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161 Metaphors for  flowering

161 Metaphors for flowering

One day she asked me what month and what flower were the most beautiful.

Luca Signorelli's flowers at the Uffizi remain the best, but Botticelli's are very thoughtful and before the grass turned black they must have been very lovely; the exquisite drawing of the irises in the right-hand corner can still be traced, although the colour has gone.

None shall fail who love you While they hold a memory of your fields where flowers are High the task to keep unstained the skies that bend above you, Proud the life that shields you from the flaming wind of war!

The Foxglove-like flowers are purplish-violet and spotted, and borne in terminal panicles.

The English flower is the Wee, modest, crimson tippรฉd flower which Burns celebrated.

This piece of art in among st these bright happy flowers can later become a statue in your home.

It was love to order, yet there was never a more beautiful home life than that of which this most perfect flower of the English race was the centre.

" Flowers, in fact, were in demand on every conceivable occasion, a custom which was frequently productive of costly extravagance.

There is also a style without a stigma in the whole order dioecia gynandria; the male flowers of which are thence barren.

The flower-beds were for the most part empty now, and the only flowers to be seen were pale faded-looking chrysanthemums and Michaelmas daises.

The flowers appropriate to the "Visitation of Our Lady" were, in addition to the lily, roses red and white, while to the "Feast of Assumption" is assigned the "Virgin's bower," "worthy to be so called," writes Gerarde, "by reason of the goodly shadow which the branches make with their thick bushing and climbing, as also for the beauty of the flowers, and the pleasant scent and savour of the same."

I know there are persons to whom the flowers of Paradise would be objects of indifference; but who can imitate, or envy such?

Yea, all my flowers were single save for thee.

THE SUN-FLOWER (Helianthus) was once the fair nymph Clytia.

The cuckoo-flower of our meadows is "Our Lady's smock," which Shakespeare refers to in those charming lines in "Love's Labour's Lost," where: "When daisies pied and violets blue, And lady's smocks all silver white, And cuckoo-buds of yellow hue Do paint the meadows with delight,

L. E. D.Rosemary has a fragrant smell and a warm pungent bitterish taste, approaching to those of lavender: the leaves and tender tops are strongest; next to these the cup of the flower; the flowers themselves are considerably the weakest, but most pleasant.

The flowers are dark purple or chocolate brown, fully 2 inches across, and succeeded by a yellow, oblong, pulpy fruit, that is relished by the natives, and from which the name of North American Custard Apple has been derived.

The most beautiful flower on the island is the ortegon, which has purple blossoms a yard long.

Flower of mustard, which is now become so common on our tables, and which is an article of very considerable trade, is but a new manufacture.

I hope the Sea-flower is the same little fairy still.

but upon the house where man embowers: With flowers and rushes pavรฉd is his way; Where all the creatures are his servitours:

The "flowers" are actually flower heads composed of many small flowers (florets).

The child's sweet face, even in death, reminded me that the flowers of the field and garden, however lovely, are all outshone by human beauty.

I suppose pity for him killed all my bashfulness, for I stood up, and said passionately, I thought no worse of a man for having the bold adventurous nature which loved seafaring; that was a noble trade, I said, and our mariners the very flower of England; and as for light spirit and merry speech, they were but flowers covering a rock, for steadfast as a rock was the heart under that gay show.

Oh the fairest flower in the Kaiser's garden Is Rome and Italian land: But it all shall fall to the little Baltung When he shall take lance in hand.

The flowers or petals of plants are perhaps in general more acrid than their leaves; hence they are much seldomer eaten by insects.

Flowers are the poor man's luxury; a refinement for the uneducated.

In a few hours one may pass from an enchanted garden, where every sense is satiated, and every flower and leaf and gleam of light is intoxication, up into a wilderness of difficult crags and yawning glaciers, which men can reach only by hard-earned skill, tough muscle and iron nerves....

In very early times flowers were mcuh in request as love-philtres, various allusions to which occur in the literature of most ages.

The flowers of one same meadow are sisters, as I hold, and should together fall beneath the scythe!Now you may go.

Flowers innumerable are now, like illuminated capitals of Nature's alphabet, flecking, with their sheen-dots, prairie, steppe, mountain and meadow, the ear

After they had gone a little way the palki bearers felt the palki strangely heavy: and when they looked in they found the bride also sitting in it, dressed in yellow garments; for the flower was really the girl who had been drowned.

Flower is a sweet, social lady who loves human companions.

The sweetest flower that grows up the hedgeside is the blue geranium, or meadow crane's-bill.

Flowers at first are just lovely and sweet-smelling; the keen senses of a child are more deeply satisfied with colour and scent than we have any idea of, unless some faint memory of what it meant remains with us.

In these lamentations and in this sad song, I now call to memory and offer as an example that which takes place in the spring, and the end which overtook King Tezozomoc; and who, seeing this, can refrain from tears and wailing, that these various flowers and rich delights are bouquets that pass from hand to hand and all wither and end even in the present life!

The flowers late were open keeping, To try a rival blush with you; But their mother, Nature, set them sleeping,

Flowers and flower bracts are about the same length as in Redroot pigweed, but male flowers usually have only 3 stamens, and the chaff-like sepals are broadest at or below the middle and taper towards the tip.

A sweet voiced flower is my mind, a sweet voiced flower is my drum, and I sing the words of this flowery book.

NO FLOWERS BY GORDON ARTHUR SMITH From Harper's Monthly Magazine Steve Dempsey was a conspicuously ingenious chief machinist's mateone of the most ingenious in the Naval Aviation Forces, Foreign Service, and he was ingenious not only with his hands, but with his tongue.

They're more like the sun at noon in midsummer, when so many flowers are pourin' out perfume you can hardly keep your senses."

The most beautiful flower then blooming was the catananche, which has won its poetic French name, Cupidon bleu, by the brilliant colour of its blossom.

If the stars are a more glorious revelation of the Creator's majesty and might, the flowers are at least as sweet a revelation of his gentler attributes.

The flowers the wanton Zephyrs choose; Proud be the rose, with rains and dews Her head impearling, Thou liv'st with less ambitious aim, Yet hast not gone without thy fame; 30 Thou art indeed by many a claim

This flower is a native of Jamaica and Veracrux.

He did not notice that the flowers on her hat were primroses, or that the long gloves meeting the short sleeves and the slender little slippers peeping from beneath her skirt, were both of the finest primrose kid.

" Its perfect snow-white flower is the emblem of purity, allusions to which we find numerously scattered in the literature of the past.

This episode's flowers are Casablanca Lillies, and boy, did Mother Nature get this one right.

Tell me, why should she love James, who is a mere gardener, and hate me?" "James tends the flowers, and the flowers are Jane Merrick's very life.

It has been prettily said that the melody of birds is the poor man's music, and that flowers are the poor man's poetry.

The Flower of Old Japan (1903) is a fairy tale of children who dream of the pictures on blue china plates and Japanese fans.

Every intellectual jewel, every flower of sentiment it is his fine office to bring to his people; and he comes to value his memory equally with his invention.

The ZINNIA, has only of late years been introduced, but by a mistake it has generally been sown too late in the year to produce good flowers, whereas if the seed is put into the ground about June, fine handsome flowers will be the result, in the cold weather.

A flower is a vibratory pattern.

The Hyacinth-flowered is an improved strain of the Rocket.

But the sweetest flower of the garden, and the joy and pride of her mother's heart, was her daughter Hannah.

Indeed, Henry used to say that Mrs. Flower was the most convincing argument against the immortality of the soul that he had ever met.

The flower is nearly a foot in diameter; the inside of the calyx of a splendid yellow, and the numerous petals of a pure white: it begins to open about seven or eight o'clock in the evening, and closes before sun-rise in the morning.

But the true Egyptian flower was Nymphaea Lotus, though Nymphaea caerulea, Moore's "blue water-lilies," can be traced on the sculptures also.

Each floating flower becomes suddenly a ship at anchor, or rather seems beating up against the summer wind, in a regatta of blossoms.

The flowers are orange-colored and quite small, the smallest I ever saw of the true lilies; but it is showy nevertheless, for it is seven to eight feet high and waves magnificent racemes of ten to twenty flowers or more over one's head, while it stands out in the open ground with just enough of grass and other plants about it to make a fringe for its feet and show it off to best advantage.

P. coronarius argenteo-variegatus has silvery-tinted leaves; P. coronarius flore-pleno, full double flowers; and P. coronarius Keteleeri flore-pleno is the best double-flowered form in cultivation.

The flowers and I were friends again, the grass was my brother, and the shy nymph-like stream, dropping silver vowels into the silence, was my sweetheart.

Flowers and trees, birds and fishes, locusts and mastodons, all things, from the tiniest animalcule to man, were there, unmodelled, not even in embryo,their separate existences then only in the mind of God.

So, a single flower in the hand is a key to Summer, a floating perfume the key to the hidden gardens of remembrance.

Is, then, this flower, so sweet and evanescent, blown whithersoever the wind listeth, and, shedding a puff of perfume, ready to vanish forever, is this flower the type of the Yamato spirit?

If ever we return, these glorious flowers May all be snowdrops of a higher spring.

Of this well-known native species there are several worthy varieties, of which the double-flowered are especially worth notice, blooming as they do in the latter part of summer.

Its flowers were vivid yellow splashes, distinctly visible as separate specks this mile away.

that a flower growing out of place is a weed.

Am I right?" "Not quite," said Lucy, "although both the flowers you have mentioned, are great favorites of mine.

The flowers are a pink-purple color.

Height, 5 ft. Rhodanthe (Swan River Everlasting).These beautiful everlasting flowers are half-hardy annuals and are suitable for beds or ribbons, and make most graceful plants for pot culture, placing four plants in a 5-in. pot.

Its flowers, broken up, are a zesty salad condiment.

It also would be nice if people realized those metal flowers were bike racks.

Suwon's official flower is the royal azalea, and Suwon's slogan is "We welcome people.

The sweetest flowers are the flowers sun-kissed, Where glad light's shining.

The Myricas are all worthy of cultivation, although the flowers are inconspicuoustheir neat and in most cases fragrant foliage, and adaptability to poor soil or swampy hollows, being extra recommendations.

Flowers are the only things which may be given them."

Butterfly Blue Pincushion Flower is a fine choice for the garden, but it is also a good selection for planting in outdoor pots and containers.

[Footnote 1: The Alps, however, show much floral beauty, and the ground-flowers of the Auckland Islands, an outlying group of New Zealand islets, impressed the botanist Kirk as unsurpassed in the South Temperate Zone.] In the month of February, when the rata flowers in the Alps, there are valleys which are ablaze for miles with "Flowers that with one scarlet gleam Cover a hundred leagues, and seem To set the hills on fire."

Whatever her religious opinions, which, one may be sure, were inflexibly orthodox, there can be no question that Mr. Flower was her god, and, as the hymn says, heaven was her home.

The double flowers become monsters by the multiplication of their petals or nectaries.

The few rays of light that reach you will be richer, the flowers will be purer, and the music will be softer and sweeter; for you will be nearer heaven than you were before.

The only flowers that grow at the foot of the Parthenon are the marguerites, the white-petaled, golden-hearted daisies, and even in the moonlight these starry flowers bend their tender gaze upon their god.

"It's an orchid; and the little yellow flower that we-all call the whippoorwill shoe is an orchid, too."

There the flowers are the words of the Giver of Life; they are upon the mountains and by the waters; we find them alike by the water and the mountain.

But the flowers of this species are only small greenish aments.

The flower most commonly associated with this film classic is Edelweiss, the national flower of Austria.

[Illustration: Letter W.] "What are the flowers for, mamma, That spring up fresh and bright, And grow on every hill and plain, Where'er I turn my sight?

Full many a flower in other days I saw, But full of subtle poison was their breath

The TRUMPET FLOWER, Bignonia, are an eminently handsome family, chiefly considered stove plants in Europe, but here growing freely in the open ground, and flowering in loose spikes.

" The chief flowers used by them for strewing over graves were the polyanthus, myrtle, and amaranth; the rose, it would appear from Anacreon, having been thought to possess a special virtue for the dead: "When pain afflicts and sickness grieves, Its juice the drooping heart relieves; And after death its odours shed

Nothing else in Nature will compare with it: for, though flowers are more beautiful than tinted leaves, no assemblage of flowers, or of flowering trees and shrubs, can produce such a deeply affecting scene of beauty as the autumn woods.

"No, Eric," said Russell sadly, "these dear flowers are the last spring blossoms that I shall seehere at least.

Lotus flowers are large โ€“ up to 20 cm (8 inches) across โ€“ and they smell sweet.

"Mother always says that gay flowers are the city person's greatest help in brightening up a dark room," said Della as she laid aside all the calliopsis from the flowers she was sorting.

Flowers are peculiarly suitable ornaments for the grave, for as Evelyn truly says, "they are just emblems of the life of man, which has been compared in Holy Scripture to those fading creatures, whose roots being buried in dishonor rise again in glory.

According to the earliest of these opinions, the female flower of Cycadeae and Coniferae is a monospermous pistillum, having no proper floral envelope.

The flowers are the periodicals of the earththe stars are those of heaven.