11 Metaphors for grape

Great sarmentous plants climb here up to the tops of the trees: wild Grapes, the climbing, poisonous Sumach, (Rhus toxicodendron,) and the vine-like Cinque-foil, which transforms withered, naked trunks into green columns, Bignonias, with their brilliant scarlet trumpet-flowers, are the most remarkable.

"But 'long 'bout time fer de grapes ter come on de scuppernon' vimes, dey 'peared ter come a change ober 'em; de leaves withered en swivel' up, en de young grapes turn' yaller, en bimeby eve'ybody on de plantation could see dat de whole vimya'd wuz dyin'.

The sun-dried grapes are sweet, the oven-dried of an acid flavour.

But the grape and apricot are not the only fruits which flourish in this green spot surrounded by barren rocks,the walnut, the peach, mulberry, apple, and cherry, also come to perfection in their respective seasons.

The grapes were a great treat to us, and we have enjoyed them exceedingly.

Every grape you pick breaks in your jaws, for city grapes are glass bubbles!

The apples were gold with emerald leaves, and the cherries were rubies, and the grapes were great bunches of amethyst.

Lister thought the plan was well carried out, for the grapes were the small red Muskokas that grow in Canada.

Past grapes are grapes: dead roses keep their smell.

The Scuppernong grapes, by the way, are a great luxury; from these are made a wine equal to anything that can be found (we believe) in the world.

The vineshere partly supported by decayed and broken-down trellises, there twining themselves among the branches of the slender saplings which had sprung up among themgrew in wild and unpruned luxuriance, and the few scattered grapes they bore were the undisputed prey of the first comer.

11 Metaphors for  grape