12 Metaphors for gale

He had not, it is true, at the period of which I am speaking, gathered much of his fame; but the gale was risingand though the vessel was evidently yielding to the breeze, she was neither crank nor unsteady.

O, God speed, &c. Cold and bleak are our mountains and chilling our winds, But warm as the soft southern gales Be the hands and the hearts which the hunted one finds, 'Mong our hills and our own winter vales.

A gale is an important event in a fishing town.

We'd had dry fine weeks all along, and father said he'd known we should have just such a season, because the goose's breast-bone was so white; but St. Valentine's day the weather broke, broke in a chain of storms that the September gale was a whisper to.

Gale was also the lawyer of the villagehe could tell everybody what his rights were, if anybody had any besides Gale; but he declared he had been done out of his rights by a man who had lent his old father some money on the bit of land I am coming to.

Tell me, if virtue made the son expire, Why, full of days and honour, lives the sire? Why drew Marseilles' good bishop purer breath, When nature sickened, and each gale was death?

You know as well as I do, Mr. Hazard, that away down south, yonder, a fellow thinks a gale of wind is a relief, provided it brings clear water with it.

The gale and the lee-shore are not pictures, but fierce realities, with which he has to grapple for life or death.

'E was stretched out on a couple o' sacks, and a reg'ler gale was blowin' on him.

Smith was in politics, the Vails were suffering from a financial depression, Professor Gale was a man of very limited means, and so Morse found himself without funds or support.

Can fierce passions vex his breast, While every gale is peace, and every grove Is melody?

This strong gale was the same North West wind which in this season, as has been said before, blows every day with great violence after sun-set; but which, that day, began sooner, and continued till 4 o'clock the next morning, when it was succeeded by a calm.

12 Metaphors for  gale