11 Metaphors for gateway

The Gateway was a neck or saddle of drifted snow lying in a gap of the mountain rampart which flanked the last curve of the glacier.

I say, won't that gateway be a corker, when it's put right?" They walked on out of hearing, but Max had heard all that was necessary to make him tingle.

The triumphal gateway, called the BALAND DARWAZA (Plate XIII.), is really a building in itself.

On each side the gateway are the houses of the resident medical officer and of the matron.

The picturesque old brick gateway of St. James's Palace still looks up St. James's Street, one of the most precious relics of the past in London, and enshrining the memory of a greater succession of historical events than any other domestic building in England, Windsor Castle not excepted.

There are some traces of the walls to be seen, and one ancient gateway is perfect, Fisher's Gate, near the quay.

The "mediaeval" gateway at the entrance of the neighbouring park is a sham.

"The gay Widow" from certain gregarious propensities, resided with a couple of female servants in a small house, situated in the most public street of the town; which I know, for this reason,the principal court of our college was opposite to it, and its gateway was the approved lounge, from morning till night, of the most idle and impudent amongst us.

The site of the mitred Abbey of Saint Mary is somewhere hereabouts, but in the time of the suppression of the monasteries every stone of the old abbey was pulled down and carried away; so that the twelfth-century gateway and some remnants of pillars are the sole traces that remain.

Above them, clear of the trees, and towering up into the blue, were the multitudinous domes and spires of the king's palace, to which the gateway above the steps was the principal entrance.

This gateway was only an outwork to defend the ledge of rock.

11 Metaphors for  gateway