47 Metaphors for green

A bowling-green, shaded by one of the few trees near the house, a sycamore, was the care of many an hour; for to make the turf velvety, the sods were fetched from the hills abovefrom 'yon hills,' as Lord Cockburn would have called them.

Mrs. GREEN, the mother of my dorters, is a woman who understands her biz as housekeeper, and anybody who gits one of her gals won't be troubled to death by keepin' a cook to boss 'em around.

He kept looking, because green was a great relief from the monotonous gray and black and brown of the hills.

Green is gayer, but brown softer.

Queen Elizabeth and Mary Stuart seem to have liked velvet, either green or black, and to have adorned it with gold lace, and both probably took their fashions form France; the young woman in the Scotch ballad was "all in cramoisie"; Kate Peyton wore scarlet broadcloth, but secretly longed for purple, having been told by a rival, who had probably found her too pretty for scarlet, that green or purple was "her color.

I think Green's a humbug.

At the Custom House, Dutchman and Yankee Are thryin' to talk wid a brogue, They're all Irish, nowfat, lean, or lanky, And green are the neckties in vogue.

The fact was that Mr. Verdant Green was a freshman of the freshest kind.

It was all over that baste of a sow that has kept me slaving all through the spring till I don't know whether greens or potatoes is the fittest for her! CORNELIUS He didn't go, Sally.

Mrs. Cornelius Gosling-Green was a Severe Person, tiny, hard-featured and even more garrulous than her husband, who watched her anxiously and nervously as he answered any question put in her presence....

Green is his surplice, Green are his bands;

The photograph will show how full of pretty thoughts it is, but in colour it is more charming still and the green of the lily stalks is not the least delightful circumstance.

This was the season of grass, but not the dark, rank green of rich soil and mild airit was a yellowish green, a colour at once tender and glowing.

From Megara the Bay of Salamis becomes Saronic Gulf, and after an hour or two of its unspeakable beauty we cross over to Corinth and find, if possible, that the blues of the Gulf of Corinth are even more sapphire, that its purples are even more amethyst, that its greens are more emerald than the blues and purples and greens of Salamis.

Not that Mr. Minorkey or his fat friend had any particular interest in the beautiful outline of the grassy knolls, the gracefulness of the water-willows that grew along the river edge, and whose paler green was the prominent feature of the landscape, or in the sweet contrast at the horizon where grass-green earth met the light blue northern sky.

Tommy Green was a little boy only eight years old when his parents sent him to "boarding school," where he was thrown into the company of boys older than himself.

At this time Mrs. Green was the only member of the Methodist church in the village.

The green, and the black plant louse are great enemies to the rose tree, and, whenever they appear, it is advisable to cut out at once the shoot attacked, the green caterpillar too, often makes skeletons of the leaves in a short time, the ladybird, as it is commonly called, is an useful insect, and worthy of encouragement, as it is a destroyer of the plant louse.

Mrs. GREEN is interestin' company among wimmen.

14 The Green was our pride through the year, For in Spring, when the wild flow'rets blew, Tho' many rich pastures were near, Where Cowslips and Daffodils grew; And tho' such gallant flow'rs were our choice, It was bliss interrupted by Fear The Fear of their Owner's dread voice, Harshly bawling "You've no business here.

Green is the golden tree, by Rhoda Truax.

Green was her robe, and green her wreath, Where'er she trod, 'twas green beneath; Where'er she

THE REAWAKENING Green in light are the hills, and a calm wind flowing Filleth the void with a flood of the fragrance of Spring; Wings in this mansion of life are coming and going, Voices of unseen loveliness carol and sing.

At the time I did not know that "green" was a term used to denote "fresh" or "unsalted.

White were the moorlands, And frozen before her: Green were the moorlands, And blooming behind her.

47 Metaphors for  green