10 Metaphors for farewell

Farewell, good friend; I pray thee, be no trouble in my end.

Farewell!'" Among the religious customs of the dervises, it seems, is an astronomical dance, in which the dervis imitates the movements of the heavenly bodies by spinning on his own axis, whilst, at the same time, he revolves round the sheikh in the centre, representing the sun; and as he spins, he sings the song of Seid Nimetollah of Kuhistan: "Spin the ball!

"Estelle," he cried, more puzzled than angry when he suddenly caught sight of us both, "what are you doing here with that lout?" I was trembling with excitementnot fear, of course, though Farewell was a powerful-looking man, a head taller than I was.

Their farewell to their old dwellings is still a well-known Maori poem.

Farewell! be greata glorious future is before you and me in you!' Lancelot's answer must remain untold; perhaps the veil has been already too far lifted which hides the sanctuary of such love.

I'd always thought Farewell was a man's size town.

If they were to be torn apart by death, and sepulchred possibly in different caves of the ocean, surely his last farewell might be a kiss.

I made no farewell visitsmy ill health was sufficient excuse; but my schoolmates came to bid me good-bye, and brought presents of needlebooks, and pincushions, which I returned by giving away yards of ribbon, silver fruit-knives, and Mrs. Hemans's poems, which poetess had lately given my imagination an apostrophizing direction.

Farewell, my love, fair fortune be thy guide!

" Their farewells were a little casual.

10 Metaphors for  farewell