96 Metaphors for george

In the transparency of the water, however, Lake George is its superior, and in islands also, but in all things else the Lake of Como must claim the precedence.

George become a favorite, and Francis a neutral.

In a moment George was his courteous self again, and began to express his pleasure at meeting Mr. Neal, but Annie interrupted him.

And Donnegan knew that what paralyzed George was the manner in which he had received warning.

Honoured sir, believe me I am innocent of any ill-meaning.' 'Tut-tut!' said Sir George, who might have just stepped out of his dressing-closet instead of his carriage, so perfect was his array, from the ruffles that fell gracefully over his wrists to the cravat that supported his chin.

Here as a very young man he married an estimable and pious widow, named Loddock, some years his senior, and had a family of six children, of whom George was the eldest.

His father intended that George should become a minister, but the lad in his early days showed no signs of a desire to set apart his life to good works.

There's the trains goin' by twice a day, and George here is a real good hand to read out to me.

St. George is the capital, and the islands belong to the English.

The "Family of Love" was the name given to a fanatical sect; David George, of Delph (obiit 1556), was the founder.

"George, Prince of Denmark, was a great amateur of horse-racing.

Yes, I know that George takes care of it, but George is one thing, and your care will be another.

why did you ask for him?" "Ask for him!" said Moseley, yet lost in astonishment; "but whenhow where did he marrymy lord?" Lord Henry looked at him for a moment with a surprise little short of his own, as he answered more gravely: "When?last Tuesday; how? by special license, and the Bishop of; where?at Eltringham:yes, my dear fellow," continued he, with his former gaiety, "George is my brother nowand a fine fellow he is.

Let me know when George is to be at home, and I shall come to dinner and hear all about it." As I sealed my note it occurred to me that George must be the first special constable to win the Cross, and I felt a glow of satisfaction to realise that we must now be eligible for that most glorious of all decorations.

Both John George of Saxony and George William of Brandenburg were Protestant princes

Margraf George of Anspach-Baireuth was perhaps the finest character among the Protestant princes of the Reformation, without whom the good fight could not have been fought.

Mr. George is the heir; I know the Colonel's will well enough.

Lloyd George and Nitti are statesmen too shrewd and experienced not to understand that their greatest strength will always lie in this fundamental axiom.

In 1882 King George had been nineteen years on the throne without any happier fortune than his predecessor's.

He was twice married,which marriages, with unconscious humor, he describes in his will as "several Ventures,"had ten children, and died in 1743, when George, his fifth child and the first by his second "Venture," was a boy of eleven.

"George, my youngest son, will not be richbut Francis will be a duke, and have a noble estate; yet," said the general; meditating, "he is so unhappy in his disposition and uncouth in his manners, I cannot think of offering him to your daughter as a husband.

He knows that Mr. Lloyd George is the prime author of terms and that the latter has never repudiated his responsibility for them.

The remaining information that Wragge obtained regarding the Vanstones was to the effect that the deceased Michael had a great friend in Admiral Bartram, whose nephew George was the son of Mr. Andrew Vanstone's sister, and therefore the cousin of Noel Vanstone.

The phrase seems a little depreciatory, but as Mr. LLOYD GEORGE, according to his candid colleague, is "constitutionally an optimist" he will no doubt make the best of it.

Hart and George Northey had never been separated from their birth until George became a sailor, Hart meantime joining his father in business.

96 Metaphors for  george
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