58 Metaphors for floor

The floor of the pavilions is a kind of linoleum made of sawdust and cement, and is covered with palm mats.

The ground floor was evidently the best for business; but some came higher, to the first floor.

Here, too, every ground-floor was a shop, open, unglazed, cavernous, where the dealer lay perdu in the gloom of midday, like a spider in the midst of his web, surrounded by piles of old bottles, old iron, old clothes, old furniture, or whatever else his stock in trade might consist of.

Their rooms are commonly dirty, of which they seem to have little sensibility, and if they had more, clean floors would be difficultly ke

The floor of your lower section should be convex, instead of flat, to get the run-off.

The floor was solid, polished clay; the walls were built of the large, sunbaked bricks called adobes; the ceilings were of beams, covered by short sticks, with adobes over all.

They are pervaded by a smell of rancid oil and decaying fish; their logs are black as jet and greasy with smoke, and their earthen floors are an indescribable mixture of reindeer hairs and filth dried and trodden hard.

The roof leaked in twenty places and the floor was a puddle, but it had certain redeeming features in Mr. Tredgold's eyes of which the girl knew nothing.

The threshing floor for cañihua is a large blanket laid on the ground.

Walls and roof are of wood and thatch; the floor is hard-beaten earth.

"If that agent had not been a very ignorant person, he would have known that a concrete floor is a necessity to any factory where heavy machinery is used.

The floors are marble, the wainscoting of painted tiles, the walls of embroidery, still gleaming with the softened lustre of their original tints, and the lofty conical domes seem to be huge sparry crystalizations, hung with dropping stalactites, rather than any work of the human hand.

The floors were these here planks.

Far down the valley the last echoes of thunder were passing away to a murmur, and the valley floor, beneath the cliff, was a mass of snow and tree trunks.

As to floors, the only really clean floor I know is the Berlin lackered floor, which is wet rubbed and dry rubbed every morning to remove the dust.

A locker with a hinged shelf, which opened like a shutter, and thus afforded space for one mattress to be placed upon it, ran along one side of the cabin, under the port-hole, but the floor was the only visible means of accommodation for the second person crammed by Government regulation into this den.

A waterproof canvas floor is a luxury, and, though it adds to the weight, it may with advantage be taken on ordinary trips.

" The cave floor was smooth underfoot, except for scattered rocks; it rose and dipped, but the general trend was sharply upward.

A large portion of the roof was destroyed, and the floor was a confusion of chairs and debris.

The floor of these Portuguese tabernas is hardly a fitting couch for anyone who has prejudices in favour of cleanliness.

The ground floor was once an open loggia, but the spaces between its fifty pillars have been filled in.

The floor alone is a marvel of intricate inlaying, including the signs of the zodiac and a gnomic sentence which reads the same backwards and forwards"En gire torte sol ciclos et roterigne".

Its floor is a beautiful meadow, in which are innumerable springs.

"When it comes to that the main floor ain't exactly a maiden's dream, or a fellow's, for that matter.

The hard, bare floor was not the most comfortable bed imaginable, and preferring the bright moonlight and open air they made the night hideous with their noisy shouts, which the watchmen tried in vain to hush.

58 Metaphors for  floor