5 Metaphors for  friendly

5 Metaphors for friendly

This is one of the reasons that Friendly to Seniors is a voice for all of those who are not satisfied with a health care system that could be much better than it is.

She liked him for several reasons,for his non-interference in discussions about her affairs, for a certain quiet consideration, just a shade more friendly than deference, which he showed for her slightest wishes, and chiefly, perhaps, for his conversation and perfectly even temper.

Their union before seems to have been of a nature more friendly than interest alone could have begotten; for Dryden, in one letter, talks with gratitude of Tonson's affording him his company down to Northamptonshire; and this friendly intimacy Jacob neglected not to cultivate, by those occasional compliments of fruit and wine, which are often acknowledged in the course of their correspondence.

"When I saw them," my host continued, "the two women seemed as friendly as sisters, and Isaac was not yet born.

He and Suzanne had become more friendly as time had gone by.