7 Metaphors for fraud

I had some negotiations with him, but found out, by careful investigation, that he had already sold several confiding teachers, who ascertained too late to save their money, that this fraud was collector and treasurer of all funds of the company, that he required his partner to do all the drudgery, and that his report always claimed that all collections had been paid out for expenses.

Fraud and treachery are his calling, though his profession be the strictest integrity and truth.

I can see now, thinking back, where the fraud was even apparentin mood, temper, actionand yet at the time these made no such impression.

Where fraud and guile are strangers, envy ne'er Shall dim the sparkling fountain of our bliss, And ever bright the hours shall o'er us glide.

After the first excitement of religious belief and military renown had subsided, the minds of those who went later to these outlying possessions, consisting generally as they did of the very dregs of the nation, were seized with an intense feeling of selfishness; and frauds and speculations were the natural sequence.

Fraud is a vera causa, but an hypothesis difficult of application when it is admitted that the effects could not be caused by ordinary mechanical means.

When purity, while fraud was yet unknown, Play'd fearless in th' inviolated shades.

7 Metaphors for  fraud