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559 Metaphors for  examples

559 Metaphors for examples

I pass over the fact that Cato's example of a farm of two hundred and forty jugera is neither a fair nor a comparable unit.

Without doubt, the most important example of meubles de luxe of this reign is the famous "Bureau du Roi," made for Louis XV.

Examples for this are color filters (red, orange, green,.

Two examples are autoimmune encephalitis and acute disseminated encephalitis.

Examples of damp areas are rain forests, streams, marshes, ponds and leaf piles.

Some examples are: allรฉ, kafรฉ, idรฉ, komitรฉ.

These examples of rich men of our own time who have known how to spend their money with whim and fancy and flourish are but exceptions to my argument, lights shining, so to say, in a great darkness.

In all previous years, all previous Conservative examples, the woman was the biggest breadwinner.

Some well known examples of flexible currencies are Chase Ultimate Rewards (13 air and hotel transfer partners), American Express Membership Rewards (22 air and hotel transfer partners), and Citi ThankYou Points (16 air transfer partners).

One example is the episode "A Private Little War" in Star Trek: The Original Series.

Some organizations are choosing to add a fourth aim; the examples shared are health equity, joy in work, and organizational preparedness.

One example of the latter is Rev. Valerie Love, who has been garnering media attention and ranting on Facebook against anyone who won't accept her as an ambassador of Christ.

A recent example was an oyster which was 11 inches long (29cm) and 3.7 lbs in weight (1.7kg).

Examples of these communities are the content, financial, communication, computer and consumer electronics sectors and their customers.

This government has its priorities in the wrong place, and so another example I can give is the fact that the schools within our areaโ€“and we had a postponement of the high school.

A simple example is the natural path that forms at many street corners.

The principal examples of the first are the Spartan and stoical systems of antiquity, and, with some modifications, the asceticism of the Middle Ages.

An example of a safety mechanism intended to protect an incapacitated worker is a kill switch on a piece of machinery.

Yet by far the most striking example of this attractive power in Hellenism is the history of it in 'Epirus'.

One example is the products containing mercury regulations, which came into force in November 2015.

The only possible Incan example of encoding and recording information could have been cryptic knotted strings known as khipu.

The oldest known example of Esox is the fossil Esox tiemani.

An example of an ethnic subcategory in the Eastern European ethnic category is Baltic origins, which includes the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian ethnic groups.

Some examples are: a smile ":-)" or wink "-)" or frown ":(" or dog nose ":O" or le meme arrow ">" (see many other examples in text below).

An admirable example of the brown Pomeranians is the incomparable Ch.

A good example of this could be high technology with telephony features in addition to data productivity and video combined capabilities.

Examples are the shaking of unloaded dice or the honest dealing of a pack of cards, and the betting on prices in so-called "bucket-shops" by persons having no connection with the market of real things, and seeking to get something for nothing as a result of mere chance.

We need to have direct routes, in some thoughtful contributions to a network โ€“ one example being Bloor/Danforth, but also on Lawrence, and Queen St. in the west end of the old core.

The worst example of ecological destruction because of invasive oil industry is Nigeria, which we will come back to later in this essay.

Another example is the email.

The best historical example to give guidance is probably the Sars outbreak.

A typical example of such minds was Mr. Isaac Williams, a pupil of Mr. Keble, an intimate friend of Mr. Newman, a man of simple and saintly life, with heart and soul steeped in the ancient theology of undivided Christendom, and for that very reason untempted by the newer principles and fashions of Rome.

An example of cosmetic plastic surgery is a surgery called a "face-lift": pulling the skin of the face tight so that the client looks younger.

A striking example is Act ii, The Forc'd Marriage.

Examples of these are, Commercial Legal Expenses insurance cover which protects the business against claims made by employees for unfair dismissal and permits you to bring cases against providers.

The premier example of one such company is the Great-West Life Assurance Company.

Some examples of assets are savings, registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs), and other valuable property.

Some examples of applications of these systems are mobile networks, paper machines, and the approximation of partial differential equations.

; some examples of these would be "La Recompenza" (The Reward) and "Aunque te Fuiste" (Even Though You Left Me).

The book discusses the situation with only finite unions and intersections; those examples where we have finite additivity but not countable additivity are mathematical pathologies, in my view.

The best two examples of his power of arguing in verse are Religio Laici, written in 1682, to uphold the Episcopal religion, and The Hind and the Panther, composed in 1687, to vindicate the Catholic church.

The chief example which he cites, is the following: "Midnight, as |-sist our moan, Help us to | sigh and groan Heavily, | heavily.

Yet another example was the privatisation of CBZ Holdings, which was transformed into one of SADCโ€™s most successful financial institutions and the largest in the country.

One example is scrap steel.

Perhaps the most perfect example which could be cited from the whole range of art, is Raphael's "Madonna del Cardellino" (Florence Gal.); another is his "Belle Jardiniรจre" (Louvre, 375); another, in which the figures are half-length, is his "Madonna del Giglio" (Lord Garvagh's Coll.).

I mean, one example that we like to talk about is the connectionโ€”because it's counterintuitiveโ€”but the connection between labor law reform and dealing with the climate crisis.

And the present examples were not the only Santa (who stands 11 inches tall) and Rudolph (6 inches) that were seen on the air.

Bankruptcy is a legal process that provides immediate relief from your unsecured debt burden, the most common example being credit card debt.

A well-known example is "runner's high," a state of euphoria and high energy that runners sometimes experience, especially during intense workouts.

Meanwhile they considered that the first example which the Representatives of the People ought to set was personal courage.

The earliest examples in this vein that can be identified are two quatrains from the Morning Post in January, 1802, printed on page 115, and the epigram on Sir James Mackintosh in The Albion, printed on the same page, to which Lamb refers in the Elia essay on "Newspapers Thirty-five Years Ago" (see Vol.

The examples of interior woodwork especially regarded by connoisseurs are the panelling in the morning-room, the elaborately carved mantel in the drawing-room, and the handsome doorway between that room and the dining-room.

An example would be pokemon, which is a really popular anime for kids which was originally adopted by the game.

The last example is restriction of movement of people in and out of an infected area without the permission of an authorised officer.

The best-known example of this is Lang Shih-ning, an Italian missionary whose original name was Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766); he began to work in China in 1715.

Another example is calculus, another key renaissance invention.

Examples of such devies are the Altera 10K devices, the Actel 3200DX and SPGA parts, and the Lattice ispLSI 6192 FPGAs.

An example of such a condition is carpal tunnel syndrome.

An example might be regulatory mechanisms designed to prevent cells from growing out of control.

One example is the "Indian" residential schools.

One example of a line dance is the "Men In Black" line dance.

A familiar example is the crowbar when used for lifting a weight while one end rests on the ground.

The example so conspicuously displayed by our fellow-citizens that their sympathies can not be perverted to improper purposes, but that a love of country, the influence of moral principles, and a respect for the laws are predominant with them, is a sure pledge that all the very flattering anticipations which have been formed of the success of our institutions will be realized.

One example is the new frictionless subscription promo code redemption experience.

Examples are "One Step Ahead", "History Never Repeats", "I Got You" and "Message to My Girl".

Ye Missionaries, who devote your lives to the propagation of Christianity, before you embark for the dangers of far, inhospitable shores, remind those whom you leave, that the example of a nation exercising right and justice on earth by charity, would be the mightiest propagandism of Christian religion.

A basic example is the weight given to sales versus airplay.

An example that uses this quantifier would be the proposition "All men are mortal".

An excellent example of this kind of work is the recent May 29th gathering held at the reclamation site between people from Six Nations and Caledonia seeking to build dialogue and open lines of communication.

But had it been otherwisehad Laban given them as articles of property, then, indeed, the example of this "good old patriarch and slaveholder," Saint Laban, would have been a forecloser to all argument.

An example is R.H. van Gulik, Dee Gong An.

An example of this might be the New Kingdom.

A well preserved example of such a setltlement is Wilhelmsthal.

Mr. Speaker, some examples of security fraud are unlicensed individuals selling securities.

One example is this ruffled white gown with a black floral print that she wore on a date with Laurie.

My favorite example is Steamworld Dig 2. Both this and Pikmin have a system where you have to regularly return to your base.

An example is dam-building and water diversion, particularly on the Brahmaputra River, that has affected the pattern of monsoon rains on which much of the region depends.

An example would be a student asking by e-mail for an extension on a paper because of a personal issue.

For our country's sake, for the sake of republican liberty, it is our earnest wish that your example may be the guide of your successors, and thus, after being the ornament and safeguard of the present age, become the patrimony of our descendants.

The most notable example of a woman of cultus in Cicero's day was the famous Clodia, the Lesbia (as we may now almost assume) who fascinated Catullus and then threw him over.

This technology gives students a chance to see, hear, and move while practicing their skills and critical thinking in a virtual clinical setting, one example being our Insulin Administration Scenario.

An example of a schema would be a childโ€™s schema for being in a classroom.

The examples in this book are the most quotable portion, but the majority of them would be new to few readers: who, for instance, is unacquainted with the feats of Topham, the strong man, or the Invisible Girl.

The example is a rhetorical induction, usually from fewer cases than are necessary to scientific induction.

Another example of a tradition that faded away with time was the annual homecoming parade.

One such example is the Horse Conch (Pleuroploca gigantea).

The example of her own children is becoming an additional security for right principles to the mother country; and long may it so continue: Yes!

A perfect example is โ€œle Verger Le Gros Pierreโ€, an apple orchard founded by Diane Goyette and Louis Poulin.

Examples of romanceable NPCs are Sumire from Romance Workshop, Iroha from Survive Bar, and Ririko from Hello Work.

The two biggest examples are MBR and GPT.

Examples of these are basketballs, superballs, and playground balls.

Examples of derived quantities are force, velocity, acceleration etc.

But the right of authors to the credit of their writings, is a delicate point; and, surely, his example would have been worthier of imitation, had he left no ground for the foregoing objections, and carefully barred the way to any such interference.

Examples for this are Apollodorus and Hyginus: Each of them added a part to the story, that might have already been in Hesiod's version, even though it was not written down: Epimetheus married Pandora.

A classic example of good educational practice in this connection is the way in which Francis W. Parker, a progressive educator of a former generation, taught geography.

Money needs to be in by Oct 1. Examples of nuts being sold are: pecan halves, pecan pieces, black walnuts, pistachios in the shell, dark chocolate almonds, chocolate-covered pecans and several other varieties.

It seems to me very broad, any part of the province, particularly when the one example we are looking at in fact is a type of community--or two types of communities really, reserved communities and Metis communities--that extend throughout the province.

One example would be "colour" instead of "color".

Some examples of white wines are Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

The most indignant example was a red-haired woman who was doing her own work in a flat.