14 Metaphors for function

This afternoon function is an old established institution and a good one.

The educational functions of the State are, of course, a peculiar principle of American civilization.

The high function of government was the birthright of the few.

To disregard any of these gifts would be ingratitude; but to neglect those of greater excellence, to go no farther than the gross satisfactions of sense, and the functions of mere animal life, would be a far greater crime.

Its function is not the organization of industry.

In order to understand that intelligence, and why intelligence, must act in just this way (must think just by means of these categories), we must prove, and not merely, with Kant, assert, that these functions or forms are really laws of thoughtor, what amounts to the same thing, that they are conditions of self-consciousness.

But the function of the courts in American life is a subject which I shall consider hereafter.

The chief functions of the field pioneer are bridge-building, fortifying positions, and supporting the infantry in the attack on fortified places.

Making Horace a point of departure, Daniello, in 1536, says that the function of the poet is to teach and delight, but more than thatto persuade.

The linear function of magnetism is the condition of coherence; the surface force of electricity, the basis of the qualities perceivable by sense; the tri-dimensional force of the chemical process, in which the two former are united, produces the chemical qualities.

I say, a university, taken in its bare idea, and before we view it as an instrument of the church, has this object and this mission; it contemplates neither moral impression nor mechanical production; it professes to exercise the mind neither in art nor in duty; its function is intellectual culture; here it may leave its scholars, and it has done its work when it has done as much as this.

These two, then, constitute the essential duties of the state; when war ceases the first falls away, and its sole function becomes the maintenance of the conditions under which each individual may "gain the fullest life compatible with the fullest life of fellow-citizens."

The primary function of the church is the Christianization of the social order.

The function ascribed in these lines to the One Spirit is a formative or animating function: the Spirit constitutes the life of 'trees and beasts and men.'

14 Metaphors for  function