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134 Metaphors for  fires

134 Metaphors for fires

The Promethean fire of pure mathematics is perhaps the greatest of all in man's catalogue of gifts; but it is not most itself, but least so, when, immersed in the manifoldness of phenomenal life, it is made to serve purely utilitarian ends.

A bright fire burned in the Klondike heater, and from the kitchen came the cheerful song of a canary.

Open fires are comfortable morning and evening throughout the year, and the pitch pine wood burns beautifully.

But fire is no ordinary discovery.

The fire itself was hardly a quarter of a mile distant, directly across the lake, but to follow the long shore was an insuperable mile.

Fire Down Below is a 1957 American British adventure movie.

Fire & Ice is the seventh studio album by American DJ and producer Kaskade.

Fire, or the sun, was in the early times a symbol of the supreme Power, rather than the Power itself, since the sun was created by Ahura-Mazda (Ormazd).

What but to say, 'The fire is king.

The fire which ignites religious violence is a provocation and compelling Muslim candidates to write examinations during the Jumu’ah period while Christians are not subjected to the same treatment on Sunday constitutes extreme provocation.

The fire that boils my pot, with oak or beech Is pileddry beech-logs when the snow lies deep; And storm and sunshine, I disdain them each As toothless sires a nut, when broth is in their reach.

Before the fire were two huge kettles of cooked sarvis berries, a large bowlful of which was soon set before each guest.

A generous fire flamed in the wide grate behind me: warmth has always been to me the first necessary of life.

An attempt was made to hold the ground near the headquarters, but a close musketry-fire from the enemy rendered this also impossiblethe artillery was withdrawnand General Lee, mounting his iron-gray, slowly rode back, accompanied by a number of officers, toward his inner line.

On the one view, the fire, like sunshine in our latitude, is a genial creative power which fosters the growth of plants and the development of all that makes for health and happiness; on the other view, the fire is a fierce destructive power which blasts and consumes all the noxious elements, whether spiritual or material, that menace the life of men, of animals, and of plants.

Fires are necessary night and morning.

The fire, however, was not the only cause of this most acceptable change.

Six big ones in eighteen months, with lots' of little ones in between." "Then the last fire wasn't a new experience for you," the Bostonian suggested.

They were constantly building fires in the wilderness, but the fire they built that morning was the hardest of them all to start.

These fires were also the only way of cooking food.

"Now the fire I handle is dry heat.

Fire was a hair’s breadth away from town and they kept the kids occupied with movies.

The second hath fire, snow, ice, ready for the day of the ordinance of the Lord, in the righteous judgment of God: in it are all the spirits of the retributions for vengeance on the wicked.

Come forward Maiden, do not lurk Nor hide your face with grief and shame, Now or never get a name That may raise thee, and recure All thy life that was impure: Hold your hand unto the flame, If thou beest a perfect dame, Or hast truely vow'd to mend, This pale fire will be thy friend.

I am of the opinion that this fire is of an incendiary nature and warrants further investigation by police.”

Yet just after the fire were our two houses the finest, This of the Golden Lion, and mine of the sign of the Angel.

The Witch Fire, also known as the Witch Creek Fire, is the largest of the fires.

“Howard County Fire and Rescue has been a home to me for over 30 years and I know first-hand that the men and women who make up this department are some of the best out there.

Wojtek Fire is a multinational exercise that focuses on testing tactical interoperability and air to ground integration training among NATO allies comprising Battle Group Poland.

A blazing fire was too strong a temptation to be resisted.

I then protested that the fire was a real fire.

"Fire is too august.

Volcanoes' fires are now the only light, Where pale-faced men collect around in fright; With fearful cries the lurid air they rend, To all the gods their wild petitions send.

"You had better leave the pan here in front of the fire, Miss; the poor gentleman is so exhausted, you see, and the fire will be a comfort to him."

The great fact of physical life is the perpetual commerce with the elements, and the fire is the measure of it.

Your fires will soon be quencht, and for your wrongs You shall, above, all speake with Angels tongues.

Our citizens then congratulated themselves upon the possession of a first-class fire department and they predicted that thereafter a great fire would be a thing of the past.

On Sunday morning, NCFS ground crews say the fire was approximately 17 acres.

While fire is a powerful and destructive force, in the longer term it will result in regeneration of the forests of British Columbia.

Fire is the chief object of their worship, and they cannot allow it to be polluted by burning the dead; water is almost as sacred, and the soil of the earth is the source of their food, their strength and almost everything that is beautiful.

"There is much truth in the old adage that fire is a better servant than master.

The fire which consumes his dwelling is a personal boon, as he can readily explain.

A moderate fire in the grate is the only mode of heating, and they seem quite oblivious to the danger of throwing a door open into a cold hall at one's back, while the servants pass in and out with the various courses at dinner.

The fire of his savagery was an all-consuming flame, and it was too strongly kindled to be lightly quenched.

Fire, according to this author, represents the quality of fascination; and toads and moths are subject to its influence, as well as some higher animalsdeer, for instance, who are hunted successfully with torches; and he relates, further, that in Abyssinia artificers of pottery and iron are thus fearfully endowed, and are consequently forbidden to join in the sacred rites of religion, as fire is their chief agent.

Tyco Integrated Fire & Security (Johnson Controls) is a recognized leader in … Tyco Integrated Fire & Security creates innovative, high quality solutions that meet …

FIRE AND WATER That was Jack's baptism of fire, for the rifle had cut a deep flesh-wound in his back.

According to the one theory the fire is a stimulant, according to the other it is a disinfectant; on the one view its virtue is positive, on the other it is negative.

THE FIRE MUST BE WATCHED with great attention during the operation of boiling, so that its heat may be properly regulated.

The wood of this tree is particularly valuable for fuel, and in old times, when wood-fires were the only kind known, a good hickory back-log was sure to be found on every hearth.

Arctic Fire is an invitational gathering of some of the most talented bladesmiths alive that is being held June 26 and 27, 2012 in Anchorage Alaska.

I, that am shut from light, have all the light Which the world sees by; here some heavenly fire Is throwne about the roome, and burnes so clearely, Mine eye-bals drop out blasted at the sight.

For when the axe has laid me low the fire will be my fate.

The forest fire was both bird and snake.

So saying, Sir Fidelis arose, and taking the wallet in one hand and setting the other 'neath Beltane's arm, led him to where, deep-bowered under screening willows, a fire burned cheerily, whereby were two beds of scented bracken.

Quite so, and in many respects, therefore, an open fire is an improvement on a close stove.

Fires in bed-rooms were a luxury Stephen had never known.

The Tubbs fire was the most expensive of the fires.

There's just time tae cook it" "What kin' o' a fire is this?" A cold shadow fell upon the group as a substantial presence inserted itself between the debaters and the wintry sunshine.

When the fire was the height of a warrior, and queer things were happening to this side and to that side, Count Manuel spoke the ordered words: and of a sudden the flames' colors were altered, so that green shimmerings showed in the fire, as though salt were burning there.

(A fire in the city is an exciting event to the average boy.)

Love's the air-fed fire intense, My heart is the frankincense; As the rich aloes flames, I glow,

[The new fire and the burning of Judas at Easter are probably relics of paganism.]

"Wait till the fire is all over, mother."

Fire upon land be your lot!

The fire is the great and dreadful God, and to him we must pray, lest he devour us up.'

During the Amazon fires in 2019, an estimated 906,000 hectares of forest burnt, which means Australia’s fires are more than five times as deadly.

Type A fires are the ordinary combustible materials such as wood, paper, cloth, etc…

A parachute fire is a device designed to be ejected from a pot at the end of the rocket's travel, and to emit a bright light during its slow descent.

Twenty fires are failures in the open air for one that succeeds, unless the operator knows his business.

We had taken the precaution to hang, at the top of the mast, some gun-powder and pistols, with which we had provided ourselves on board the frigate: we made signals by burning a great many charges of powder; we even fired some pistol-shot, but it seems that these fires were only an illusion of the eyesight, or perhaps they were nothing but the dashing of the breakers.

What should I do traipsing after an engine?" "Yet a good fire is a very exciting spectacle.

It is strongly suspected that these fires were, in every instance, the deed of incendiaries.

I leave a print there which the first breath of air shall dissipate; all fire becomes ashes, and ashes blow away,"and so left me.

For Afghan government officials, a cease-fire is their top concern, while the Taliban want other issues—such as prisoner swaps and a future governing framework—ironed out first.

Grass and bush fires are a constant threat to them and flight is the most effective means of escape.

She wrote that she was “just chillin'” in the caption of her post, but her fans seemed to think that she was bringing the heat to her page — the fire emoji was a popular response to her photo.

A. Fire is the rapid combustion or consuming of organic matter.

But Jack is easy on the score of his mission, since the general, who is nearest the stone bridge, has been apprised, and well knows that the fire which has been coming near his left flank is Sherman's.

Indeed we may assume with a fair degree of probability that the need-fire was the parent of the periodic fire-festivals; at first invoked only at irregular intervals to cure certain evils as they occurred, the powerful virtue of fire was afterwards employed at regular intervals to prevent the occurrence of the same evils as well as to remedy such as had actually arisen.

But were there one whose fires True genius kindles, and fair fame inspires, Blest with each talent, and each art to please, And born to write, converse, and live with ease.

Yet just after the fire were our two houses the finest, This of the Golden Lion, and mine of the sign of the Angel.

While it was likely the worst fire season we’ve ever had, wildland fires are a natural occurrence, leading to forest and wildlife renewal.

He answered, "The darkness of the north is dulness of mind and ignorance of truths; the fires of the west are the loves of evil; and the delusive lights of the south are the falsifications of truth, which are spiritual whoredoms."

The altar fires are ash and grass has grown upon the temple floor I have been away too long.

These and similar considerations, which a young man revolves in his mind while he is determining his choice to one of the sex, kindle in his heart the fire of conjugial love; which fire, as it is the primitive of that love is its origin.

Fires are not the fashion in the public roomsprobably because the only "public" besides ourselves consist of one or two enterprising sportsmen, who doubtless are acclimatising themselves to camp life amid the snows, and have implored the proprietor to save his fuel and keep the outer doors open.

Still, the fire remains the state’s top priority for resources as they become available, Shana Jones, Cal Fire unit chief, said Saturday.

Maggie offered no remonstrance; but the fire of a volcano burned within, as she watched the letter blackening upon the coals; and when next her eyes met those of her grandmother there was in them a fierce, determined look which prompted that lady at once to change her tactics and try the power of persuasion rather than of force.

Whether a hanging fire is an excuse or not, the tiger relinquished his hold and was off with a bound.

The fire was a heap of gray ashes except for its red-hot center: the kyack was in gloom.

90 XI As one whose brain habitual frensy fires Owes to the fit in which his soul hath tossed

A large fire at night is the life and soul of such a party as ours, and when it blazed up at times, I could not help observing that two of my Indians evinced uneasiness and want of confidence in things around, as if they thought themselves usurpers on the Red Indian territory.

Police are investigating if the house fire was an accident or an act of arson.

FIRE is Angela’s first curatorial effort.

“Christchurch is about to head into summer where fire is a risk in many areas.

Not but that such a fire will be a grand sight, which I should be sorry to miss.

So, the only fires that occur in your part of the world are ones set by people.

While the patriotic fires of your people is clusterin' around you (?)

But fire is a mere creature of man's; our world before his coming knew nothing of it in any of its habitable places, never saw it except in the lightning flash or remotely on some volcanic coronet.