68 Metaphors for  explanation

68 Metaphors for explanation

An explanation of some kind was an absolute necessity, just as some working explanation of the universe is necessaryhowever absurdto the happiness of every individual who seeks to do his duty in the world and face the problems of life.

On the other hand, if you are talking with a member who does not understand the term, an explanation will be the first thing necessary.

In citing Miss X.'s paper (as he did), Dr. Janet ought to have reported her experiments correctly, ought to have attributed them to herself, and should, decidedly, have remarked that the explanation he offered was her own hypothesis, verified by her own exertions.

The explanation of the phenomenon is no doubt to be sought in the peculiar conventions of Italian society.

His explanation of the basic machinery of the brain is an excellent primer.

Well, in full, it is John Robin Ross-Ellison Ilderim Dost Mahommed Mir Hafiz Ullah Khan, and its explanation is my descent from General Ross-Ellison, Laird of Glencairn, and from Mir Faquir Mahommed Afzul Khan, Jam of Mekran Kot".

Explanation of Terms.+Any word that alone or with its modifiers calls to mind a single idea, is a term.

One day he wrote as an avowed Christian, extolling virtue, piety, and Christian knowledge; the next, he abrogated religion as entirely unnecessary: and his own explanation of this variability was merely"I paint so because it pleases me to paint so, and life is not otherwise."

But the only rational explanation of this omission, is the clear conclusion that it was not then built.

One possible explanation might be shock, or perhaps just the freedom to do so.

A possible explanation for these data and anomalously young cooling ages is later exhumation of the rocks in the region of the canopy due to activity of the salt structure itself.

As the results of his experiments were the same, however varied the nature of the materials he used, it is not wonderful that there arose in Redi's mind a presumption, that, in all such cases of the seeming production of life from dead matter, the real explanation was the introduction of living germs from without into that dead matter.

Nothing but voluntarism can enable logicians to see that our actual procedure in knowing is the reverse of this, that causal explanation is the analysis of a continuum, and that 'phenomena,' 'events,' 'effects,' and 'causes' are all creations of our selective attention; that in selecting them we run a risk of analyzing falsely, and that if we do, our 'inductions' will be worthless.

Another plausible explanation for his recent statements in favor of Moscow and Damascus could be a direct consequence of an impending coup and time running out for him.

Then the explanation which has been given by apologists for these services is not the least remarkable feature of the transaction.

James' students not only understand the underlying concepts, they demonstrate it as they convince their peers that their explanation is the most correct.

His explanation is brieflythe use and confusion of different systems of chronology.

Explanations are answers to why-questions.

An explanation of some kind was an absolute necessity, just as some working explanation of the universe is necessaryhowever absurdto the happiness of every individual who seeks to do his duty in the world and face the problems of life.

The most likely explanation, however, is also the least interestingthat someone on the White House social media team accidentally posted a draft tweet from several days earlier when it had, in fact, snowed in the capital.

From the attorney's office, he "fell off," as Hamlet's Ghost would say, to a law-stationer's shop, and became "a hackney writer:" the technicality needs not explanation: to hack at anything is neither the road to fame nor a good meal.

A practical view of the situation so clearly pointed to the unwisdom of the President's personal participation in the peace negotiations that a very probable explanation for his determination to be present at the Conference is the assumption that the idea had become so firmly embedded in his mind that nothing could dislodge it or divert him from his purpose.

The explanation of the present word is an instance of this expansion.

To explain a phenomenon means to point out its cause; the explanation of a law is its reduction to other, more general laws.

The explanation is the same in each casemerely the receiving of vibrations on the astral plane instead of on the physical plane.

The frequent explanations which ensued, regarding the seniority of the widow, were a source of constant satisfaction to Miss Crewys, and vexation to her sister.

The only explanation for why we are where we are is gross incompetence in the carrying out of the most basic executive functions of the presidency.

But in nearly every case the explanation is the samethe projection of a strong and clear thought-form on a large scale.

Perhaps the best explanation of this portion of Lamb's letter is the following passage from Mr. Dykes Campbell's memoir of Coleridge: On June 26, 1830, died George IV., and with him died the pensions of the Royal Associates.

On the other hand his explanation is probably not the whole truth; even German writers confess that the plan of attacking France was meditated, and it was a plan of a nature to recommend itself to the military party in Prussia.

But as this excessive competition usually is begun for the very purpose of forcing others into a combination, this explanation is a begging of the question.

His proposed Kansas minute-men were only to be one hundred in number, and the pikes could not be for them; his explanation to the blacksmith, that they would be a good weapon of defense for Kansas settlers, was clearly a subterfuge.

That explanation is discardedbut I'd like the real one."

But her explanation was the result of memory and reflection.

This explanation of material phenomena by intellectual causes was the peculiar merit of Anaxagoras, and places him in a very high rank among the thinkers of the world.

But all other explanations are only guesses likewise, because we do not know how business was transacted in those days and in that country.

The best explanation I could come up with is the scum lines.

Explanation of the meaning of general terms is one form of exposition.

The apparent explanation for this condition is the fact that the summer fallow becomes infected with wind-blown spores, while in a stubble crop the wind-blown spores, as well as those originating from the previous crop, are buried in plowing.

He proceeded with no variation of tone: "The explanation is simplicity itself.

To many others, the only credible explanation for death on so vast a scale was human malfeasance, he adds.

The explanation of this peculiar result in the case of America is the unifying influence of Hamilton's measures.

The explanations found in many English grammars are the following: "The positive state expresses the quality of an object, without any increase or diminution; as, good, wise, great.

"Now, of course," went on Vernon, evenly, "I see that no explanations are possiblethat no apology, even, which I might make, would excuse me.

An explanation ensued, and Huon, under the assumed name of Hassan, became Sherasmin's assistant in the Sultan's gardens.

The captain's explanation that he had spelt those words in the American style was an untruthful reflection upon a great and friendly nation.

This explanation would in my view not be sufficient avoid the six month limitation period set out in 56.06.

The explanation of economic and social processes that were mysterious to the elect a hundred years ago are now the commonplaces of the tap-room.

"Still," said Thorndyke, "there must be some explanation of the change in the character of the signatures, and that explanation cannot be the failing eyesight of the writer; for that is a gradually progressive and continuous condition, whereas the change in the writing is abrupt and intermittent."

Thus some explanations are unavoidably reciprocal or circular, as hind, the female of the stag; stag, the male of the hind: sometimes easier words are changed into harder, as burial into sepulture, or interment, drier into desiccative, dryness into siccity or aridity, fit into paroxysm; for the easiest word, whatever it be, can never be translated into one more easy.