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83 Metaphors for  golds

83 Metaphors for golds

The doctor, of course, could not be left out of the company,a man who knew the cause of every malady, versed in magic as well as physic, and grounded also in astronomy; who held that gold is the best of cordials, and knew how to keep what he gained; not luxurious in his diet, but careful what he ate and drank.

"Gold is the most abundant; but saltpetre and naphtha are among the products.

" "Good turns doth pacify both God and men, And Jupiter himself is won by them." Gold of all other is a most delicious object; a sweet light, a goodly lustre it hath; gratius aurum quam solem intuemur, saith Austin, and we had rather see it than the sun.

Gold was therefore to the rich Jew a certificate of naturalization, while the poorer ones had no certainty of a home.

Lolita Gold is a daughter of Wakeful Stakes winner Lolita Star and won back to back races in Canberra before a spell.

Gold and silver are the divinities he adores.

Let us take a case where gold is in general use as money, and where for some time there has been no noticeable change in the amount of business, the methods of trade, and the general scale of prices.

'Tenafly Gold is sellin' fer twenty dollars on the Curb right this minute!'

As soon as the light broke into his tent, Without delay for a herald he sent, And bade him don his tabard, And away to the Count to say, "By law That gold was the king's: unless he saw The same ere noon, his sword he would draw And throw away the scabbard.

I believe that, even with the sort in the two camps below Ikogimeutdrinking, quarrelling, and making trouble with the natives at the Russian missionI believe that even with them, the gold they came up here for is a symbola fetich, some of us may think.

Our good Gaffer Swanthold sayeth that gold is an overheavy burden for a two-legged ass to carry; so we would e'en lift some of this load from thee.

'She never will forget; The gold she gave was not thy gain,

Gold is not the best thing the earth produces.

Then let us steal time for this borrowed shape, Recounting our unequal haps of late: Late did the ocean grasp us in his arms; Late did we live within a stranger air, Late did we see the cinders of great Rome: We thought that English fugitives there ate Gold for restorative, if gold were meat.

"No doubt the gold is all concentrates.

The commerce of the city has declined of late years, but the people are still famous for objects of taste and ornament, and, according to the experts, their "chopped" gold is "the finest archaic jewelry in India," almost identical in shape and design with the ornaments represented upon sculptured images in Assyria.

In all that big, busy foyer Sophy Gold herself was the one person distinctly out of the picture.

"Allergy Gold" is an inexpensive, permanent air cleaning system that replaces your existing air filter.

A golden axle did the work uphold, Gold was the beam, the wheels were orbed with gold.

The gold in the bottle, ten or fifteen dollars, was a trifle, and yet enough to send the hunter on the questenough to lure him into the enterprise, and that was all that was needed.

Gold has been a safe haven thus the prices have been going up and so has been those of palladium."

They sweep along, knowing nothing of sorrow or suffering, and their gold is a talisman which conjures into fulfilment their wildest wish.

Gold, as it is the purest, so it is the softest and most ductile of all metals.

Gold you may find in different places, and under different latitudes;the white truffle is an exclusive growth of Piedmont.

When gold is the standard unit, its value is the converse of general prices; as prices go up the value of gold goes down, and gold is said to depreciate.

Gold was to them a condition of existence, their future, their happiness, their family.

" Sophy Gold had been eight days in Paris and she had not so much as peeked through the key-hole.

But on the way home the lesser thieves mysteriously disappeared, and the gold became the sole property of Alcibiades.

H. L. Gold was the first editor.

Gold has been another investment that has moved strongly recently because of low interest rates and worries about the global economy.

Secondly, All propositions wherein a part of the complex idea which any term stands for is predicated of that term, are only verbal: v.g. to say that gold is a metal, or heavy.

Gold is but the juggling rod Of a false usurping god, Graven long ago in hell With a sombre stony spell, Working in the world forever.

We have suffered much by extortion, but if gold be your desire, then whatsoever gold doth lie in our treasury, the half of it is freely thine."

Gold, as a matter of course, must be the production of the sun, and the conformity in point of colour, brightness, and value, was a sensible proof of it.

Of this cast are those notable observations, that money is not health; riches cannot purchase every thing: the metaphor which makes gold to be mere muck, with the morality which traces fine clothing to the sheep's back, and denounces pearl as the unhandsome excretion of an oyster.

" Gold is a loud talker.

And it is a consolation This to know, that even the gold, How so many be its carats, How so rich may be the lode, Is not certain of its value 'Till the crucible hath told.

Gold is the cornerstone.

v.g. could any one discover a necessary connexion between malleableness and the colour or weight of gold, or any other part of the complex idea signified by that name, he might make a certain universal proposition concerning gold in this respect; and the real truth of this proposition, that ALL GOLD IS MALLIABLE, would be as certain as of this, THE THREE ANGLES OF ALL RIGHT-LINED TRIANGLES ARE ALL EQUAL TO TWO RIGHT ONES.

When Abe took the first mortgage on the house in order to invest in an indefinitely located Mexican gold-mine, the melodeon dropped one of its keys, but the roses nodded on with the same old sunny hope; when Abe had to take the second mortgage and Tenafly Gold became a forbidden topic of conversation, the minute-hand fell off the parlor clock, but the flowers on the back of the old chair blossomed on none the less serenely.

But when gold is a mere medium of exchange,its chief use,then it has only a conventional value; I mean, it does not make a nation rich or poor, since the rarer it is the more it will purchase of the necessaries of life.

All the gold that he had gathered, or ever could gather, would be worthless yellow dust if he might not use it to give her comfort or pleasure or happiness.

Exercise Cobra Gold 20 is the largest theater security cooperation exercise in the Indo-Pacific region and is an integral part of the U.S. commitment to strengthen engagement in the region.

Hatchets can be put to a thousand uses among them, while gold is merely a not indispensable luxury.

Our gold would be false money to those people.

40 Thus, when the villain crams his chest, Gold is the canker of the breast; 'Tis avarice, insolence, and pride, And every shocking vice beside.

Now if Water be the Best, and of possessions Gold be the most precious, so now to the furthest bound doth Theron by his fair deeds attain, and from his own home touch the pillars of Herakles.

The silver purchased under the law of 1890 was paid for with notes exchangeable for "coin"; but as the secretaries always construed "coin" to mean gold, and as by 1893 these notes amounted to $150,000,000, our gold obligationsthat is, notes exchangeable for goldwere nearly $500,000,000 (greenbacks, $346,000,000; silver purchase notes, $150,000,000).

Gold has always remained a valuable asset throughout history.

These were hardly 'pailfuls'; but gold is an article which adds fervour to the imagination and almost creates a power for romance.

"The monastic life is ill suited to the temper of my ward," the Signor Gradenigo drily observed, "and I fear to hazard the experiment; gold is a key to unlock the strongest cell; besides, we cannot, with due observance of propriety, place a child of the state in durance.

Gold is an exception because it is usually found as a pure metal.

Gold to him was opium, and opium held all his world and the glory thereof.

Gold is a wonderful Clearer of the Understanding; it dissipates every Doubt and Scruple in an Instant; accommodates itself to the meanest Capacities; silences the Loud and Clamorous, and brings over the most Obstinate and Inflexible.

He's told him where the gold is, Johnny!

But we have yet to learn that lead is priceless because it is weighty, or that gold is valueless because it glitters.

"How is the gold become dim!

"Gold is a mighty weight in an argument.

STRAW INTO GOLD is an overview of linen manufacture from planting to cloth.

And what sort of strata is the gold really in?

They laid their offerings at his feet: The gold was their tribute to a King, The frankincense, with its odor sweet, Was for the Priest, the Paraclete, The myrrh for the body's burying.

Gold is the best and principal commodity which comes through the country of the Azanhaji, and a part of it is brought every year from Hoden to Arguin, where it is bartered with the Portuguese.

Gold, rather than blood, was the price he paid for his victories.

"The gold is a long way from here at the best, Wabi.

Notes are issued for the third, fourth, and twelfth parts of this: values smaller than the latter are represented by a token coinage of square medals composed of an alloy in which gold and silver respectively are the principal elements.

I would gladly meet with one general affirmation concerning any will, no doubt, be presently objected, Is not this an universal proposition, ALL GOLD IS MALLEABLE?

Gold is a holy power; it is the magic wand of Moses which caused springs to gush forth from the sterile rock.

that the gold channel crossed the divide at No. 10, and the only gold on Little Minรณokust what spilt down on those six claims as the gold went crossin' the gulch.

Notwithstanding all these defects, which no intelligent, and least of all, no travelled American should or can justly deny, I will maintain that gold is not one tittle more the goal of the American, than it is of the native of other active and energetic communities.

Therefore, when gold is the standard, copper, nickel, and silver remain in restricted use.

So in the end the moral to this story is that, the gold was the Death that the old man said was beneath the tree and due to their greed and gluttony they all died with nothing.

"It is claimed by some that the United States is favoring this new Chinese party of liberty, that the gold recently lost in the Pacific was our contribution to the causeby the roundabout way we have heard so much aboutand that the Washington government will be the first to recognize the new republic.

Women of the highest nobility, whose silken-shod feet had never before trod the rough pavement, fled with hasty steps down the street; shoulders which had never borne the least burden of life or sorrow, were now laden with treasures, and gold was the parent whom these modern Aeneases sought to save from the ruins of the threatened town.

Gold was a trailblazer in the field of food journalism.

Gold is not wealth; it is simply the exponent of wealth.

It would be thought little better than ridiculous to affirm gravely, as a truth of moment, that gold is yellow; and I see not how it is any jot more material to say it is fusible, unless that quality be left out of the complex idea, of which the sound gold is the mark in ordinary speech.

" "Ay, ay, sir, gold is gold; and any of it is good enough for me,

Be thou as the sun in heaven; let thy gold be thy rays, thy angels of love and life and deliverance.

I could cite hundreds of similar proofs, that gold is not God everywhere.

NV Gold is a well-financed exploration company that has a large portfolio of drill-ready gold targets in Nevada, and also a recently optioned project, or high-grade gold project, in British Columbia, Canada, which is a new venture for us.

Art fortunate with the gondola of late, Carlo?" "Gold and I are nearly strangers.

Mirka Gold is a durable product very well suited for sanding at high speeds.

The honour of the State had been sorely wounded, but gold had been thus far a pleasant salve.