80 Metaphors for general

Mr. Benfield had told her General Sir Frederic Denbigh was nearly allied to the Duke of Derwent, and Denbigh had said the general was his grandfather.

Colonels became generals while you were looking at them; generals became marshals, and marshals became kings.

The general is the head of the army.

He proposed the weapons to be pistols, and the distance, ten paces; to which M'Carter objected, because he said, "the General was a dead shot with the pistol, while he hardly knew how to use one."

The attorney-general is the president's legal adviser, and represents the United States in all law-suits to which the United States is a party.

The only available federal general of high rank, who had any experience in commanding large forces in the field, was Victoriano Huerta.

CHAPTER XVI PROFIT AND LOSS A biographer whose opinions about Washington are usually sound concludes that the General was a failure as a farmer.

And yet so general was the traffic in ecclesiastical dignities throughout the world that when a pope finally sold the chair of Peter the scandal did not strike society as specially heinous.

And to this letter Lafayette replied, "No my beloved General, our late parting was not by any means a last interview.

Discontents and grievances are either general or particular; general are wars, plagues, dearths, famine, fires, inundations, unseasonable weather, epidemical diseases which afflict whole kingdoms, territories, cities; or peculiar to private men, as cares, crosses, losses, death of friends, poverty, want, sickness, orbities, injuries, abuses, &c. Generally all discontent, homines quatimur fortunae, salo.

Before he gave an answer he must know, he said, what subvention the states-general would be willing to grant him.

It was therefore the more probable that they would use every effort to destroy the general, on whom our whole hope of safety and success depended; and, however much the zamorin might regret the commission of such a deed, he could not restore him to life: besides which, the Moors were inhabitants of the place, where they had much interest, whereas the general was an utter stranger.

So general had been the stimulants to emigration, that every European sect and party was represented in America.

While he suspected the general's sincerity, he nevertheless felt a little apprehensive lest the general's prediction about the effects of the face-bleach and other preparations might prove true,the general was a white gentleman and ought to know,and decided to abandon their use.

The path to the throne being thus cleared, the successful general became emperor.

The Spanish Governor-General still remained the supreme power and, aside from the abolition of slavery, the application of the Spanish Constitution and Spanish laws to Cuba, and Cuban representation in the Cortes, much of which was rather form than fact, the island gained little by the new conditions.

In comparison to Karnal Singh's clout in the police department over the past few years, the last two Directors General of Police were mere senior officers biding their time until retirement, holding their hands over a soft fire in their respective offices to keep warm.

We know that the General is a great authority on strategy, and that his name, correctly pronounced, rhymes with Boche, as hero with Nero.

This third general was Richard Montgomery, an ardent rebel of thirty-eight, who had been a captain in the British Army.

By the act of 1815-16 the Pay Department, of which the Paymaster General was the chief, was made one of the branches of the staff, and he and all those under him were subjected to the Rules and Articles of War.

The general became a common soldier, the prefect became a commissary of police, the commissary of police became a police spy.

I remember when we were arranging the Treaty of Campo FormioI a young general under thirtythere was a high vacant throne with the Imperial arms in the Commissioner's tent.

The Vicar General is the spy in general.

The POSTMASTER-GENERAL and the CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER are at this moment the most melancholy of men.

Later he was arrayed against the Romans at Cannæ, when the Roman generals were Paulus and Terentius.

80 Metaphors for  general
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