burr, in whose honesty few believed.

The enemy was a heavy American frigate, and it appeared such downright madness to show fight under the very muzzles of her guns, half a broadside from which was sufficient to sink us.

Whether your enemy or yourself is the stronger who knows?...

The courage that encountered and vanquished the greatly superior numbers of the rebel force, pursued and attacked them in their intrenchments, and paused not until the enemy was completely routed merits and receives commendation.

Their Enemies are the fallen Angels: The Messiah their Friend, and the Almighty their Protector.

The only enemy we fear is the crack-brained fanatics who prate about peace and goodwill whilst foreign Dreadnoughts are gradually closing in upon us.

Jean's assurance that the mysterious enemies who had twice attempted his life were only a short distance behind them, or a short distance ahead, set a new and desperate idea at work in his brain.

But he went on in faith and charity, till his enemies became his friendshis friends, his ardent and reverent admirers.

This enemy is the literal key to the DLC, because it drops the invitation players need.

In that task,which, at the best, was a little too much like workmy most troublesome enemy was the common wild indigo (Baptisia tinctoria), partly from the wicked pertinacity with which it sprang up again after every mowing, but especially from the fact that the cut or bruised stalk exhaled what in my nostrils was a most abominable odor.

The most terrible enemy that Frederic had, next to Austria, was Russia, ruled then by Elizabeth, who had the deepest sympathy with Maria Theresa; but when she died, affairs took a new turn.

Don Guillermo was rather pleased than otherwise, holding his son to be in need of further punishment; but Reinaldo was obliged to call upon all the courtesy of the Spaniard and all the falseness of his nature to help him remember that his enemy was his guest.

All jammed together as we were, it would seem that we might have been absolutely slaughtered by the leaden hail which was poured in upon us; and the only explanation of our marvellous immunity probably lies in the fact that the enemy were surprisingly bad shots.

The biggest enemy of the coyote is people.

The enemy is threat'ningbuy you arms!

You are one man, and your enemies are millions....

Your greatest enemy is not the Russian, nor the French, nor the British Government.

It flashed across my mind at that moment that as those on board the Abraham Lincoln, having once seen the effect of Ned Land's harpoon when it struck the Nautilus, could not but have concluded their enemy was no monster of the deepthough indeed a monster of man's contrivingthe warships of all nations would now be on the look-out for the Nautilus, and we on board it could scarcely hope for mercy.

For this would be just the same as to say that the irrational enemies are the energies of the rational soul.

The enemy is now conqueror and master, and no one would dare to touch this uniform.

It is youth who can see a tangible devil at work in every party or sect opposed to its own, whose enemy is always a villain, and who finds treachery and falsehood in the friend who is occasionally bored or indifferent: it is middle age that has discovered the reasonable sweet juste milieu of human naturewho knows few saints perhaps, but is apt to find its friend and grocer and shoemaker agreeable and honest fellows.

His most dangerous enemy was Robert, Count of Paris, brother to Odo, the late King.

With classic villains like the Joker, the Riddler, Catwoman and Bane, the Caped Crusader's enemies are many times as popular as him.

Our band amounted to twenty-four all told, and the enemy were fifty soldiers in addition to a score of peasants.

โ€œOur biggest enemy obviously is the coronavirus, keeping everybody healthy and well and in place to do our job,โ€ he said.

To him the enemy is a powerful impersonal devil, who must be beaten.

The one enemy whom she did dread was Lady Mountjoy.

Her chief enemy now was the prince who ought to have been her best friend, the next brother of her husband, the Comte de Provence.

Thousands of German, French, Belgian, Austrian, Russian, and British men in the prime of life have been miserably slain and lie in obscure graves of which the enemy now is the guardian, while others writhe in the agony of lingering wounds or sullenly brood over their fate in the dull routine of military prisons.

Up to this year Prussia has been allied with the two Eastern monarchies; the Empire has been governed by the help of the National Liberal party; the chief enemy has been the Clericals.

The greatest enemy to man, is man, who by the devil's instigation is still ready to do mischief, his own executioner, a wolf, a devil to himself, and others.

The 69th New York, all Irish, never reached the front in the war, but shared the fate of the 150,000 troops cantoned through the Southern States, their only effective enemies being dysentery, typhoid, and malaria.

If it was your friend you served it; if it was your enemy you stood up to it and refused to let it beat you, and your enemy became your servant.

With the conquest of Syria and Egypt a long stretch of sea-board had come into the Saracenic power; and the creation and maintenance of a navy for the protection of the maritime ports as well as for meeting the enemy became a matter of vital importance.

Lastly, Peter reminds us that the real enemy is Satan, not people, and he must be intentionally and forcefully resisted.

A battle followed and lasted till the stranger became unmanageable, when the President stopped firing; and the next morning Rogers found that his enemy was the British twenty-two-gun ship, Little Belt.

A defeat on the field of battle can be avenged; here the enemies were his own countrymen; it was Prussian subjects who had made the King the laughing-stock of Europe.

Reeves, in a recent panel during takes place during of the Dark Knightโ€™s emergence โ€” before his enemies have become full-fledged supervillains.

Their great enemy is the Wild Huntsman, who, driving invisibly through the air, pursues and kills them.

The hereditary enemy of our neighbours is levity, ours heaviness.

They had no quarrels among themselves which the priest could not settle, and after the British conquest their only enemies were those Puants, the Pottawattamie Indians, who took the English side, and paid no regard when peace was declared, but still tormented the French because there was no military power to check them.

And, finally, Des Etangs, adopting, in part, the interpretation of Ragon, adds to it another, which he calls the moral symbolism of the legend, and supposes that Hiram is no other than eternal reason, whose enemies are the vices that deprave and destroy humanity.[170] To each of these interpretations it seems to me that there are important objections, though perhaps to some less so than to others.

"Enemies of the United States," was the captain's answer.

The enemies in our midst are not all aliens; there are not a few natives we should like to see interned.

The newspaper which reported the proceedings gave the sentiment thus:"The worst enemy that any cause can have to fight is a double eye in the shape of half a tooth."


The enemies were the Gothic barbarians; the evils were the degeneracy and vices of Roman soldiers, which universal corruption had at last produced.

And when Ulysses revolved in his mind how that his enemies were a multitude, and he single, he began to despond, and he said: "I shall die an ill death like Agamemnon; in the threshold of my own house I shall perish, like that unfortunate monarch, slain by some one of my wife's suitors."

And down through the ages, the real enemy of the church has been comfort, not adversity.

You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that every enemy you make by doing the square thing is a rascal at heart.

That enemy was no less a person than the Pope!

His mother endeavored to divert him from his determination, observing that he was young, friendless, and alone, whilst his enemy was the master of the world, and surrounded by armies.

Among the Egyptians, too, the chief deity, Osiris, was but another name for the sun, while his arch-enemy and destroyer, Typhon, was the typification of night, or darkness.

But enemies must be dealers of fair blows, wagers of honorable warfare; no assassin is worthy of the name of enemy.

he knew nothing; he had no idea whether the enemy were cavalry or infantry, whether they had retired or were yet in position, or how many they were.

His bitterest enemies were the atheists themselves, who regarded him as a hypocrite, since he professed to believe in what he undermined.

He would have us believe that the worst enemies a child can have are its mother and father, and that the only civilised path to citizenship is by the incubator, the crรชche, and the mixed school and college.

Our enemies are our outward consciences, and their reproaches may warn us of our dangers.

Every man was Jack's friend, and an enemy was an unknown personage.

After washing dishes in three old washtubs, the class gathered for their first activity โ€” a battle, with the enemy being invasive species plants.

The real enemy of independent thinking is not any external authority, but our own inertia.

"Disturb not one another with domestick disputes, but remember that we are English, and our enemies are foreigners.

Food-stocks going up, thanks to the energy of the farmers and the economy of consumers; German submarines going down, thanks to the Navy; Russia recovering herself; Britain and France advancing hand-in-hand on the Western Front, and our enemies fumbling for peacethat was the gist of the message with which the PRIME MINISTER sped the parting Commons.

Your enemies are the ones you have helped.

At this point Sohrab, whose chief interest in life was to find his father, demanded to know if his enemy were not Rustum; but the latter was disguised and denied his identity.

For our three hundred, the enemy are two thousand.