4 Metaphors for fold

[Variant 44: 1802. ... should evil men Be thy companions, let this Sheep-fold be Thy anchor and thy shield; amid all fear And all temptation, let it be to thee An emblem of the life thy Fathers liv'd, 1800.]

Wearisome are they, till the sun-god pales Beneath the surges of the western wave, And the last fold of his golden mantle trails O'er the horizon where Earth's vision fails, And space becomes a darkness and a grave.

The Russian PlainsExamples of 'senility.' Greater complexity in the Blue Mountainsthese are undoubted earth folds; the Nepean River flows through an offshoot of a fold, the valley being made as the fold was elevatedcurious valleys made by erosion of hard rock overlying soft.

Upon these four rods are helical springs of sufficient strength to hold down, by means of the grippers to which they are connected, the folds of cloth that have just been made.

4 Metaphors for  fold