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103 Metaphors for  evilest

103 Metaphors for evilest

This 'evil' was the greatest which can befall a man.

Evil is a common adjective, of the positive degree; compared irregularly, bad, evil, or ill, worse, worst.

Evil is first and last a rebellion against His will.

Now here stand I, together with Sir Benedict of Bourne who holdeth Thrasfordham Keep, pledged to live henceforth, sword in hand, until these evils are no moresince 'tis only by bitter strife and conflict that evil may be driven from our borders.

The evil of distortion is, however, very slightperhaps imperceptiblecompared with that existing when the prints are mounted wet.

Interestingly, though, the evils to which they refer are the socio-economic inequalities that exist and the fact that those on the lower levels of society have decreasing opportunity to improve their lot in life.

"The evil I bring upon myself, is the hardest to bear.

He proved, after making an allowance for the price paid for the slaves in the West Indies, for the loss of them in the seasoning, and for the expense of maintaining them afterwards; and comparing these particulars with the amount in value of their labour there, that the evils endured by the victims of the traffic were no gain to the master, in whose service they took place.

Evil is a religious term that has no bearing on the subject at hand.

Looking at an object to be accomplished, or an evil to be remedied, then studying its nature and extent, and devising and executing some means for effecting the purpose desired, is, in all cases, a source of pleasure; especially when, by the process, we bring to view or into operation new powers, or powers heretofore hidden, whether they are our own powers, or those of objects upon which we act.

This evil is another fruit of the American war.

And yet, though the evil which it is said to repair is a trifle beside the evil which it is admitted to inflict, the balance of expediencies is after all declared to be such as to warrant us in calling errors useful!

"Papa always said that the evil of being in parliament was the having to be civil to everybody."

Incalculable evils were the portion of Holland in the part which she was forced to take in the war between France and England.

The following appear to be among the last words which she wrote; they were no doubt addressed to her faithful companion Zimmerlin: In my numerous shortcomings I have enough constantly to humble me, and without being surprised at it, since evil is my heritage; but my help is in the Lord, who delights in mercy.

The future looked so dark in October, 1797, that in spite of misgivings and former scruples he had concluded that he "must become a Unitarian minister, as a less evil than starvation."

Almost the greatest evil which results from the delegation to the Imperial Parliament of the duty of legislating on Colonial questions of this class, is the scope which the system affords to exaggeration and mystification.

Evil is not a living animated essence: it is the condition of the soul opposed to virtue, developed in the careless on account of their falling away from good.

The most obvious evils of child-labor are neglect of the child's schooling; destruction of home life; overwork, overstrain, and loss of sleep, with resulting injury to health; unusual danger of industrial accidents; and exposure to demoralizing conditions.

The most obvious evils of child-labor are neglect of the child's schooling; destruction of home life; overwork, overstrain, and loss of sleep, with resulting injury to health; unusual danger of industrial accidents; and exposure to demoralizing conditions.

21 Evil (is to) the substance of his body, 22 whether (it be) the curse of his father, 23 or the curse of his mother, 24 or the curse of his elder brother, 25 or the bewitching curse of an unknown man.

In short, I think the greatest evil that could have happened to us is our liberty, for we are not at all capable to determine our own actions.

"Poll-evil is a large swelling, inflammation, or imposthume, in the horse's poll, or nape of the neck, just between the ears.

The evil which he had in view to cure was the insecurity of tenure, which resulted in discouraging and paralyzing the industry of tenants, especially in the matter of evictions for non-payment of rent, and the raising of rents on land which had been improved by them.

The evil of Bigotry which has been most observed, is its untameable injustice, which converted the law of love into licensed murder or gratuitous hatred.

As for me, I doubt if the practice should be stopped altogether, lest greater evil should be the result; I would rather that it should be checked as far as possible, so that the state may no longer be invaded by men of such villainous character.

The physical and moral evils connected with the close confinement of large bodies of workers, especially in the case of young persons, within the narrow unwholesome limits of the factory or mill, though considerably mitigated by the operation of factory legislation, are still no light offset against the advantages which have been mentioned.

But some may sayindeed, we are all ready enough to say'Then the evil of this war is the Russians' fault, and not ours; and so in every other case.

All this evil is her work, what need of doubts?

But in the latter case the real evil is industrial weakness and incapacity such that the workers are unable to command "a living wage" in a competitive market.

After the evil was an established fact, after the hearts of the victims were thoroughly hardened, after the last hope of return had perished, then a "vice crusade"led by a man!

Evil and sad is their condition who can not be contented here nor blest hereafter, whose life is their misery and their conscience is their enemy, whose grave is their prison and death their undoing, and the sentence of doomsday the beginning of an intolerable condition.

Resident Evil 7 is pant-wettingly scary stuff.

After hearing this sad narrative, I entreated the old man to accept me as his son-in-law, and if evil be my future doom, then let it come; but the old man would on no account agree to my request.

At the same time, clear knowledge that evil is illusion would defeat its own end and paralyse all moral effort, for evil only exists for the development of good in us.

It may beindeed to my mind it seems justthat, when our life has closed, when evil or good is no longer a choice for us, we may still have to witness the working out of the train of consequences we have laid.

In Christ alone the crowning evil becomes a coronation of glory; the absolute bankruptcy, the condition of an incorruptible inheritance; the final defeat, an everlasting victory; the endless exile, home, home at last.

Evil is the one thing that God has never willed.

To this I answered, that this was false; for whosoever maketh any evil is no God, and all things whatsoever are good.

The Report of the Royal Commission on Alien Immigration, 1902, states "that the greatest evils produced by the Alien Immigrants here are the overcrowding caused by them in certain districts of London, and the consequent displacement of the native population."

Moral evil is your devil, and physical evil is mine.

The social evils which stared everybody in the face were a national disgrace; they made the boasted liberty of the English a mockery.

But it is not the will of God; and therefore the existence of such an evil is proof patent and sufficient that we have not yet discovered the whole will of God about this matter; that we have not yet mastered the laws of true political economy, which (like all other natural laws) are that will of God revealed in facts.

Right swiftly will I bring you to your wish, or evil be the bounty that I receive of the king's hand.

But the great evil of the monarchical system was its heredity, the power settled in one family, for the son of a clever man with good intentions might be an imbecile.

All evil is misuse, otherwise repentance must be cursed with misanthropy and hopelessness instead of being as it always ought to be, the very birthplace of hope, the spring of a new life from the worn-out failure of an old, back into the possibility of life that is older still, as old as man's first creation.

Mr. BURREL then spoke as follows:Sir, if this law be necessary at any time, it cannot now be delayed, for a few days spent in deliberation, may make it ineffectual, and that evil may be past of which we sit here contriving the prevention.

Evil and suffering are a mystery and fill us with anguish.

Now, according to you, evil is a certain nature and substance.

In the world we live in, evil is the quick and spontaneous growth, while good is the forced and difficult culture.

Their wonderland is a place whither they may escape from the pressure of the world that is too much with them; they seek in it at least the virtue that its evils shall be the opposite of those from which they fly.

This should be thoroughly understood as it is the philosophic basis of all those "denials" which play so important a, part in Mental Science, and which may be summed up in the statement that evil being negative, or privation of good, has no substantive existence in itself.

All the evils which resulted from the wars and wasteful extravagance of Louis XIV. became additional perplexities with which he had to contend.

The greatest evil ever set upon mankind is the school tax.

That these have not all been repealed, or that some of them should be still enforced, is not inconsistent with an improved spirit of legislation, since the evils against which they were intended to guard are yet the subject of just apprehension."

But Sindbad returned to his wife, and she told him how evil were those people, and that her father was not of them, and induced him to carry her to his own land.

Perhaps some day, through study and observation, you will come to see that evil is a force, and, like the physical and chemical forces, we cannot annihilate it; we may only change its form.

EVIL/LIVE 2 is an expanded version of a previous work created in 1997.

I think Evil, Purples and Thrush are the most alarming.

The greatest evil endured in those days by the ecclesiastical authorities was exactions levied on their property and oppression exercised on their dependents by the dukes and counts under whose jurisdiction lay the temporal possessions of the churches and monasteries.

The real evils, indeed, of Emma's situation were the power of having rather too much her own way, and a disposition to think a little too well of herself.

However, the evil which they had drawn upon themselves was for him a sufficient reparation.

The worst evil which they can conceive of is the natural death of their ruler, whether he succumb to sickness or old age, for in the opinion of his followers such a death would entail the most disastrous consequences on themselves and their possessions; fatal epidemics would sweep away man and beast, the earth would refuse her increase, nay the very frame of nature itself might be dissolved.

Folly of some sort is indeed one of the fatal rocks upon which all overstrained theories of sanctification are almost certain to be wrecked; and in excitable, crude natures, the evil is apt to take the form either of mental extravagance, perhaps derangement, or of silly, if not still worse, conduct.

Evil was only an accident not yet explained, humanity appearing from a great height like an immense wheel in action, working ceaselessly for the future.

Evil had been the days of her pilgrimage.

Perhaps its most serious evil is its formlessness and lack of plan.

This was indignantly censored as a libel, but he excused himself on the plea that "evil" was the only possible rhyme to be found for "weevil," and declared that his very last intention had been to be personal or to cast the least reflection on the lovable disposition of Mnemosyne, so we forgave him with a caution.

The most alarming evil was the financial state of the country.

That sin is an absolute, eternal, in some sense, irreparable evil is a conception altogether fundamental to that morality with which Christianity and modern civilization have identified themselves.

Evil is the natural and necessary limitation of our faculties, and our consequent liability to error; and pain, which we call evil, is its corrective.

Now here stand I, together with Sir Benedict of Bourne who holdeth Thrasfordham Keep, pledged to live henceforth, sword in hand, until these evils are no moresince 'tis only by bitter strife and conflict that evil may be driven from our borders.

An evil which attacks the theatre of the present day is the horrible mantle of respectability which has settled on the profession.

But I believe a worse evil still has been, the intense reaction of the human mind against Religion for Bigotry's sake.

The great evil of the world to-day is this aversion to work.

But for the many, struggling with the innate consciousness of evil, in them and around them-an instinctive consciousness which no argumentation about 'evil being a lower form of good' will ever explain away to those who 'grind among the iron facts of life, and have no time for self-deception'-what good news for them is there in Mr. Emerson's cosy and tolerant Epicurism?

Resident Evil 3 2020 is a remake of RE3 Nemesis which was released in 1999.

"The greatest evil," he said, "that which demands the speediest remedy, is the general ignorance of the art of reading and writing.

He refuses, by the use of the term self-consciousness, to liken his Absolute to the personality of man, and he brings out the consequence, which in Green is more or less concealed, that the evil equally with the good in man and in the world are appearances of the Absolute.

Besides, human evils are often only blessings in a questionable formMr.

In an old interview clip dating back to 2002, Dr Lewis summarily dismissed Riley’s witticisms and emphatically claimed, Evil is a religious concept.

Evil is not only the occasional, but the efficient cause of charity; we are incited to the relief of misery by the consciousness that we have the same nature with the sufferer, that we are in danger of the same distresses, and may sometimes implore the same assistance.

The evil we now allude to is that most injurious practice of letting the child suck after the mother has fallen asleep, a custom that naturally results from the former, and which, as we hare already said, is injurious to both mother and child.

Were a child left to its own resources, to discover and judge of things exclusively by itself, though the opposite evil would be the consequence, namely, a state of comparative ignorance, yet I am doubtful whether it would be greater or more lamentable than that issuing from the injudicious system of giving children dogmas instead of problems, the opinions of others instead of eliciting their own.

So his third evil is the busheling and harrying of genius....

The evil of the institutions which now hold back the progress that must be made towards social recovery and the Great Peace, is far less the quality of wrongness in themselves and the ill influence they put in operation, than it is the revelation they make of personal character.

Their evils were her own deeper shame; their goodness or greatness was of her conceiving, her dreams first.

You had entered into the most solemn of all human contracts, and evil is the omen when such an engagement is veiled by any untruth.

There was no such thing as the transports of malice or the violences of revenge, no rendering evil for evil, when evil was truly a nonentity and nowhere to be found.

In the year 3000 an evil being time travels to 2001.

And the evil to be attacked is not sin, suffering, greed, priestcraft, kingcraft, demagogy, monopoly, ignorance, drink, war, pestilence, nor any other of the scapegoats which reformers sacrifice, but simply poverty.

The enemies were the Gothic barbarians; the evils were the degeneracy and vices of Roman soldiers, which universal corruption had at last produced.

As she was always doubtful, and with great reason, of the King's feeling towards her, she persuaded herself that she was about to receive some fatal intelligence, and felt assured that the least evil which she had to apprehend was her exile from France.

The great practical evil connected with Roman jurisprudence was the intricacy and perplexity and uncertainty of the laws, together with the expense involved in litigation.

Good is Mind, but evil is not Mind.

The governing social evil of America is provincialism; a misfortune that is perhaps inseparable from her situation.

An overpowering evil are the secret speakings of slander, to the slandered and to the listener thereto alike, and are as foxes in relentless temper.

The evil to be particularly avoided is the violation of State rights.

The disciples inquired, when they saw a man who had been born blind, whether it was owing to his own or his parents' sin?and, after quoting the other instance, he concludes, that moral and physical evil in individuals are not always a judgment or punishment, but are intended to answer certain ends in the government of the world.

"The evil you have done, my good mother," returned Marble, endeavouring to console the poor creature, down whose cheeks the tears now fairly began to run; "the evil you have done, my good mother, can be no great matter.