24 Metaphors for escaping

Several of the imprisoned Arminians had the good fortune to elude the vigilance of their jailers; but the escape of Grotius is the most remarkable of all, both from his own celebrity as one of the first writers of his age in the most varied walks of literature, and from its peculiar circumstances, which only found a parallel in European history after a lapse of two centuries.

" "To avoid such nets is no such mastery, But ta'en escape is all the victory.

Escape from his pursuit, freedom from his tyranny, were objects upon which my whole soul was bent.

We had more than a mile the start of our pursuers; but our horses were worn with long travel, while it was evident theirs were comparatively fresh and vigorous; our escape therefore, must be a question of speed and endurance.

He rewarded the villagers for their kindness and hospitality and for a long time his escape was the talk of the district.

Captain Titus and others of the guard had been won over to assist the king, and had King Charles negotiated the narrow window, in all probability the escape would have been a success.

Turn back, for unless you have wings, your escape is out of the question, dog of a renegade!"

Wallace Clausen's narrow escape from death and Joel's heroic rescue were nine-day wonders in the little world of the academy and village.

He shortly afterwards broke with his master the cardinal; and it is supposed that this unseasonable escape of zeal was the cause.

escape is the last thing I think of now, when I am near you.

[Vidocq returns to Lille, where he is taken by two gendarmes, and concerts the following stratagem for escape:] This escape, however, was not so very easy a matter as may be surmised, when I say that our dungeons, seven feet square, had walls six feet thick, strengthened with planking crossed and rivetted with iron; a window, two feet by one, closed with three iron gratings placed one after the other, and the door cased with wrought iron.

Which of you is so ignorant as to suppose, that his escape is any confirmation of his guilt?

The escape of the caloric from the human system, at the height of six or seven thousand feet above the sea, and in the latitude of forty-six, is, under the most favorable circumstances, frequently of itself the source of inconvenience; but here were grave additional reasons to heighten the danger.

He decided that a young man who could capture a holdup man, best the notorious High Chin in a fight, repair a broken automobile, turn a prisoner loose, and make his own escape all within the short compass of forty-eight hours was a rather capable person in a way.

All the miraculous escapes of his past years, instead of making him believe in a living, guiding, protecting Father, have become to that proud hard heart the excuse for a deliberate, though unconscious, atheism.

"Escaped" is the word; for the fear that I should hasten my trial by exhibiting too great a gain in health, mental or physical, was already upon me; and it controlled much of my conduct during the succeeding months of depression.

To your true Hibernian, escape is the last idea that gives him an uneasy moment.

The princess burst out into new lamentations, and Rasselas could scarcely forbear to reproach them with cowardice; but Imlac was of opinion, that the escape of the Arabs was no addition to their misfortune, for, perhaps, they would have killed their captives, rather than have resigned them.

It was needful, he said, from my influence in Surrey, that I should become an example, and asked me if I did not think my escape from sudden death in Rosville was an indication from Providence that I was reserved for some especial work?

Truancy was a problem in somewhat the same class with disease, disability and death, since for industrial purposes a slave absent was no better than a slave sick, and a permanent escape was the equivalent of a death on the plantation.

Apparent gain may be actual loss; material escape may be spiritual imprisonment.

Their homes are usually unworthy of the name, often scenes of disorder, not infrequently of violence, from which their only escape is the street.

" Robert, awed by time and circumstance, shared fully the belief of Tayoga that their escape was a miracle.

*** How she could effect this her wicked escape is my astonishment; the whole sisterhood having charge of her;for, as yet, I have not had patience enough to inquire into the particulars, nor to let a soul of them approach me.

24 Metaphors for  escaping