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7 Metaphors for « garlanded »

7 Metaphors for « garlanded »

  • As she passed the marble Dancing Girl, she seized the wreath that was thrown over its arm, and as she went circling round, it seemed as if the tune had become a visible spirit, and that the garland was a floating accompaniment to its graceful motions.
  • Mr. Lamar is detained at his home in Mississippi by sickness; Mr. Carpenter is confined to his room by sickness; Mr. Conkling has been unwell; I do not know how he is this morning; and Mr. Garland is chairman of the Committee on Territories, which has a meeting this morning that he could not omit to attend.
  • Friendship's Garland was a very good joke seven-and-twenty years ago, and though some of its once luminous paint has been rubbed off, and a few of its jests have ceased to effervesce, it is a good joke still.
  • The day arrived, and wasn't Mr. Garland kind when he said to him,"Christopher, here's your money, and you have earned it well;"which praise in itself was worth as much as his wages.
  • This year, Garland was a backup lineman for the first half of the season, but his veteran ability to step into the starting lineup was needed due to injuries up front.
  • Garland was the Workers' Party representative at the National Forum on Europe.
  • I could not bear the thought of going to my grave without having awakened an echo of sympathy, and weakly but not basely I have yielded, given them what they craved, and suffered them, since the Muses' garland is not theirs to bestow, to reward me with a mitre."

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