268 Metaphors for forming

He did, however, support the contention of his hostess that the human form was the most beautiful of created things, and he shared her regret that it is so seldom seen in London to full advantage.

For there are many different opinions, as among the Greeks, nor is it easy to explain which form is the most excellent.

Thus man innumerous engines forms, to assail The savage kind: but most the docile horse, Swift and confederate with man, annoys 310 His brethren of the plains; without whose aid The hunter's arts are vain, unskilled to wage With the more active brutes an equal war.

This conscious form is happiness,the satisfaction of the vital impulse,the rhythm of the inward life,the melody of a heart that has found its keynote.

He sometimes gave large parties, but his favourite form of social relaxation was a dîner à deux.

3. The third form of Reflective history is the Critical.

The ordinary green form is a native of Britain, of which the plant named above is a dwarf golden-leaved variety.

Two forms of neurectomy are recognisedthe high operation and the low.

The big ship was nearer; her form was new and strange; a large roof, with little showing above it.

It has the high cranial capacity of 1,540 cubic centimeters, a horizontal circumference of 525 millimeters, and a sagitta-circumference of 386 millimeters; its form is hypsidolicho, quite on the border of mesocephaly: Index of width, 75.3; index of height, 76.3.

These Forms are the most remarkable existing instances of what is called "topical" memory, the essence of which appears to lie in the establishment of a more exact system of division of labour in the different parts of the brain, than is usually carried on.

In her married or reproductive state the forming and shaping of human souls in their most plastic period is her destiny.

The common form of defective color-vision is the inability to distinguish between red and green.

The new forms, or at least the new extensions, of taxation, especially of incomes and inheritances at progressive rates, are very important examples of authoritative distribution.

These forms, thus rationalised or moralised, if I may be allowed the use of such expressions, are, in the case of the self-regarding feelings, self-respect and rational self-love; in the case of the sympathetic feelings, rational benevolence; in the case of the semi-social feelings, a reasonable regard for the opinion of others; and in the case of the resentful feelings, a sense of justice.

The proper form is Moteuhzomatzin or Motecuhzomatzin, and the meaning, "he who is angry in a noble manner."

There is no doubt that to Shelley the form assumed by the divine in man was love.

In a word, form is the plastic art of the Ideal.

Still, plainly, his form and structure and the details of his whole machine, including the marvelously delicate mechanism of the brain and nervous system, are heritages of the very ancient past.

Originally there can be no doubt that such verbal forms were prayers, "since dwindled into mystic sentences."

Every form of self-defence by violence, whether it disguises aggression or not, is war.

Not only is that constitution most intimately connected with and dependent on those other spiritual forces, but the form of the entire moral and intellectual individuality, comprising all the forces it embodies, is only a step in the development of the grand whole, with its place pre-appointed in the processa fact which gives the highest sanction to the constitution in question and establishes its absolute necessity.

2 (51), a Swedish island in the Baltic, 44 m. E. of the mainland, area 1217 sq. m.; forms, with other islands, the province of Gothland or Wisby; agriculture, fishing, and shipping are the main industries; Wisby is the chief town (also called Gottland).

But this cryptic intelligence does not belong to the particular form excepting in the measure in which it is physically fitted for its concentration into self-recognizing individuality: it lies hidden in that primordial substance of which the visible form is a grosser manifestation.

Western Europe is now a network of railways, tramways, high roads, wires of all sorts; its chief beasts of burthen are the railway train and the motor car and the bicycle; towns and hypertrophied villages are often practically continuous over large areas; there is abundant water and food, and the commonest form of cover is the house.

268 Metaphors for  forming