16 Metaphors for globe

The Latin inscription in the church of St. Paul's in London, referring to Sir Christopher Wren, its architect,'If you would behold his monument, look around you,'may be applied in a far more comprehensive sense to our friend, since the great globe itself has become his monument.

Their juicy globes and disks and fluted cylindrical columns are almost the only desert wells that never go dry, and

Indeed, according to his conjectures, the terrestrial globe is not an absolute sphere, but had at the time of its creation a sort of elevation rising on its convex side, so that instead of resembling a ball or an apple, it was more like a pear, and Paria would be precisely that elevated part, nearest to the sky.

"The globe around earth's hollow surface shakes, And is the ceiling of her sleeping sons: O'er devastation we blind revels keep; While buried towns support the dancer's heel.

More than twice the age of any other journal now extant there,for the "Globe" came some thirty, the "Union" some forty-five years later,the "Intelligencer" has long stood, in every worthy sense, the patriarch of our metropolitan press.

Then the solar globe was the first heaven, and to live under its laws, puttings off the coat of skin, was an object which men believed to be worth striving for.

"The four earth globes became one globe, as our four bodies were one body; and the chain of four kinds of globes in matter became one globe, as the manasic with the others on it.

And then, suddenly, an extraordinary question rose in my mind, whether this stupendous globe of green fire might not be the vast Central Sunthe great sun, 'round which our universe and countless others revolve.

The lamp globes hanging from the ceiling were deep purple.

The very forest and herbage, the pellicle of the earth, must acquire a bright color, an evidence of its ripeness,as if the globe itself were a fruit on its stem, with ever a cheek toward the sun.

Learn: A globe is a small model of the earth.

The solar globe is a detail of kinetic prana only, one of its phenomena.

Globe, whose wisdom, moderation, and high degree of cultivation we had often admired, were only young people like himself.

The globe of heaven, which many a star and constellation strow, Borne upon Atlas' shoulders, is the blazon that they show.

It was Cuvier who, aroused to new labors by the hint he received from the bones unearthed at Montmartre, to which all his vast knowledge of living animals gave him no clue, established by means of most laborious investigations the astounding conclusion, that, prior to the existence of the animals and plants now living, this globe had been the theatre of another set of beings, every trace of whom had vanished from the face of the earth.

The globe are but a handful of the tribes That slumber in its bosom.

16 Metaphors for  globe