9 Metaphors for gladdest

340 Glad was the Panther that the charge was closed, And none of all her favourite sons exposed.

Glad was King Peleus when he cut him his gigantic spear, he who took Iolkos by his single arm without help of any host, he who held firm in the struggle Thetis the daughter of the sea.

LXII Play up, play up thy silver flute; The crickets all are brave; Glad is the red autumnal earth And the blue sea.

Glad was Lady Mardykes to hear the resolve of her husband, and prompt to obey.

Glad is a word which scarcely expresses my feelings, Bradley.

"Winter is over, and the spring is coming!" Glad is thy message, little page in black "Winter is over, and the spring is coming

Glad indeed were the guardians of Eustace that his voice had lowered to a salutary depth, and that bass songs in general were pure and innocent,songs of death, of dungeons, of honest war, or of diving beneath the deep blue seadown, down, down, as far as the singer's chest tones permitted.

"Glad was our | meeting: thy | glittering | bosom I | heard, Beating on | mine, like the | heart of a | timorous | bird; Bright were thine | eyes as the | stars, and their | glances were | radiant as | gleams Falling from | eyes of the | angels, when | singing by |

It was more glad than grand; and she aimed at no grandness; but the generous space was almost splendid in its effect, as you looked through, especially to her who had lived and contrived in a "spy-glass house" so long.

9 Metaphors for  gladdest