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66 Metaphors for  fish

66 Metaphors for fish

* Bouillabaise The fish used for bouillabaise may be any kind of firm white fish, and for the following recipe, about two pounds are required.

By the time of Edward II., fish had, in England, become a dainty, especially the sturgeon, which was permitted to appear on no table but that of the king.

They then fell to in earnest and after weeks and months of investigation declared that a fish was the most fascinating of studies.

For his solace and relief, Flat fish are his courtiers chief.

Freshwater fish, which was much more abundant in former days than now, was the ordinary food of those who lived on the borders of lakes, ponds, or rivers, or who, at all events, were not so far distant but that they could procure it fresh.

I happened to mention that one of our naturalists, Miller, had been bitten by a piranha, and the man-eating fish at once became the subject of conversation.

Turning to the Vertebrata, the only palaeozoic Elasmobranch Fish of which we have any complete knowledge is the Devonian and Carboniferous Pleuracanthus, which differs no more from existing Sharks than these do from one another.

Now, the pond is the Indian country, the fishes are the Indians, the false treaties and promises of the white men are the lumps of mud," and, turning to the missionaries, he said: "I hope you have come to clear up the water."

Fish were the chief object of the Roman epicures, of which the mullus, the rhombus, and the asellus were the most valued; it is recorded that a mullus (sea barbel), weighing but eight pounds, sold for eight thousand sesterces.

Another excellent fish for the table is the Pike-Perch, (Lucio-Perca) or Glass-Eyed Pike, from his large, brilliant eyes.

The rich may eat flesh in Lent, but the poor may not, albeit fish perhaps be much dearer.

He never failed to feed on fish along the way, and the more fish he ate the stronger was the odour of him.

When these were upset upon the rock, I was confounded to perceive the length and thickness of some of them; and could only conceive that this particular fish must be a very desperate enemy to them, and able successfully to attack monsters of a bulk infinitely greater than its own.

The sweetest fish that swims is the brook trout, weighing from a quarter of a pound down.

This fish is best prepared "scharf."

But the fishes were snakes and dragons.

The glutinous parts about the head lose their delicate flavour, after the fish has been twenty-four hours out of the water.

Sea-fish are the most hunted of all living things.

Perhaps you did not know that the fishes in the sea, both large and small, were playful creatures.

The family Sparidae is that best represented in the Louisiade Archipelago so far as I could judgethree species of Pentapus numerically more than equal all the rest, and the next commonest fish is Diacope octo-lineata.)

FISH.In the spiritual world fishes are representative forms, 76.

The tiniest fish were the size of matches.

'As long as fish and game are your only society, you will become more and more morne and self-absorbed.' 'Really fish were the last things of which I was thinking when you came.

More fish for one dinner and breakfast would be waste and wanton self-indulgence.

The sauroid fishes of the past geological ages are an example of this kind.

For this concerns supplies to Germany, as does also the ordinance passed in the same month that two-thirds of all fish caught in the Lebanon district should be given to the military authorities (these are German), and that every fish weighing over six ounces in the Beirut district should be Korban also.

["The Town Clerk of Colwyn Bay informs us that the fish caught there the other day by two youths was a dogfish and not a shark, as reported, and that its size was much overestimated.

The fish you catch is a poor little wretch, worth neither the trouble of landing, cooking, nor eating; but the fish you miss is always the finest fellow you ever saw in your life!" "Allons donc!

Phosphorus is also present in the human brain, and for this reason it has been supposed that fish must be excellent nutriment for the brain; but the truth is, there is no such thing as any special brain or nerve food.

Mr. Fish did not become a minister in Marshpee, until 1811.

The fish are consequently so tame and familiar, that they will eat turnips, bread, etc., out of the hand.

Not more than two moderate-sized fishes to a gallon of water is a safe rule.

'As long as fish and game are your only society, you will become more and more morne and self-absorbed.' 'Really fish were the last things of which I was thinking when you came.

" "Then wait a few hours longer," proposed Dave, "until even raw fish will be a delicacy.

E. The fish here alluded to are sharks; and the same custom of employing bramins to defend the fishermen, by conjuration, against this formidable enemy, is continued to the present day.

To land so heavy a fish would be a signal triumph.

Some fish, very bad rum, a little bread, or rice, such were their provisions.

Fresh fish, just out of the water, were a particularly pleasant arrival to people who had been ten days out at sea.

After all, however, his fish were really great curiosities; and when he had exhibited them all over the town, set them out in all lights, praised their perfections, and taken immense pains to conceal his impatience and ill temper, he, at length, contrived to sell them all, and get exactly fourteen shillings for them, and no more.

"The Paddle Fish is the spatularia of Shaw and polyodon of Lacepede.

Professor Fish was the superintendent.

The fruit separates into cones, and one chews the inner end like licorice, while, when dried, the kernels can be ground into a brown, sweet flour for cakes, a wholesome, nourishing food, but esteemed only in more barren islands, where fish and cocoanuts are the principal diet.

Wipe the fish as dry as possible; sprinkle with salt and pepper and if the fish is dry and white brush the flesh side well with olive oil or butter.

These man-eating fish are a veritable scourge in the waters they frequent.

"But I had no notion that fish were such fools, some of them, at least.

When fish (mullet) were plenty, they were allowed, in addition, one fish.

The flat fish are Plaice, Turbot, Brill, Halibut, Sole, Dab and Flounder.

I don't think we shall get good catches during the dark season, but Atkinson's own requirements are small, and the fish, though nice enough, are not such a luxury as to be greatly missed from our 'menu.

I heard a white lady observe, that Mr. Fish was not a preacher for every one; as though he was not fit to preach to any but us poor ignorant Indians.

The fact that the lake fishes are fresh-water, rather than marine, forms does not bother him.

Fish is the chief item to the Tahitian.

Those who affirm that there are all sorts of creatures to be found in the sea, will have it that these fishes are real calves, since they have nothing within them resembling a fish, and feed only on the grass which they find along the banks.

The famous fish once so plenty in Otsego Lake, but now nearly extinct, was a Coregonus, and first cousin to this one of the Great Lakes.

The fish is another man who carried off Alelu'k's wife.

In support of this power of adaptation to fresh water possessed by sea-trout, Mr Shaw refers to a statement by the late Dr McCulloch, that these fish had become permanent inhabitants of a loch in the island of Lismore, Argyllshire.

There were few alligators seen; and the only fish caught was the catfish, common in the Adelaide and Victoria Rivers.

Some may suppose Mr. Fish to be a Unitarian.

Now in the excitement of the moment that bass no doubt felt like a whale to the great man, and as it neared the surface, after the manner of its kind, it of course looked as long as a pickerel; then, too; the measly fish was probably a silver bass, and once in the boat shrunk a quarter of an inch, just to get the eminent gold Democrat in trouble.

"Catching fish is the chief employment of the inhabitants.

Fish, as I said, were merely an excuse; and, as he vainly waited for fish, without knowing it, he was learning the rhythm of the stream, and the silence of ferns was entering into his soul, and the calm and patience of meadows were dreamily becoming a part of him.

Presently, the supper was ready, and I found the fish to be very fair eating; though somewhat coarse; but this was no great matter for concern with so empty a stomach as I contained.

Fish are such liars.

The fish you catch is a poor little wretch, worth neither the trouble of landing, cooking, nor eating; but the fish you miss is always the finest fellow you ever saw in your life!" "Allons donc!

These herrings became a necessary food during Lent, and "Sor et blanc harene frรจs pouldrรฉ (couvert de sel)!" ("Herrings smoked, fresh, and salted!") was the cry of the retailers in the streets of Paris, where this fish became a permanent article of consumption to an extent which can be appreciated from the fact that Saint Louis gave annually nearly seventy thousand herrings to the hospitals, plague-houses, and monasteries.

The seine was hauled upon the beach; but the only fish caught were two very large sting-rays; one of which measured twelve feet across: as it was too unwieldy to take on board, we had no means of weighing it; but the liver nearly filled a small pork barrel.

This delicious fish is always a treat to me, but was never more so than on the present occasion.