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60 Metaphors for  function

60 Metaphors for function

The educational functions of the State are, of course, a peculiar principle of American civilization.

Structural classification is how the bones connect to each other; function is the degree of movement between the articulating bones.

If the functions are solutions of the Schrรถdinger equation, then the superposition of those wavefunctions is also a solution.

The sine function is an example of a periodic function.

No government functions well in fiscal matters without a budget: what we need in legislative matters is a legislative budget, and by this phrase, I mean that the primary agency for the proposing of laws should be the chief executive of a city, or state or the nation, with the advice and consent of his heads of departments who would form his cabinet or council.

If the interpolating quadratic function is a straight line.

A function is Lipschitz-continuous if there is a with for all x,y (a,b).

This afternoon function is an old established institution and a good one.

All the functions are half-ass writen and REALLY slow.

The variant function is the length of the sequence $s$!

The PVR function is cloud based.

Insofar as โ€œthe greater function of poetry โ€ฆ is the keeping of the image of persons as precious in the world,โ€ poetry cannot disappear entirely as long as there are such images, even if there are no more poems.

Other commonly included functions are routines for manipulating LED's on the target (if they exist) or low level debug help.

Other commonly included functions are routines for manipulating LED's on the target (if they exist) or low level debug help.

Thus Dirac delta function can be view as the derivative of Heaviside function.

Proving that a function is a bijection means proving that it is both a surjection and an injection.

This function is now an injection.

An activation function is a component of a processing unit in a connectionist or PDP network.

FINTRACโ€™s financial intelligence and compliance functions are a unique contribution to the safety of Canadians and the protection of the integrity of Canadaโ€™s financial system.

The high function of government was the birthright of the few.

Operations and supply chain management functions are heavy analytics users in a number of industries, including retail, transportation, healthcare, and financial services.

The function is advanced, easy operation with compact structure.

I'd try finding the maximum value of the height of the arrow (that is the maximum value of y -- you can use calculus or recognize that the function given is a parabola).

To disregard any of these gifts would be ingratitude; but to neglect those of greater excellence, to go no farther than the gross satisfactions of sense, and the functions of mere animal life, would be a far greater crime.

In a democracy, the supreme function of the state is, not to establish a military system for defense, or a police system for protection, it is not the enforcement of public and private contract: it is to take the children and youth of each generation and develop them into men and women able to fulfill the responsibility and enjoy the opportunity of free citizenship in a free society.

In adding to protecting endangered species, an important function of this legislation is its intent to designate species as vulnerable, threatened, endangered or extinct.

The zero relative is when acceptable when the function of the relative marker is an object of some kind within its clause (8).

The built-in function is an efficient tool for creating sequences of integers but what about an arbitrary sequence?

Data is sent to the rhio board via the rHioWriterModule(). the low level function called is uploadToRAM().

This function is the best time to perform any kind of processing over data collected from the simulation.

Its function is not the organization of industry.

In order to understand that intelligence, and why intelligence, must act in just this way (must think just by means of these categories), we must prove, and not merely, with Kant, assert, that these functions or forms are really laws of thoughtor, what amounts to the same thing, that they are conditions of self-consciousness.

Our houses are cluttered with adornments; our social functions are spending matches; our feasts invite to satiation; our funerals are exhibitions of extravagance.

But my main function was being the main editor of the mag Corruption.

The function of the additional Fraser River Crossing should be Urban Expressway (Provincial Highway or GVTA Major Road) or a high order Arterial as a minimum.

But the function of the courts in American life is a subject which I shall consider hereafter.

Its distribution function is Fields inherited from class umontreal.

โ€œOur teamโ€™s function and primary customer is the ship, and this move allows our the team the opportunity to provide better customer service and take care of a Sailor at sea, whether onboard or even in port at our three Ships Stores Ashore.โ€

One function of such signaling is root system-wide management of the rhizosphere microbiota via exudation of specific molecules to the soil.

Making Horace a point of departure, Daniello, in 1536, says that the function of the poet is to teach and delight, but more than thatto persuade.

Ontario University Application Centre The Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC), located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, is a central bureau whose key function is the processing of applications for admission to the province's universities.

On price, the function of the exchange would be discovery of natural gas price.

โ€ฆ the Consortium's financial accounting and reporting function by ensuring that financial planning โ€ฆ be included, two (2) of whom must be recent supervisors able to โ€ฆ

The functions are shortcuts that donโ€™t require you to compile a regex object first, but miss some fine-tuning parameters.

I told him of the little fresh-water college in the West with which I was associated, my functions being partly pedagogic and partly pastoral, of the embarrassments of co-education as we found them, the difficulty in the uplift of too frivolous youth to a high moral and spiritual plane, the embarrassment in curbing characters too reckless into decorum and propriety.

The chief functions of the field pioneer are bridge-building, fortifying positions, and supporting the infantry in the attack on fortified places.

Consider the Trust Region Subproblem, The KKT conditions, with the added restriction that the Lagrangian function (at the optimal dual variable y) is convex, characterizes optimality.

Its likely functions were sound projection and recognition.

Another function is defence; some squid and shrimp produce flashes of light, which can confuse predators.

These functions are length change of A-axis, and all tool movements.

The linear function of magnetism is the condition of coherence; the surface force of electricity, the basis of the qualities perceivable by sense; the tri-dimensional force of the chemical process, in which the two former are united, produces the chemical qualities.

Functions of proteins are the consequences of their functional 3D shape.

I say, a university, taken in its bare idea, and before we view it as an instrument of the church, has this object and this mission; it contemplates neither moral impression nor mechanical production; it professes to exercise the mind neither in art nor in duty; its function is intellectual culture; here it may leave its scholars, and it has done its work when it has done as much as this.

Not all even and odd functions are polynomials.

All psychical functions are transformed sensations.

Job Description The function of the Operations Supervisor, Airfreight is the effective hands-on su.

These two, then, constitute the essential duties of the state; when war ceases the first falls away, and its sole function becomes the maintenance of the conditions under which each individual may "gain the fullest life compatible with the fullest life of fellow-citizens."

This function is a constructor for the class, representing a compound symmetry structure corresponding to uniform correlation.

The primary function of the church is the Christianization of the social order.

The function ascribed in these lines to the One Spirit is a formative or animating function: the Spirit constitutes the life of 'trees and beasts and men.'