135 Metaphors for forced

The ultimate political force is the feeling of the community, including as its largest part ancestral feeling.

But should this be the sole principle of construction: that force alone should be the basis of what you would build, that force alone should be the base of the new building, that material force alone should be the power to hold up those constructions which fall whilst you are trying to build them?

Are not these palpable proofs of the too little known truth that the great moral force which is struggling with American slavery is the Gospel?

Each civilization matures into forms and develops functions and institutions that tend to consolidate and crystallize in well defined social patterns and habit grooves in which two forces oppose each other: one force is statuspreserving that which is; the other force is changethat which tends to become or is becoming.

The impelling force is gravity, which urges the body with a force proportionate to the distance descended, and if the velocity due to the descent of a body through a given height be spread over a great horizontal distance, the speed of the body must be slow in proportion to the greatness of that distance.

" LIP`ARI ISLANDS (22), a group of islands of volcanic origin, 12 in number, off the N. coast of Sicily, in two of which, Vulcano and Stromboli, the volcanic force is still active, the latter emitting clouds of steam at intervals of five minutes.

This force is Spirit, that can "bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades," and "loose the bands of Orion.

In the terrible struggles in which England found herself engaged with France, her maritime force was her chief dependence, and accordingly she increased the number of her ships unprecedentedly; but it soon became difficult to man all these vessels.

The sound of articles falling in all directions attested to his blind haste, and the force with which he slammed the shop-door was sufficient evidence of his state of mind.

The whole force the Dutch have at Coepang is sixty soldiers, half of whom, too, are Javanese.

But of what force is such a vain confederation against the public welfare and the necessity of the state? Let others recall this maxim of our monarchy: 'As willeth the king, so willeth the law;' his Majesty's maxim is: 'As willeth the happiness of the people, so willeth the king.'

The chief forces favorable in the long run to wages that can be affected by organization are domestic peace, order, and security to wealth; honesty and good faith between man and master, in law-maker and in judge; efficiency and intelligence of the workers; and far-sighted social legislation.

Adding to this, that the force of gravity on Mars is nearer that of the moon than to that of the earth, and we may r reasonably conclude that its surface is formed of volcanic matter in a light and porous condition, and therefore highly favourable for the rapid loss of surface heat by radiation.

It is the body, force is the soul.

He taught that the great moving force of Nature was intellect ([Greek: nous]).

The sugar industry, which by 1542 exported the staple to the amount of 110,000 arrobas of twenty-five pounds each, was standardized in plantations of two typesthe trapiche whose cane was ground by ox power and whose labor force was generally thirty or forty negroes (each reckoned as capable of the labor of four Indians); and the inqenio, equipped with a water-power mill and employing about a hundred slaves.

This is the solution of all these problems of accumulated force, for this force is the raw material of usefulness, and should be increased and cherished, not by separating it from the body by death, but by raising it to higher channels.

Now I think that the qualitythe grace of Godwhich St Peter's character and story specially force on our notice, is, the true courage which comes by faith.

In that note I wrote of the League of Nations as follows: "Even the measure of idealism, with which the League of Nations was at the first impregnated, has, under the influence and intrigue of ambitious statesmen of the Old World, been supplanted by an open recognition that force and selfishness are primary elements in international co-operation.

Force is a tragic weaponand the ultimate one.

Yet another force to be reckoned with in estimating the difficulties which stand in the way of unionizing women is the widespread hostility to trade unionism, as expressed through newspaper and magazine articles, and through public speakers, both religious and secular.

One of the first persons who felt the force of their arm was the second Appius Claudius.

Many economic and cultured forces furthered this movement, but the most powerful intellectual force in its favor was the work of Adam Smith.

All reality is development, and the motive force in this development (of the world as well as of science) is opposition, contradiction.

But now we were in Chitral territory, and a Mussulman country, so we were free to kill cows, but did so unostentatiously, as nearly all our force were Hindus.

135 Metaphors for  forced
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