386 Metaphors for friend

Marjorie still prayed for him every day, that is, for the Hollis she knew, but this Hollis came to her to-day a stranger; her school-boy friend was a dream, the friend she had written to so long was only her ideal, and this tall man, with the golden-red moustache, dark, soft eyes and deep voice, was a fascinating stranger from the outside world.

You are not far from the mark, my friend; for my wings were a kind of Daedalian contrivance.

"My friend is a Russian, or rather a Pole.

I have sometimes thought, my young friend Norgate, that such a war might be the greatest blessing which England could ever experience.

For auld lang syne, my dear, We never can forget; When dangers press'd, and foes drew near, Our friend was Lafayette. When first our fathers bravely drew 'Gainst tyrants and their laws, On wings of generous zeal he flew To aid the holy cause.

He immediately turned to them, and said, "My friends, here is a piece of intelligence that Larkins has just brought in which, with his leave, I will lay before you.

His one very intimate friend in Oxford was Thomas Jefferson Hogg, a student from the county of Durham.

I see that your friend Mr. Danby is a builder as well as a bookmaker.

Because "Your loving friend" or "humble servant" is a common phrase in country letters; therefore the young Epistler is "Yours, to the Antipodes!"

Which of three Misses Trevellyn it is that Vernon shall marry Is not a thing to be known; for our friend's is one of those natures Which have their perfect delight in the general tender-domestic, So that he trifles with Mary's shawl, ties Susan's bonnet, Dances with all, but at home is most, they say, with Georgina, Who is, however, too silly in my apprehension for Vernon.

His friend Mike was the chief mourner at the burial service, at the conclusion of which those in charge wrapped the body in canvas preparatory to dropping it overboard.

The friends whom he could reckon on as sure to welcome him and his bride were political acquaintances of mark, far above the Dunstone range, and Cecil could not but be gratified, even while Mrs. Duncombe and her friend declared that they were going to try to demoralize her by the seductions of the aristocracy.

King Pandion, he is dead, All thy friends are lapt in lead.

Robin Oig's chosen friend was a young Englishman, Harry Wakefield by name, well known at every northern market, and in his way as much famed and honoured as our Highland driver of bullocks.

"Your military friend," he remarked, "is rather a pessimist.

His friend, Hector, was occasionally his amanuensis.

And do not fancy, my friends, that this is a mere unimportant question of words and doctrines, because a baptized and educated child may be lost after all, and fall from his state of salvation into a state of damnation.

The friend was Mr. Wm.

On one occasion, when an American Friend, George Dilwyn, was a guest, she commenced regular family worship, with the approval of her husband, this now recognised duty not having been previously the practice in the house.

"A friend to thee, Gelsomina," was the answer.

Our friends were evidently personae gratae at the court of the Laureate; and after our walk he gave us the exquisite treat of reading to us the just completed manuscript of Rizpah.

I am no longer poor since I have known you, but I have been so; and this, my friend, must be the excuse for my love.

what sweet friends are our own born sisters!there can be no substitutes like them in the whole wide world.

"Now then, my worthy friends, is that the sort of thing you want?"

My late friend was in many respects a singular character.

386 Metaphors for  friend
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