107 Metaphors for fires

The wood of this tree is particularly valuable for fuel, and in old times, when wood-fires were the only kind known, a good hickory back-log was sure to be found on every hearth.

The Promethean fire of pure mathematics is perhaps the greatest of all in man's catalogue of gifts; but it is not most itself, but least so, when, immersed in the manifoldness of phenomenal life, it is made to serve purely utilitarian ends.

Among other circumstances, the fires which frequently happen at Canfu are not the least remarkable.

The best fire for individual cooking is a small, clear one, or, better yet, a few brisk coals.

Fire, or the sun, was in the early times a symbol of the supreme Power, rather than the Power itself, since the sun was created by Ahura-Mazda (Ormazd).

The Saturday night camp fire at this Institute, contrary to the usual custom, was not co-ed.

What but to say, 'The fire is king.

Then the little barbarian, evidently maddened by the sneering pomposity of our eloquent guest, strutted across the floor in perfect imitation of Holmes' affected grandiloquence; then he launched into the coon song: "De bigger dat you see de smoke De less de fire will be, And de leastest kind ob possum Climbs de biggest kind ob tree.

The fire that boils my pot, with oak or beech Is pileddry beech-logs when the snow lies deep; And storm and sunshine, I disdain them each As toothless sires a nut, when broth is in their reach.

Before the fire were two huge kettles of cooked sarvis berries, a large bowlful of which was soon set before each guest.

A generous fire flamed in the wide grate behind me: warmth has always been to me the first necessary of life.

Christ once more stands among the common things of life; the fire, the fish, the breadall common things; a group of tired, hungry fishersall common men; and He is there to affirm that in His resurrection He had not broken His bond with men, but strengthened itwherever common life goes on there is Jesus still.

On the one view, the fire, like sunshine in our latitude, is a genial creative power which fosters the growth of plants and the development of all that makes for health and happiness; on the other view, the fire is a fierce destructive power which blasts and consumes all the noxious elements, whether spiritual or material, that menace the life of men, of animals, and of plants.

Fires are necessary night and morning.

The fire, however, was not the only cause of this most acceptable change.

Six big ones in eighteen months, with lots' of little ones in between." "Then the last fire wasn't a new experience for you," the Bostonian suggested.

They were constantly building fires in the wilderness, but the fire they built that morning was the hardest of them all to start.

"Now the fire I handle is dry heat.

Come forward Maiden, do not lurk Nor hide your face with grief and shame, Now or never get a name That may raise thee, and recure All thy life that was impure: Hold your hand unto the flame, If thou beest a perfect dame, Or hast truely vow'd to mend, This pale fire will be thy friend.

Yet just after the fire were our two houses the finest, This of the Golden Lion, and mine of the sign of the Angel.

This is a comfortable chamber, with an oak wainscot; and whenever in summer months the air is sharp enough, as on the present occasion, a fire helped to light it up; which fire, being chiefly wood, made a pleasant broad flicker on panel and ceiling, and yet did not make the room too hot.

A blazing fire was too strong a temptation to be resisted.

I then protested that the fire was a real fire.

The Midsummer Fires [The great season for fire-festivals in Europe is the summer solstice, Midsummer Eve or Midsummer Day, which the church has dedicated to St. John the Baptist; the bonfires, the torches, and the burning wheels of the festival.]

Volcanoes' fires are now the only light, Where pale-faced men collect around in fright; With fearful cries the lurid air they rend, To all the gods their wild petitions send.

107 Metaphors for  fires
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