155 Metaphors for faith

"My faith, my hope, is the ideal of freedom as opposed to the abstraction of hierarchical superstition and monarchic tyranny.

"Oh, ye lovers of the beauties of the Prophet," he cries, "Faith is the greatest of cures.

I have told her a good many things since I saw you last, and her faith in me is a joy unspeakable.

Faith is an oak that may be a pollard, and yet live.

"Faith, here's a trap!"

Then bursts upon him a new significance from all things; he sees that the great world is but a fable of divine truth, hiding its secrets from all but the initiated and the worthy, and that faith, and trust, and worship are the cipher, which unlocks them all.

But if the Annunciation be the theme, we can well understand how differently it will impress a man of lively and cultured faith, a contemplative and mystic, with an appreciative and effective love of reverence and purity; and another whose faith is a formula, whose life is impure, frivolous, worldly.

And faith and courage, and bodily strength were their portion likewise: and they did not despair.

The faith I have described was not an idle expectation that sits with its hands in its pockets idly waiting, but a feeling which gathers up all the resources of the soul, and hurls them upon one grand design.

The Apostles' Creed is placed at the beginning of Matins, because Matins is the beginning of the whole Office, and faith is the beginning, the principium of every supernatural work.

True faith, I tell thee, Must ever be the dearest friend of man: His nature prompts him to assert its rights.

Faith, Academico, it's the fear of that fellowI mean, the sign of the sergeant's headthat makes me to be so hasty to be gone.

Faith could not have been a woman and not understood their meaning.

If the Cogito, ergo sum, is an elemental and ultimate principle of philosophy, so the faith of Abraham is the fundamental basis of all religion, which is weakened rather than strengthened by attempts to define it.

So that faith is a settled and sure principle of assent and assurance, and leaves no manner of room for doubt or hesitation.

In a storm it is disputable whether the noise be more his or the elements, and which will first leave scolding; on which side of the ship he may be saved best, whether his faith be starboard faith or larboard, or the helm at that time not all his hope of heaven.

Faith in Jesus, is not reception of propositions, but reverence for a person; yet this is not the condition of salvation or essential to the Divine favour.

The ground of this doctrine stands thus: every faithful man hath the same faith, for nature and for work, that Abraham had; therefore, look what nature his faith was of, and what power it had; of the same nature and power every true believer's faith is.

Polly's faith in her father was a standing joke among her friends.

Faith is a fine invention For gentlemen who see; But microscopes are prudent In an emergency!

When, later, he fell into literalism, it was the mysticism of German Protestantism which, in opposition to the new orthodoxy, held fast to the original principle of the Reformation, i.e., to the principle that faith is not assent to historical facts, not the acceptance of dogmas, but an inner experience, a renewal of the whole man.

The faith that filled her was the weapon in her hands, and the right by which she claimed it; but the spirit of utter, selfless sacrifice that characterized her life was the means by which she mastered its immediate use.

Their faith is their affair, their conduct mine.

The herdsmen then drove the beasts to pasture, and persons whose faith in the efficacy of the need-fire was particularly robust carried home brands.

In contrast to him is Sir Tristram, who, despite his prowess, in jousts on the tilting-field, is "one to whom faith is foolishness, and the higher life an idle delusion."

155 Metaphors for  faith
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