50 Metaphors for farmers

If a purchase be effected at either of the auctions proceeding it is paid for by cheque, and, on the other hand, should the farmer be the vendor, his money comes to him in the shape of a cheque.

Scottish farmers of the old school were a shrewd and humorous race, sometimes not indisposed to look with a little jealousy upon their younger brethren, who, on their part, perhaps, showed their contempt for the old-fashioned ways.

Sacred, blood-stained walls, your peaceful front Sheltered the fateful fires of Lexington; Builded to fence green fields and keep the herds at pasture, Ye became the frowning breastworks of stern battle; Lowly boundaries of the freeman’s farm, Ye grew the rampart of a land at war; And still ye cross the centuries Between the ages of monarchs and the age When farmers in their fields are kings.

There is no doubt that at least some farmers were "free farmers"; others were what we might call "serfs": families in hereditary group dependence upon some noble families and working on land which the noble families regarded as theirs.

Such a farmer is the incarnation of moral grandeur.

He had proved to demonstration, in the most logical manner, that farmers were fools.

"The Farmer of Tilsbury Vale" is a charming counterpart to "Poor Susan," with the addition, of that delicacy towards aberrations from the strict path which is so fine in the "Old Thief and the Boy by his side," which always brings water into my eyes.

The farmer, though he may not be rich, must of necessity be the manager, if not the actual owner, of considerable capital.

Brother Robert Farmer is my cousin.

" The farmer slowly felt my legs, which were much swelled and strained; then he looked at my mouth.

The farmer afterwards became proprietor of the soil he cultivated, and master, not only of himself, but of his lands; certain trivial obligations or fines being all that was required of him, and these daily grew less, and at last disappeared altogether.

As a body the tenant-farmers are loyal to their landlordsin some cases enthusiastically loyal.

The only difference is, that the farmer, who pays for the hedging and ditching, is the person to whom the consequent increase of production accrues, while the government, which is at the expense of police officers and courts of justice, does not, as a necessary consequence, get back into its own coffers the increase of the national wealth resulting from the security of property.

Rural communities are proverbially conservative; the American farmer is proverbially an individualist.

But the farmer who owns his land is still the backbone of this Nation; and one of the things we want most is more of him.

But the farmers and it is a significant indication how powerful still in the Roman middle class was the spirit which had enabled them to survive the day of Cannaenever allowed the unsparing champion of reform to lack the support of their votes.

Sharon Whipple had told him a modern farmer must first be a mechanic, and he was already thatand

Farmer as an affix is not the thing now; farmers are 'Mr. So-and-so.'

Independent farmers are everywhere the basis of society and true friends of liberty.

In such a case the farmer is really the recipient, as we have already suggested, of part of the economic rent of the land; and an element of rent accordingly enters into his gross profits.


The tenant farmers, the millers, the innkeepers, and every Hodge within 'the uplands' (not by any means all hills)in short, every one is a citizen of Fleeceborough.

" "The average farmer," Neil argued, "isn't a rich experimenter like you.

"You kin go out over the perairah yander," said the farmer, dropping his maul beside a rail he had just split off,"there's a plain trail from Sykes's that'll bring you onto the road not fur from Sugar Crick."

Now the farmer, partly from isolation and partly from absorption in labor, is the most unsocial man in New England.

50 Metaphors for  farmers