32 Metaphors for fashions

A more recent fashion for dancing this figure is as follows:Instead of one lady advancing at first, all four advance, and courtesy to each other; then turn and courtesy to their partners.

Sabina Poppea, Nero's wife, wore amber-coloured hair, so did all the Roman ladies in an instant, her fashion was theirs.

Dame Fashion is queen, Ready Money is king, You can join it, provided you don't know a thing.

A paradox is a fantastic thing that is said once: a fashion is a more fantastic thing that is said a sufficient number of times.

But fashion and wealth are two very solemn realities, which the frivolous class of moralists have talked a great deal of silly stuff about.


Fashion is ever on the wing, Arch-enemy of Beauty.

Fashion is the parent of both"cussedness" and consumption.

Fashion is only the attempt to realize Art in living forms and social intercourse.

Fashion is our business, by Beryl Williams

One great and characteristic difference between the Romans and the Franks should, however, be specially mentioned; namely, in the fashion of wearing the hair long, a fashion never adopted by the Romans, and which, during the whole of the first dynasty, was a distinguishing mark of kings and nobles among the Franks.

Boongaree was of course the object of their greatest attention: the fashion in which his body was scarred was the subject of particular remark; and when he pointed at the sea, to show them whence he came, they set up a shout of admiration and surprise.

A fashion by virtue of which millions of youths are now growing up in ignorance of that form of address which, in their own tongue, is most appropriate to poetry, and alone adapted to prayer, is perhaps not quite so light a matter as some people imagine.

With like ignorance, some writers suppose, that the fashion of using the plural for the singular is a sufficient warrant for putting the singular for the plural: as, "The joys of love, are they not doubly thine, Ye poor!

The fashion to-day is a tincture so strong, That, if dosing yourself, you are sure to go wrong.

Take my word, a new fashion upon a fine woman is often a greater proof of her value than you are aware of.

But vanityindividual or tribaland fashion were the principal motives.

By their help, and that of the group to which they belong, a new artistic fashion is being established, a fashion of a novel sort, for its hold upon the public is a result not of some irrational popular craze, but of the fascinating arguments which are put into visible shape by the painters themselves.

Fashion and dress are also a manifestation of public and private customs; for that reason we must give them particular attention.

Leading Eveena by the handfor to hold my arm after the European fashion was always an inconvenience and fatigue to herand preceded by Ergimo, I walked unnoticed to the closed gate of pink crystal, contrasting the emerald green of the outer walls.

The fashion of lecturing is becoming a rage; the teacher shows herself off, and she does not try enough to develop her pupils.

Fashion and pique her hours share, Nature and truth their standards furl, Fair as fickle, and false as fair, These are the ways of the modern girl.

Next morning all fashions were à la fronde,hats, gloves, fans, bread, and ballads; and it cost six years of civil war to pay for the Counsellor's facetiousness.

Fashion is a sort of "act of uniformity," which would bring all flights of fancy within certain prescribed limits.

They lived in the only corner of Europe that I know of where serving people decline to accept tips for rendering small services; and in a simple, homely fashion are, I think, the politest, the most courteous, the most accommodating human beings on the face of the earth.

32 Metaphors for  fashions