50 Metaphors for grandmothers

Boswell's grandfather's grandmother was a Miss Cunningham.

She was settin' on the south door-step, braidin' palm-leaf; and her grandmother was knittin' in her old chair, a little back by the window.

Philip Morrow, the popular Governor of one of the Southern States, has learnt that his grandmother was a quadroon, and that consequently he has in him a much-attenuated strain of African blood.

Though I should read myself tired and sleepy, my grandmother would still be an interested listener.

Lamb was peculiarly interested in the Plumers from the fact that his grandmother, Mrs. Field, had been housekeeper of their mansion at Blakesware, near Ware (see notes to "Dream-Children" and "Blakesmoor in Hshire").

My grandmother was the cook.

My grandmother was Winefred Kane.

Sometimes to women, listening to the stories of their grandmothers, it seems better to have lived then than nowher grandmother was at that time a young wife.

Grandmother was a field hand and so was her sister, Gilly.

" "It may be from neglect of this precaution," said Porphyry, "that our Maximus finds it so much easier to evoke the shades of Commodus and Caracalla than those of Socrates and Marcus Aurelius; and that these good spirits, when they do come, have no more recondite information to convey than that virtue differs from vice, and that one's grandmother is a fitting object of reverence.

My grandfather was somewhat infirm; my grandmother was a very vigorous person for one of seventy-five; this was her age at the time of my first recollection of her.

My grandmother was a Bruton, married to a Field.

Her grandmother was an Elston at first.

Indians "My grandmother was a full-blood Indian.

What are you smiling about?" "My grandmother is Mrs. Marcia Macklin," explained Norma.

"A thousan' your grandmother," was Matt's scornful rejoinder.

This grandmother was a perfect treasure- house of legends concerning the old Border feuds.

The theory that Lamb's grandmother, Mrs. Field, was the original Mrs. Battle, does not, I think, commend itself, although that lady may have lent a trait or two.

My grandmother was one of the Holbrooks of Horley-place, Sussex, people of some importance in their day, and our family were rather proud of the name.

David was the youngest and seventh son of Jesse, a prominent man of the tribe of Judah, whose great-grandmother was Ruth, the interesting wife of Boaz the Jew.

Primarily he was a Servian, but his maternal grandmother had been a Bosniak, an earlier ancestress had been in a Turkish harem, there was a strain in his blood of the Hungarian zinganeethe gipsy of Eastern Europe, and one could not look at his profile without a suspicion that there was a Jewish element in his pedigree.

The grandmother of grandmamma, Ambrosine Eustasie de Calincourt, after whom I am called, was a famous character.

His grandmother was a sister of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, his father a dean.

She liked my housekeeping, and "grandmother," as I always called her, with her white 'kerchiefs and caps, sitting by the fireplace plying her knitting-needles, became my special pride.

" I thought of grandmamma "looking in" on this person, and I could have laughed aloud; however, I managed to say, politely, that my grandmother was an aged lady and somewhat rheumatic, and as we had not a carriage I hoped Mrs. Gurrage would excuse her paying her respects in person.

50 Metaphors for  grandmothers