71 Metaphors for exceptions

This present exception was the more welcome from our being just on the Line, where we should otherwise have suffered much from the heat.

With the exception of Dante, Chaucer was the greatest of the poets of mediæval Europe, and he remains one of the greatest of English poets, and certainly the foremost of English story tellers in verse.

"The one exception was Emily Merton; and the short period terminated when I saw you together, in your own house.

Even the exception (St. Augustine) is a child in arms compared with Westminster Hall, the Tower of London, St. Martin's of Canterbury, the ruined abbey of Glastonbury, the remains of churches on the island of Iona, or the oldest ruins found in Ireland.


The exceptions are (1) Feasts of our Lord and their octaves, (2) Doubles of the first class, (3) Doubles of the second class.

The exception was George Bourne, the second in command, an old squatter who had seen and suffered many a long drought, and whose services proved to be of great value.

Of course, it's the exception when a fellow of this breed can really hurt you, but the exception is the thing that you always want to keep your eye skinned for in business.

This exception was their brother John, who was infirm, and had outlived his resources and the ability to make a living.

The one exception was the smallest of them, a very, very little girl, with long auburn hair and black eyes; such a very little girl that every one in the house looked at her first, and then looked at no one else.

The exception was a capable, good-looking woman, of about twenty-five.

The only exception was England.

His other exception is atheists.

These exceptions and imperfections are the unavoidable consequence of the imperfections of the language.

The exceptions are (1) Feasts of our Lord and their octaves, (2) Doubles of the first class, (3) Doubles of the second class.

That exception was the green heron, which frequented the flats along the village front, and might well have been mistaken for a domesticated bird; letting you walk across a plank directly over its head while it squatted upon the mud, and when disturbed flying into a fig-tree before the hotel piazza, just as the dear little ground doves were in the habit of doing.

The only exception was the goal-keeper, who leaned with his back against the wall, cracking nuts, and remarking that he "wished they'd hurry up and not keep us waiting all day."

This exception is the village of Belgrade, over which Mary Montague went into raptures, and set the fashion for tourists ever since.

No exception for thee, Belford!Safe is thy thousand pounds.

The exception was Logan, who remained apart in the Mingo village, brooding over his wrongs, and the vengeance he had taken.

That exception is Theodore D. Weld, whose palm of superiority few would be disposed to contest.

An apparent exception is the book in which Beyle has embodied his reflections upon Love.


The exception was Dr. Koenig, who, being seated at a distance of three feet from the table, could not conveniently comply with the requirement.

The only exception to the general impoverishment, in which not only the peasants but the old upper classes were involved, was a certain section of the trading community and the middle class, which had grown rich through its dealings with the Europeans.

71 Metaphors for  exceptions
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