12 Metaphors for fern

E.g., the Cinnamon fern is a kind or species of fern with the fronds evidently of one kind, and of a common origin, and all producing individuals of their own kind by their spores or rootstocks.

This rare little fern is a northern species and springs from tiny crevices in rocks, preferring limestone.

Almost the only fossil fern would have been that tall and beautiful Lastraea Thelypteris, once so abundant, now all but destroyed by drainage and the plough.

The filmy ferns are small, delicate plants with membranaceous, finely dissected fronds from slender, creeping rootstocks.

This curious and interesting fern is one of the finest for rockeries, the tips taking root in rock-fissures.

Busy as the busy bee, his rest should be the clover; Gentle as the lamb was he, and the fern should be his cover; Fern and rosemary shall grow my soldier's pillow over: Where the rain may rain upon it, Where the sun may shine upon it, Where the lamb hath lain upon it, And the bee will dine upon it.

In every shade of green, as run by the overhead sun upon the altering facets of precipice and shelf, of fei and cocoa, candlenut and purau, giant ferns and convolvulus, tier upon tier, was a riot of richest vegetation.

In Hampshire, in Devon, and Cornwall, and in the southwest of Ireland, the King-fern too is a true swamp fern.

" The bladder ferns are a dainty, rock-loving family partial to a limestone soil.

The fragile bladder fern, as it is often called, and which the name frágilis suggests, is the earliest to appear in the spring, and the first to disappear, as by the end of July it has discharged its spores and withered away.

The slender lip fern, known also as Fée's fern, is much the smallest of the lip ferns, averaging, Clute tells us, "but two inches high."

Fine-haired mountain fern, pasture fern, and hairy Dicksònia are other names.

12 Metaphors for  fern