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340 Metaphors for  forming

340 Metaphors for forming

He did, however, support the contention of his hostess that the human form was the most beautiful of created things, and he shared her regret that it is so seldom seen in London to full advantage.

Thus the form of heat is a particular kind of motion, the form of whiteness a determinate arrangement of material particles.

This conscious form is happiness,the satisfaction of the vital impulse,the rhythm of the inward life,the melody of a heart that has found its keynote.

For there are many different opinions, as among the Greeks, nor is it easy to explain which form is the most excellent.

The earliest form of literature is the ballad, which is the germ of all subsequent forms of poetry, for it has in itself all their elements: the lyric, for it was first chanted to some stringed instrument; the epic, for it tells a tale, often of solemn and ancient report; the dramatic, for its actors are ever ready to start forward into life, snatch the word from the mouth of the narrator, and speak in their own persons.

Formed is a verb.

This feeling, on account of the very large number of persons engaged in distilling, was then formidably strong in Kentucky,all the more so that this form of taxation was a favorite measure of the existing Federal Administration.

He sometimes gave large parties, but his favourite form of social relaxation was a dรฎner ร  deux.

Blank milk requisition form for Crescent Creamery - Ward 6 There are no restrictions on access to these records.

The third form of Reflective history is the Critical.

But even that form was incredibly short (6 sentences) and only 1 of 150+ families had any sort of issue with it.

The ordinary green form is a native of Britain, of which the plant named above is a dwarf golden-leaved variety.

Two forms of neurectomy are recognisedthe high operation and the low.

One form of data that is not often considered geographic, per se, is photography.

And thus my heart was early introduced To an unconscious love and reverence Of human nature; hence the human form To me became an index of delight, 280 Of grace and honour, power and worthiness.

Another form of test used to diagnose bowel cancer is a computed tomography (CT) colongraphy, which uses CT scans to examine the colon and rectum.

These Forms are the most remarkable existing instances of what is called "topical" memory, the essence of which appears to lie in the establishment of a more exact system of division of labour in the different parts of the brain, than is usually carried on.

Other forms of minor importance were the comjat in which a troubadour bids a lady a final farewell, and the escondig or justification in which the lover attempts to excuse his behaviour to a lady whose anger he had aroused.

The common form of defective color-vision is the inability to distinguish between red and green.

She was happy in her beautiful boy, whose fair promising little form every hour was a delight to both her eyes and heart.

The new forms, or at least the new extensions, of taxation, especially of incomes and inheritances at progressive rates, are very important examples of authoritative distribution.

The proper form is Moteuhzomatzin or Motecuhzomatzin, and the meaning, "he who is angry in a noble manner."

The sixth form (or 'Key Stage 5') is the final two years of secondary education (U.S. '

The most common form of degradation, however, is a decrease in polymer chain length.

In a word, form is the plastic art of the Ideal.

Still, plainly, his form and structure and the details of his whole machine, including the marvelously delicate mechanism of the brain and nervous system, are heritages of the very ancient past.

Originally there can be no doubt that such verbal forms were prayers, "since dwindled into mystic sentences."

Every form of self-defence by violence, whether it disguises aggression or not, is war.

What days await this woman, whose strange feet Breathe spells, whose presence makes men dream like wine, Tall, free and slender as the forest pine, Whose form is moulded music, through whose sweet Frank eyes I feel the very heart's least beat, Keen, passionate, full of dreams and fire: How in the end, and to what man's desire Shall all this yield, whose lips shall these lips meet?

It was very quiet and I joked that it was probably because the website form was such a chore to fill out.

Not only is that constitution most intimately connected with and dependent on those other spiritual forces, but the form of the entire moral and intellectual individuality, comprising all the forces it embodies, is only a step in the development of the grand whole, with its place pre-appointed in the processa fact which gives the highest sanction to the constitution in question and establishes its absolute necessity.

Parramatta's recent form against Craig Bellamy's team is uncomfortable reading for fans of the blue and gold.

But this cryptic intelligence does not belong to the particular form excepting in the measure in which it is physically fitted for its concentration into self-recognizing individuality: it lies hidden in that primordial substance of which the visible form is a grosser manifestation.

The light-brown ringlets were reduced to a white stratum of thin hair; the blue eyes were grey, without light and without speculation; the roses on the cheeks were replaced by a pallor, the forerunner of the colour of death; the lithe and sprightly form was a thin spectral body, where the sinews appeared as strong cords, and the skin seemed only to cover a skeleton.

The difference between action in accordance with abstract principles, and action as the result of original, innate tendency, is the same as that between a work of art, say a watchwhere form and movement are impressed upon shapeless and inert matterand a living organism, where form and matter are one, and each is inseparable from the other.

Western Europe is now a network of railways, tramways, high roads, wires of all sorts; its chief beasts of burthen are the railway train and the motor car and the bicycle; towns and hypertrophied villages are often practically continuous over large areas; there is abundant water and food, and the commonest form of cover is the house.

She is very beautiful: "Her form was the perfection of childish beauty.

He that shall consider, after so much stir about genus and species, and such a deal of talk of specific differences, how few words we have yet settled definitions of, may with reason imagine, that those FORMS which there hath been so much noise made about are only chimeras, which give us no light into the specific natures of things.

The stately or, as an unkind observer might have put it, the ramshackly form of the senior partner was a constant figure in all the courts, from that of the coroner on the one hand to the appellate tribunals upon the other.

This form of vindictiveness is, from a dramatic point of view, an outworn passion.

The correct form would be que oui, as the initial vowel of oui is now treated as an aspirate.

These forms, with the localities from which the types have come, are as follows: Ovis canadensis, interior of western Canada.

Her uncle's form approaching was quite a sufficient hint to her to make herself scarce.

"Though the form of our language is more simple, and has that peculiar beauty."Buchanan cor.

The simplest form is a horizontal arrow or other form freely rotating on a vertical rod.

The forms that he might adopt would become precedents, and hence action should be taken cautiously.

The pure forms of literature may be reminiscences present to the imagination, the germs of new truths and social arrangements may occupy the reason; but the novelist is neither practical, nor philosophical, nor artistic; he is simply in a dream; and pictures of the world and fragments of old ideas pass before him, as the sacred meanings of religion flitted about the populace in a grotesque mediรฆval festival of the Church.

A poetical form of much importance was the sirventes, which outwardly was indistinguishable from the chanso.

A lecture is a logical structure, and the form in which it is presented is the outline.

There are other forms of precocity in the female, dependent upon stimulations of other glands, but these forms are masculinisms, a masculinization of the personality, and not a true awakening of the feminine constitution.

This form of love is really an extension of the ego, which always thinks in terms of 'I,' 'me,' mine.'

The modern form is commenรงois ร . FROISSร‰, 'Bruised.'

Even nowadays, it is taken too much for granted that some form of teaching is the obvious opening for educated women, who aspire to economic independence.

The form of a camp was an exact square, the length of each side being two thousand and seventeen feet; there was a space of two hundred feet between the ramparts and the tents to facilitate the marching in and out of soldiers, and to guard the cattle and booty; the principal street was one hundred feet wide, and was called Principia.

"Good form is Isabelle's fetich.

The modern form would be: tellement tort, et est-ce ma faute.

The intellectual form is the PRINCIPLE OF VISION.

In turn, the wolf had seemed to know that this tall form was a born habitant of the forests, even as himself, one that would kill him as unmercifully as he himself would kill a fall, and whose dark eyes, swept with fire, and whose cool, strong words must never be disobeyed.

It is well known that the favorite form of lamp with the firemen is the Davy, because it shows more readily the presence of small quantities of gas; but the Davy was some years ago condemned, and is now strictly prohibited in all Belgian and many English mines.

The major forms are the adjective iste or ille and the pronoun iste, ista, and isto, that can be plural.

This traditional social dance form is a cousin to Contra dance, American Square dance, and Irish Ceili dance.

The usual forms of lightning are the zigzag or forked sharply defined,the sheet-lightning, illuminating a whole cloud, which it seems to open,heat-lightning, not emanating from any cloud, but apparently diffused through the air and without report.

The modern form is Il l'est en effet.

'Oliday form is my text.

The most popular form of penance was the pilgrimage to Jerusalem, long and painful as it was.

The main Hellenistic theatrical form was not tragedy but 'New Comedy', comic episodes about the lives of ordinary citizens.

A fitness to the end proposed, is said to be another cause of beauty; but supposing we were proper judges of what form is the most proper in an animal to constitute strength or swiftness, we always determine concerning its beauty, before we exert our understanding to judge of its fitness.

She deems practical reasoning a unique kind of reasoning in its own right, owing to its conclusion being an action and its form being means-end reasoning.

The first will comprise women whose sexual propensities have been disappointed, but whose lot in life may be in all other respects desirablesecond those in whom some form of envy or discontent is the predominant feeling.

The most powerful form of punishment is execution because of its finality and because it violates the basis of all human rights, the right to life.

John Stonesโ€™ recent good form has been a huge positive for City but the centre-back had a moment to forget when he failed to notice Ederson was away from his goal as he hit a back pass.

The stable form of carbon is carbon 12 and the radioactive isotope carbon 14 decays over time into nitrogen 14 and other particles.

The only alternative form of conveyance available is a donkey and cart, the employment of which means that my offspring would have to start overnight.

Thus the form of heat is a particular kind of motion, the form of whiteness a determinate arrangement of material particles.

The form of government was Episcopal, but there was a large body of Presbyterians in the Church who desired a change.

However, that wouldn't be the last time fans would see an Azrael in Gotham City, as it was revealed that another splintered form of the Order of St. Dumas had become the Order of Purity, and they had their own Avenging Angel.

The architecture of Egypt, of which the principal forms are pyramids, sphinxes, obelisks, and temples, is characterized by massiveness of material, grandeur of proportion, and simplicity of partsa style well suited to its flat, sandy soil, though it would look heavy and out of place in a country where

The pleasure which the mind takes in beauty is only a part of its general delight in order of any sort; and visible artistic form as abstracted from the world of space is merely a species of organic form and is included in it.

So that the form of time itself, and how much is reckoned on it, is a definite way of proving to us the vanity of all earthly enjoyment.

The most celebrated forms of animal worship were the bulls at Memphis, sacred to Osiris, or, as some think, to the sun; the cat to Phtha, and the beetle to Re.

Though set form of prayer be an abomination, Set forms of petitions find great approbation; Therefore, as others from th'bottom of their souls, So we from the depth and bottom of our bowels, According unto the bless'd form you have taught us, We thank you first for the ills you have brought us: 10 For the good we receive we thank him that gave it, And you for the confidence only to crave it.

All real origination, the philosophers will say, is supernatural; their very question is, whether we have yet gone back to the origin, and can affirm that the present forms of plants and animals are the primordial, the miraculously created ones.

Once they are delivered to the Regional District of North Okanagan office, the completed AAP elector response forms are date stamped when they are received, validated for eligibility, and are held in safekeeping while the process is on-going.

345 Slow o'er the printed snows with silent walk Huge shaggy forms across the twilight stalk; And ever and anon with hideous sound Burst the thick ribs of ice, and thunder round.

And again: "As all the living forms of life are the lineal descendants of those which lived long before the Cambrian epoch, we may feel certain that the ordinary succession by generation has never once been broken, and that no cataclysm has desolated the whole world.

The typical business form of to-day is the joint stock company.

We cannot intellectually accept them, we cannot assent to the dogmas associated with them; but the forms are the spontaneous expressions of the heart, while the dogmas are an after-thought of the inquiring intellect.

Its italic lowercase form is ะฟ.

Another popular form of surveys that has recently emerged are daily surveys.

The second form of stigma is negative judgements and beliefs about people living with HIV, such as blame and shame.

'In writing to you, I need hardly explain that the form of a pardon from the Throne is the only mode allowed by the laws of the country for setting aside a verdict which has been found in error upon false evidence.

But the final form which the saga took in mediรฆval England was the prose Morte Dartur of Sir Thomas Malory, composed at the close of the 15th century.

The first form of art is therefore rather a mere search after plasticity than a capacity of true representation.

Not a play but gives patent evidence that to him all forms of human magnanimity were common and wayside flowersamong the humours of men which he and Ben Jonson used to wander forth together to observe.

When last I saw that little stream, A form of light there stood, That seemed like a precious gem, Beneath that archway rude: And as I gazed with love and awe Upon that sylph-like thing, Methought that airy form must be The fairy of the spring.

Letters burning with love or jealousy were inserted upon the slightest provocation, and indeed remained an important component of Eliza Haywood's writing, whether the ostensible form was romance, essay, or novel.

We tried, at first in vain, to fix our eyes on some one dominant or typical form, while every form was clamouring, as it were, to be looked at, and a fresh Dryad gazed out of every bush and with wooing eyes asked to be wooed again.

Major Ellis's opinion coincides with that of Waitz in his 'Introduction to Anthropology' (an opinion to which Waitz does not seem bigoted)namely, that 'the original form of all religion is a raw, unsystematic polytheism,' nature being peopled by inimical powers or spirits, and everyone worshipping what he thinks most dangerous or most serviceable.

a middle-voice form, "to endeavour one's self." Is there any other authority for this usage?

That form of the pronoun, however, which is equivalent in sense to the concrete and the noun, is still the possessive case, and nothing more; as, "All mine are thine, and thine are mine.