94 Metaphors for evilest

This 'evil' was the greatest which can befall a man.

Evil, be thou my good; Let the sun blacken and the moon be blood: I have said the words.

Evil is first and last a rebellion against His will.

"Poll-evil is a large swelling, inflammation, or imposthume, in the horse's poll, or nape of the neck, just between the ears.

Now here stand I, together with Sir Benedict of Bourne who holdeth Thrasfordham Keep, pledged to live henceforth, sword in hand, until these evils are no moresince 'tis only by bitter strife and conflict that evil may be driven from our borders.

The evil of distortion is, however, very slightperhaps imperceptiblecompared with that existing when the prints are mounted wet.

"The evil I bring upon myself, is the hardest to bear.

He proved, after making an allowance for the price paid for the slaves in the West Indies, for the loss of them in the seasoning, and for the expense of maintaining them afterwards; and comparing these particulars with the amount in value of their labour there, that the evils endured by the victims of the traffic were no gain to the master, in whose service they took place.

That this is the case, is evinced both by reason and experience; for the likenesses of parents as to face, genius, and manners, appear extant in their immediate offspring and in their posterity; hence families are known by many, and a judgement is also formed concerning their minds (animi); wherefore the evils which parents themselves have contracted, and which they have transmitted to their offspring, are the evils in which men are born.

THE NECESSARY EVIL 1908 TO WALTER HAMPDEN "There's a lot o' brothers knockin' abaht as people don't know on, eh what? See wot I mean?"

All natural, and almost all political evils, are incident alike to the bad and good; they are confounded in the misery of a famine, and not much distinguished in the fury of a faction; they sink together in a tempest, and are driven together from their country by invaders.

Many evils of a public nature, which existed in former times, were the offspring of ignorance and superstition, and they were subdued of course by the progress of light and knowledge.

Money and the love of it being thus diligently ignored, Bushido itself could long remain free from a thousand and one evils of which money is the root.

"Papa always said that the evil of being in parliament was the having to be civil to everybody.

This evil is another fruit of the American war.

And yet, though the evil which it is said to repair is a trifle beside the evil which it is admitted to inflict, the balance of expediencies is after all declared to be such as to warrant us in calling errors useful! III.

Evil is the active springing from Energy.

Incalculable evils were the portion of Holland in the part which she was forced to take in the war between France and England.

The following appear to be among the last words which she wrote; they were no doubt addressed to her faithful companion Zimmerlin: In my numerous shortcomings I have enough constantly to humble me, and without being surprised at it, since evil is my heritage; but my help is in the Lord, who delights in mercy.

Evil is not a living animated essence: it is the condition of the soul opposed to virtue, developed in the careless on account of their falling away from good.

The most obvious evils of child-labor are neglect of the child's schooling; destruction of home life; overwork, overstrain, and loss of sleep, with resulting injury to health; unusual danger of industrial accidents; and exposure to demoralizing conditions.

21 Evil (is to) the substance of his body, 22 whether (it be) the curse of his father, 23 or the curse of his mother, 24 or the curse of his elder brother, 25 or the bewitching curse of an unknown man.

In short, I think the greatest evil that could have happened to us is our liberty, for we are not at all capable to determine our own actions. TO HIS MOTHER Lyons, October 13, 1739.

The evil which he had in view to cure was the insecurity of tenure, which resulted in discouraging and paralyzing the industry of tenants, especially in the matter of evictions for non-payment of rent, and the raising of rents on land which had been improved by them.

The evil of Bigotry which has been most observed, is its untameable injustice, which converted the law of love into licensed murder or gratuitous hatred.

94 Metaphors for  evilest