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84 Metaphors for  floor

84 Metaphors for floor

The ground floor was evidently the best for business; but some came higher, to the first floor.

The floor of the pavilions is a kind of linoleum made of sawdust and cement, and is covered with palm mats.

In the room leading out of the second della Robbia room is a collection of vestments and brocades bequeathed by Baron Giulio Franchetti, where you may see, dating from as far back as the sixth century, designs that for beauty and splendour and durability put to shame most of the stuffs now woven; but the top floor of the Museo Archeologico in the Via della Colonna is the chief home in Florence of such treasures.

The first floor is 1840 sq ft. with french doors opening onto a wrap around verandah on the South side and the second floor is 800 sq ft.

A few people, of unquestionable social position still live in buildings in which the street floor is a store or an office.

Here, too, every ground-floor was a shop, open, unglazed, cavernous, where the dealer lay perdu in the gloom of midday, like a spider in the midst of his web, surrounded by piles of old bottles, old iron, old clothes, old furniture, or whatever else his stock in trade

Ensure that floors in areas where oxidizers are stored are watertight, do not have cracks where these materials can lodge.

Inside, there were wavy, undulating floors ("an uneven floor is a divine melody to the feet"), a roof covered with earth and grass, and large trees growing from inside the rooms, with limbs extending from windows.

The first and second floors were all that refined taste and unlimited expenditure of money could produce.

P. 53, l. 945 ff., The floor unswept.]Probably the floor really would be unswept in the house of a primitive Thessalian chieftain whose wife was dead and her place unfilled; but I doubt if the point would have been mentioned so straightforwardly in a real tragedy.

Mr. Chair, in my opinion, an open floor is a sign of an open mind, and I am for an open mind and let us have an open floor.

The floor of your lower section should be convex, instead of flat, to get the run-off.

Like Raegor and Mims, the ceiling is high but unlike them his floor is a primary slot WR.

The floor was solid, polished clay; the walls were built of the large, sunbaked bricks called adobes; the ceilings were of beams, covered by short sticks, with adobes over all.

They are pervaded by a smell of rancid oil and decaying fish; their logs are black as jet and greasy with smoke, and their earthen floors are an indescribable mixture of reindeer hairs and filth dried and trodden hard.

Inside, there were wavy, undulating floors ("an uneven floor is a divine melody to the feet"), a roof covered with earth and grass, and large trees growing from inside the rooms, with limbs extending from windows.

The lowest floors are retail space; the rest are office space.

The main floor is an open concept with Great Room, Dining Room and Kitchen and 2 Piece Bathroom.

The threshing floor for cañihua is a large blanket laid on the ground.

Walls and roof are of wood and thatch; the floor is hard-beaten earth.

Morgan Stanley, whose New York City stock-trading floor is the country's busiest, is preparing a backup site in suburban Westchester County.

"If that agent had not been a very ignorant person, he would have known that a concrete floor is a necessity to any factory where heavy machinery is used."

The floors were these here planks.

Far down the valley the last echoes of thunder were passing away to a murmur, and the valley floor, beneath the cliff, was a mass of snow and tree trunks.

Just like before, the second and third floors are still quiet floors whereas the first floor and the basement are the more active areas.

A locker with a hinged shelf, which opened like a shutter, and thus afforded space for one mattress to be placed upon it, ran along one side of the cabin, under the port-hole, but the floor was the only visible means of accommodation for the second person crammed by Government regulation into this den.

A waterproof canvas floor is a luxury, and, though it adds to the weight, it may with advantage be taken on ordinary trips.

Floor, although really, absolutely anything I do in this room would be a huge improvement.

A large portion of the roof was destroyed, and the floor was a confusion of chairs and debris.

The floor of these Portuguese tabernas is hardly a fitting couch for anyone who has prejudices in favour of cleanliness.'

The ground floor was once an open loggia, but the spaces between its fifty pillars have been filled in.

The floor alone is a marvel of intricate inlaying, including the signs of the zodiac and a gnomic sentence which reads the same backwards and forwards"En gire torte sol ciclos et roterigne".

Its floor is a beautiful meadow, in which are innumerable springs.

In small spaces, the floor is an element that cannot be left aside.

The floor was all grey-white

All floors within the building are wheelchair accessible and serviced by elevators.

Just like before, the second and third floors are still quiet floors whereas the first floor and the basement are the more active areas.

"When it comes to that the main floor ain't exactly a maiden's dream, or a fellow's, for that matter.

The hard, bare floor was not the most comfortable bed imaginable, and preferring the bright moonlight and open air they made the night hideous with their noisy shouts, which the watchmen tried in vain to hush.

Another Miracle and a Temptation in the Wilderness The floor of the valley was an arid waste, flat and treeless, a far sweep of gray and gold, of sage-brush spangled with sunflowers, patched here and there with glistening beds of salt and soda, or pools of the deadly alkali.

When Balkis approached the room, supposing the floor to be water, she lifted up her robes and exposed her hairy ankles, of which the king had been rightly informed.

The floor was of well-polished wood, a strip of bright-hued carpet before the bed, a second before the washstand, its only coverings.

The third floor was Beulah's.

The floors are stone and as cold as the tomb.

The power floor is a nursery school!

The floor was level and true, so that no swordsman could ask for more.

"The floors was boards about one by twelve.

The second floor could be a mix of retail and office space.

Just spent the last few minutes jumping from one couch to the other because of 's the floor is lava!

The second floor is a wonderful retreat.

The floor was a litter of paper.

The ocean floor is a huge dining table for them, where they find very mixed dinners.

The gallery floor being about twelve feet from the ground he could see the whole place from it.

I'd like to see a room where the floor is complete moss/plant life.

The floor was all paint-spots and dirt, Each window was hung with a curtain, striped gay as a calico shirt; The walls was jest like a museum, all statoos and flim-flam and gush And pictersgood land!

The floor was dirt, but packed to the hardness of wood.

The floor there was some two inches submerged, but the water was slowly escaping through the down-hill door by which Bennington had come in.

"Mr. Spensonly didn't care, and he had office on top floor, but bottom floor was clerks' office who went away at night also.

The ground floor is a round room, which serves as the registrar's office.

The home features 1,045 square feet of space over two levels, with two bedrooms upstairs and two entrances, one for the business, which fronts onto 2nd Street S.W. “The main floor is very professional looking.

Drills, salutes, sham battles and parades, occupy every hour of the day, and in the evening the drill floor becomes a dancing place for all who enjoy the delights of a military ball.

In front of the bed, under the half-drawn curtains, the floor was a tarn of blood.

The floor of the parlour was oak, which had once been polished; all the furniture was to the last degree quaint and old fashioned; the two large windows opened like double doors upon the gallery, and were shaded by curtains of Madras chintz.

The floor was thirty centimetres deep in filth.

The main floor is a 2 bdrm suite with 5 stained glass windows & the 2nd floor has 2 bachelor suites sharing a bathroom.

The clean-swept floor about the dismantled hulk was a spreading turmoil of parts.

Gorgeous hardwood floors, log beams, staircase, wood burning stove are all features that make this home incredibly unique.

The ground floor was an ironmongery; it comprised also a side entrance, of which the door was always open.

The valley floor was basalt, from the lava flow of volcanoes in ages past.

The rest of the brokers hushed their own bids and offers until it could have truthfully been said that the floor of the Stock Exchange was quiet, an almost unheard-of thing in like circumstances.

The floor was the naked ground, "to be carpeted with skins by-and-by," so Mac said; but nobody believed Mac would put a skin to any such sensible use.

It was found that the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, after you have left the land a few hundred miles, is one vast plain of mud, of some thirteen hundred miles in breadth.

Main floor is well laid-out with plenty of natural light, a fresh coat of neutral paint, and all-white kitchen with new countertops, appliances.

He was in a chasm, twenty-five hundred feet below the average surface of the earth, the floor of which was a swift river.

Some of the greatest people in Paris occupy the upper part of the house, and their rooms of course are splendid; but Smithson's ground-floor is the gem of the Faubourg.

It seemed unfit that the floor under them should not be clouds.

The first floor is 1840 sq ft. with french doors opening onto a wrap around verandah on the South side and the second floor is 800 sq ft.

Each floor is a cell, each cell has two prisoners, and the ceilings and floors of each cell have a large rectangular opening to the floors above and below.

You are positively dripping; the floor of my celestial mansion would be a swamp but for your praiseworthy economy in wearing apparel.

Concrete floors must be a minimum of 125 mm thick unless an engineer specifies otherwise.

Its floor is the richest mosaic of wood of different colors, the sides are of polished scagliola marble, and the ceiling a dazzling mixture of sculpture, painting and gold.

The main floor is an absolute stunner featuring modern colour selections, wide plank hardwood flooring & sky-scraping 10ft high ceilings adorned with pot lights and beautiful light fixtures.

The top floor is the master suite w/ a massive walk-in closet.

This reminds us of the passage in the one hundred and twenty-sixth chapter of the Book of the Dead in which the god Thoth says to the deceased, "Who is he whose roof is of fire, whose walls are living uraei, and the floor of whose house is a stream of running water?