138 Metaphors for flowering

The flowers of the apple are perhaps the most beautiful of any tree's, so copious and so delicious to both sight and scent.

Luca Signorelli's flowers at the Uffizi remain the best, but Botticelli's are very thoughtful and before the grass turned black they must have been very lovely; the exquisite drawing of the irises in the right-hand corner can still be traced, although the colour has gone.

" It was love to order, yet there was never a more beautiful home life than that of which this most perfect flower of the English race was the centre.

The flower-beds were for the most part empty now, and the only flowers to be seen were pale faded-looking chrysanthemums and Michaelmas daises.

Little tables were spread under the dome, around the big telescope; the flowers were roses from Miss Mitchell's own garden.

I know there are persons to whom the flowers of Paradise would be objects of indifference; but who can imitate, or envy such?

The wild flowers are so profuse, so beautiful and so various that A.

THE SUN-FLOWER (Helianthus) was once the fair nymph Clytia.

The cuckoo-flower of our meadows is "Our Lady's smock," which Shakespeare refers to in those charming lines in "Love's Labour's Lost," where: "When daisies pied and violets blue, And lady's smocks all silver white, And cuckoo-buds of yellow hue Do paint the meadows with delight, The cuckoo then on every tree Mocks married men, for thus sings he, Cuckoo.

Flowers are abundant, flowers on vines, plants, shrubs, and trees, tall stalks with massive heads, and dainty little blossoms by the wayside.

L. E. D.Rosemary has a fragrant smell and a warm pungent bitterish taste, approaching to those of lavender: the leaves and tender tops are strongest; next to these the cup of the flower; the flowers themselves are considerably the weakest, but most pleasant.

The flowers, which appear towards autumn, are bluish purple and fragrant, and borne in erect racemes.

The most beautiful flower on the island is the ortegon, which has purple blossoms a yard long.

Flower of mustard, which is now become so common on our tables, and which is an article of very considerable trade, is but a new manufacture.

I hope the Sea-flower is the same little fairy still.

I suppose pity for him killed all my bashfulness, for I stood up, and said passionately, I thought no worse of a man for having the bold adventurous nature which loved seafaring; that was a noble trade, I said, and our mariners the very flower of England; and as for light spirit and merry speech, they were but flowers covering a rock, for steadfast as a rock was the heart under that gay show.

The flowers, however, are both large and conspicuous, and impart to the tree an interesting and novel appearance.

Oh the fairest flower in the Kaiser's garden Is Rome and Italian land:

They're more like the sun at noon in midsummer, when so many flowers are pourin' out perfume you can hardly keep your senses.

Flowers are the poor man's luxury; a refinement for the uneducated.

In a few hours one may pass from an enchanted garden, where every sense is satiated, and every flower and leaf and gleam of light is intoxication, up into a wilderness of difficult crags and yawning glaciers, which men can reach only by hard-earned skill, tough muscle and iron nerves....

In very early times flowers were mcuh in request as love-philtres, various allusions to which occur in the literature of most ages.

The flowers of one same meadow are sisters, as I hold, and should together fall beneath the scythe!Now you may go.

The Garden Hyacinth, H. orientalis, Sumbul, abrood, is the handsomer variety, the flowers being trumpet shaped, very double and of varying colorspink, red, blue, white, or yellow, and originally of eastern growth.

The sweetest flower that grows up the hedgeside is the blue geranium, or meadow crane's-bill.

138 Metaphors for  flowering