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100 Metaphors for fear

Of his guilt there can be no question; his fear to face a court in which he had many friends is sufficient presumptive evidence of it; but we must hesitate in assuming the deepness of its dye from the terrible invectives of Cicero.

"Although," he said, "I cannot pretend to be classed among those to whom physical fear is an unknown, yet I wish to assure you, sir, that with me physical trepidation is not an overruling motive.

Fear is a bad adviser.

Mutual fear and mutual suspicion, aggression masquerading as defence and defence masquerading as aggression, will be the protagonists in the bloody drama; and there will be, what Hobbes truly asserted to be the essence of such a situation, a chronic state of war, open or veiled.

And yet what fine lines and sentiments are the following, culled from "Sophy" almost ad aperturam libri: "Fear and guilt Are the same thing, and when our actions are not, Our fears are crimes.

No doubt a justified fear for the mighty, brutal neighbour existed in the popular imagination, and fear may be the father of ill-considered deeds.

Theologians may theorize, and good Christians may differ (they always will) as to the existence, extent, and nature of future punishment; but the fact remains indisputably clear that, whether there be less or more of it, whether it be of this sort or of that, fear of it is a base motive to appeal to, a false motive to act from, and a worthless motive to trust in.

They were of an age which is full of animal courage, and their only fear was a peremptory order from parents or guardians to leave college and return home.

Fear is the only tie that binds thieves, and they proceeded to make Yussuf Dakmar afraid.

In the paleontology of character, these fears are the deepest strata, the eocene era, so to speak, of the soul.

Ay, ay, aynever fear thatthere's a jest indeed Pish, pishmadamdo you think me so foolish?Tut, tut, doubt not. LIN.

Fear, coercion, punishment, are the masculine remedies for moral weakness, but statistics show their failure for centuries.

My only fear for her is an anxiety, natural considering the great change, that her cares and occupations may weigh at times too heavily upon her, and that she will not wish you to see she feels it.

le! The sea had cooled the burning of that brain; Had laid to rest those limbs so fever-tense, That scarce relaxed in sleep; and now she lies Sleeping the sleep that follows after pain. 'Twas one night more of agony and fear, Of shrinking from the onset of the sea; One cry of desolation, when her fear Became a fact, and then,God knows the rest.

All the popular leaders were of course alive to the probable personal consequences if their cause should not succeed; but fear of personal consequences was the feeblest of their motives in persistent efforts for independence.

==> A due fear of, and a prompt obedience to, the authority of the magistrates, is a prominent feature of the lower orders, and to this I mainly attribute the successful maintenance of rural tranquillity.

Why, was there such hurt in desiring you to go that you might make haste back again,Oh, my fears!

His greatest fear was lest, from her overflowing vitality and keen sensuous delight in all the surface activities and pleasures of life, the intellectual side of her nature should be kept in the background and not properly nourished.

The fears of Felix are our second reflection.

Fear of his mother was the only thing that had kept him from frequenting Cupido's shopthe rendezvous of the city's gayest set, a hotbed of gossip and practical jokes, a school of guitar playing and love songs that kept the whole neighborhood astir.

What he really thought of religion could be inferred from his remark that the fanciful fear of things invisible (due to ignorance) is the natural seed of that feeling which, in himself, a man calls religion, but, in those who fear or worship the invisible power differently, superstition.

Cloudy fears and shapes forlorn Fly like shadows at the morn; O'er the earth there comes a bloom, Sunny light for sullen gloom, Warm perfume for vapors cold, I smell the Rose above the Mould!"

"I can only surmise that fear was in every case the key, as I might say, which opened the senses to the presence of the Woman.

But the same meaning may be conveyed when the to is used; as, "The fear of God is freedom, joy, and peace; And makes all ills that vex us here to cease.

But the next moment hope revived, and fear with itthis is a law of naturefor a man, bare-headed and his hair flying, came galloping on a bare-backed pony, shouting and screaming with terror louder than both the women.

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