121 Metaphors for  fear

121 Metaphors for fear

Of his guilt there can be no question; his fear to face a court in which he had many friends is sufficient presumptive evidence of it; but we must hesitate in assuming the deepness of its dye from the terrible invectives of Cicero.

"Although," he said, "I cannot pretend to be classed among those to whom physical fear is an unknown, yet I wish to assure you, sir, that with me physical trepidation is not an overruling motive.

Fear is a bad adviser.

Mutual fear and mutual suspicion, aggression masquerading as defence and defence masquerading as aggression, will be the protagonists in the bloody drama; and there will be, what Hobbes truly asserted to be the essence of such a situation, a chronic state of war, open or veiled.

And yet what fine lines and sentiments are the following, culled from "Sophy" almost ad aperturam libri: "Fear and guilt Are the same thing, and when our actions are not, Our fears are crimes.

Presently he went on: "It is strange that what one fears in death is the vagueness and the solitude of itwe are afraid of finding ourselves lost in the night.

The greatest fear is the hospitalization and what could come next.

Fear of needles (medically known as Belomophobia) is a term used to describe a large fear (

No doubt a justified fear for the mighty, brutal neighbour existed in the popular imagination, and fear may be the father of ill-considered deeds.

And polling suggests that fear is not, in fact, the president’s friend.

The father's fear was naturalhe trembled for his son; the young man's fear was cowardlyhe thought of self alone.

Irrational fear is not an excuse no matter what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says.

Fear of feeding her young daughter foods covered in pesticides was the trigger for Bhatt to move to the hills of Uttarakhand.

Theologians may theorize, and good Christians may differ (they always will) as to the existence, extent, and nature of future punishment; but the fact remains indisputably clear that, whether there be less or more of it, whether it be of this sort or of that, fear of it is a base motive to appeal to, a false motive to act from, and a worthless motive to trust in.

They were of an age which is full of animal courage, and their only fear was a peremptory order from parents or guardians to leave college and return home.

Fear is the only tie that binds thieves, and they proceeded to make Yussuf Dakmar afraid.

In the paleontology of character, these fears are the deepest strata, the eocene era, so to speak, of the soul.

My only fear for her is an anxiety, natural considering the great change, that her cares and occupations may weigh at times too heavily upon her, and that she will not wish you to see she feels it.

That same book tells me that fear can be a wonderful teacher of love.

He would have liked to have asked why Mrs. Silk should think it necessary to inform him, but the fear of precipitating a crisis stayed his tongue.

"My fear is the safety of the players.

'Twas one night more of agony and fear, Of shrinking from the onset of the sea; One cry of desolation, when her fear Became a fact, and then,God knows the rest.

Why, was there such hurt in desiring you to go that you might make haste back again,Oh, my fears!

The fears of Felix are our second reflection.

Fear of his mother was the only thing that had kept him from frequenting Cupido's shopthe rendezvous of the city's gayest set, a hotbed of gossip and practical jokes, a school of guitar playing and love songs that kept the whole neighborhood astir.

What he really thought of religion could be inferred from his remark that the fanciful fear of things invisible (due to ignorance) is the natural seed of that feeling which, in himself, a man calls religion, but, in those who fear or worship the invisible power differently, superstition.

"I can only surmise that fear was in every case the key, as I might say, which opened the senses to the presence of the Woman.

There is an Oriental phrase, as I have been told, that the fear of the inevitable approach of death is a European malady.

Base fear, the laziness of lust, gross appetites, These are the ladders, and the grov'ling footstool

"Fear for a loved one, even in one whom you will probably hear described as a dissipated man, of selfish tendencies and hitherto unbrotherly qualities, is a great miracle-worker.

My biggest draft fear with O’Brien was his concept of value in maneuvering DURING the draft, trading picks for picks to move up and down, and certainly the optics of the trade with Detroit allegedly falling through on Friday didn't help.

With the majority, of course, the fear of being excluded or ejected from a team is a spur that drives.

The fear of death was a reality and a torment: for all he knew, the thing itself might be a change for the better.

Slowly, as the days slid by, my fear of the Swine-things became an emotion of the pastmore an unpleasant, incredible memory, than aught else.

During the crisis, many companies made their employees do more work for the same emolument and the workforce agreed to put up with the more work and less pay because the fear of job insecurity was a stronger threat than work fatigue.

FEAR is the strongest weapon of these tyrants.

From this circumstance one of the two following conclusions must be drawn; either that the system of education pursued in the higher schools is very faulty and imperfect, or that the fears of those persons are entire groundless.

It turns out Liam’s fears are spot-on since Thomas is more obsessed with Hope than ever.

There was plenty of provisions to be obtained, so the fear of starvation was not the trouble; but how were the cooking and the table to be provided for?

"If hopes were dupes, fears may be liars; It maybe, in yon smoke concealed, Your comrades chase e'en now the fliers, And, but for you, possess the field."

This fear, though exaggerated, and indeed causeless, was the result of too much brooding of late over her own situation, and of that morbid sensibility in which the most pure and innocent are, unhappily, the most likely to indulge.

The fear of the living becomes the root of the political, and the fear of the dead the root of the religious, control.

And once more it is seen that the fear of the Lord and contentment therewith are a precious gain.

Fear is a quality that was never known to mingle in the character of a Stewart.

The Fear Of COVID-19 Is The Beginning Of Wisdom -By Isaiah Ogedegbe opinionnigeria.

This he had done upon the first night, having fear that some evil thing might come upon us through the opening, and very prudent was this same action of his, as shall be seen.

She had been bought and sold, over and over again; and the fear of her killing herself was the only reason why her friends did not force her to marry.

If fear be the child of ignorance, ignorance is also the child of fear; the two react on, and produce each other.

Suspicion follows fear and sorrow at heels, arising out of the same fountain, so thinks Fracastorius, "that fear is the cause of suspicion, and still they suspect some treachery, or some secret machination to be framed against them, still they distrust."

This "enslaving fear" is the principal ingredient of primitive religious emotion everywhere.