58 Metaphors for essays

Bacon testified that his essays were the most popular of his writings because they "came home to men's business and bosoms."

His moral essays are beautiful; but in that province nothing can exceed the Rambler, though Johnson used to say, that the essay on "the burthens of mankind," (in the Spectator, No. 558,) was the most exquisite he had ever read.

And if there is any difficulty in recognising the same hand in the next proposal, it arises only from the circumstance that it is this writer above all others who has made Benthamism a term of reproach on the lips of men less wise than himself: "A far finer essay were a faithful, loving, and yet critical, and in part condemnatory, delineation of Jeremy Bentham, and his place and working in this section of the world's history.

The first Essay in the Sketch-book, that on National Antipathies, is the best; but after that, the sterling ore of wit or feeling is gradually spun thinner and thinner, till it fades to the shadow of a shade.

Addison's essays were a great factor in improving the morals of his age.

Though these essays are all criticisms or appreciations of the life of his age, they are all intensely personal.

An advertisement in the beginning of the first volume informs us, that twelve entire essays were a contribution from different hands.

Essays on Divinity, being several disquisitions interwoven with meditations and prayers before he went into holy orders, published after his death by his son, 1651.

Except that Lamb has disguised his real employment, this essay is practically a record of fact.

Or are tracts to be distributed only to those who will find their doctrine agreeable, and are the Society's colporteurs to be instructed that a Temperance essay is the proper thing for a total-abstinent infidel, and a sermon on the Atonement for a distilling deacon?

We have spoken of him as a master of the art of gentle living, and these essays are a perpetual inducement to others to know and to practice the same fine art.

His essay on Diderot, his lecture on Rousseau, his chapters on Voltaire, with all their brilliance, penetration, and incomparable satire, were the high-water mark in this country of the literary reaction against the French school of Revolution.

Of Peter Aubert I can find nothing, except that the assistant secretary of the East India Company at the time Lamb wrote this essay was Peter Auber, afterwards full secretary.

Footnote 187: Pope's satires, for instance, are strongly suggested in Boileau; his Rape of the Lock is much like the mock-heroic Le Lutrin; and the "Essay on Criticism," which made him famous, is an English edition and improvement of L'Art Poétique.

The "Essay" is the best known and the most quoted of all Pope's works.

Wordsworth's favourite essays in this volume were "The Wedding" and "Old China.

The thirteen shrewd, suggestive, and practical essays which compose the present volume are transcripts of his own experience and meditations, and teem with facts and observations such as might be expected from the clear insight of a man who has mingled with his fellow-men, and who is curiously critical of the non-romantic phenomena of their daily life.

IV THE PERSONAL ESSAY The Personal Essay is a peculiar form of literature, entirely different from critical essays like those of Matthew Arnold and from purely reflective essays, like those of Bacon.

The whole Essay is a mere stagnant level, no one part of it so far rising above the rest as to bespeak the work of a superior hand.

The opening essay, The Languages, is Wilhelm's, and properly, for at this time he was by far the better versed in philological and literary matters.

An interesting essay in local history is L. H. Tasker, The United Empire Loyalist Settlement at Long Point, Lake Erie (Ontario Historical Society, Papers and Records, II).

The essay on History was a protest against the scientific view of history which attempts to explain away and account for the wonderful.

Dr. Janet's essay is the dernier cri of science, and leaves Dr. Nevius just where it found him.

Other enjoyable essays are Old China, a lovable picture of his home life with his sister, Dream Children, New Year's Eve, and Poor Relations.

The essays most worthy of mention in this class are Sir William Temple, Lord Clive, Warren Hastings, and William Pitt, Earl of Chatham.

58 Metaphors for  essays