66 Metaphors for golds

The doctor, of course, could not be left out of the company,a man who knew the cause of every malady, versed in magic as well as physic, and grounded also in astronomy; who held that gold is the best of cordials, and knew how to keep what he gained; not luxurious in his diet, but careful what he ate and drank.

The honour of the State had been sorely wounded, but gold had been thus far a pleasant salve.

" Gold of all other is a most delicious object; a sweet light, a goodly lustre it hath; gratius aurum quam solem intuemur, saith Austin, and we had rather see it than the sun.

The gold was their tribute to a King, The frankincense, with its odor sweet, Was for the Priest, the Paraclete, The myrrh for the body's burying.

Gold and silver are the divinities he adores.

'Tenafly Gold is sellin' fer twenty dollars on the Curb right this minute!'

I believe that, even with the sort in the two camps below Ikogimeutdrinking, quarrelling, and making trouble with the natives at the Russian missionI believe that even with them, the gold they came up here for is a symbola fetich, some of us may think.

Our good Gaffer Swanthold sayeth that gold is an overheavy burden for a two-legged ass to carry; so we would e'en lift some of this load from thee.

'She never will forget; The gold she gave was not thy gain,

Gold is not the best thing the earth produces.

Then let us steal time for this borrowed shape, Recounting our unequal haps of late: Late did the ocean grasp us in his arms; Late did we live within a stranger air, Late did we see the cinders of great Rome: We thought that English fugitives there ate Gold for restorative, if gold were meat.

And I think it would be answered here, It would not be to him a new species, no more than congealed jelly, when it is cold, is a distinct species from the same jelly fluid and warm; or than liquid gold in the furnace is a distinct species from hard gold in the hands of a workman.

"No doubt the gold is all concentrates.

If, in the following example, gold and diamond are neuter, so is the pronoun me; and, if not neuter, of what gender are they?

The commerce of the city has declined of late years, but the people are still famous for objects of taste and ornament, and, according to the experts, their "chopped" gold is "the finest archaic jewelry in India," almost identical in shape and design with the ornaments represented upon sculptured images in Assyria.

A golden axle did the work uphold, Gold was the beam, the wheels were orbed with gold.

The gold in the bottle, ten or fifteen dollars, was a trifle, and yet enough to send the hunter on the questenough to lure him into the enterprise, and that was all that was needed.

They sweep along, knowing nothing of sorrow or suffering, and their gold is a talisman which conjures into fulfilment their wildest wish.

When gold is the standard unit, its value is the converse of general prices; as prices go up the value of gold goes down, and gold is said to depreciate.

Gold was to them a condition of existence, their future, their happiness, their family.

"Pitcairn told Charlie and me (on the strict q. t.) that the gold channel crossed the divide at No. 10, and the only gold on Little Minóokust what spilt down on those six claims as the gold went crossin' the gulch.

Whate'er we're told, the noble gold Is truth of heart and manly dealing.

You will find them staring blankly at the stone walls; and their plaint is: "What do they find to rave about in this town?" Sophy Gold had been eight days in Paris and she had not so much as peeked through the key-hole.

But on the way home the lesser thieves mysteriously disappeared, and the gold became the sole property of Alcibiades.

" Gold of all other is a most delicious object; a sweet light, a goodly lustre it hath; gratius aurum quam solem intuemur, saith Austin, and we had rather see it than the sun.

66 Metaphors for  golds