48 Metaphors for growths

not a law of Christian growth only, but a law of growth, even all the growth leading up to the Christian, which growth is the highest kind of creation.

The fairness and candor displayed in them, the freedom from party-prejudice or bias, the clearness in the statement of difficulties, the honesty in the recognition of the limits of present knowledge, all indicate most clearly the growth of a worthy spirit in the treatment of subjects which have too often heretofore been fields for the exhibition of narrowness, intolerance, and bigotry.

The most remarkable growth was the asparagus.

The growth of this system is a curious commentary on the purely mercenary policy which is ordinarily supposed to govern the investments of capital.

The general dank heat stimulates vegetable growth in every scale from mildew to mahogany trees, and multiplies the members of the animal kingdom, be they mosquitoes, elephants or boa constrictors.

Growth of the Soil (Markens Gröde) is Hamsun's latest work.

Growth is development in right assertion; it is the assumption of legitimate responsibility and command.

Growth of Spiritthat is blessedness!

Growth is the combination of our souls with the things that are, in such a way as to make a perpetual progress toward the things that are to be.

You are deceived on this point; and the rapid growth of our cause has been the occasion of your deception.

Revive the organic centre: let the unity of Israel which has made the growth and form of its religion be an outward reality.

Thus the growth of an aristocratic spirit in our colleges and universities is an ominous sign.

The growth of the nation onward toward the true Image of God, the true Human Ideal; the travail of the nation with the Divine-Human Character which at the last came to the birth in Jesus the Christ; this was a mystery of natural, organic evolution, which 'must give us pause' in every shallow denial of a supernatural involution in human history.

The growth of fascism and war is the attempt of this outworn capitalist system to keep in existence although history has imperatively summoned it to leave the stage and to make way for the next order, socialism.

Since the growth of written language great books have been the well-springs of thought and feeling for mankind, from which successive generations have drawn the water of life.

Growth is a strain.

The man who does not care and ceases to grow, becomes torpid, stiffens, is in a sense dead; but he who has been growing all the time need never stop; and where growth is, there is always capability of change: growth itself is a succession of slow, melodious, ascending changes.

The hair or fur, from its great length in winter and spring and exposure to the weather, turns quite light; but when the winter coat is shed off, the new growth is a beautiful dark brown, almost approaching to jet-black.

But is not the growth a beautiful and divine thing?

Similarly, the growth of a sense of Indian nationality, particularly in the last few years, is a striking and important fact.

Each contented look on a human face is reflected in every other human face which sees it; each growth in a human soul is a blessing to every other human soul which comes in contact with it.

But this growth of her love, and aspiration after its perfection, although at first they covered what was gone by with a deepening mist of apparent oblivion, were all the time bringing it closer to her consciousnessout of the far into the near.

That growth of seven centuries, built by vanished greatness for a dying faith, should be his last refuge.

Growth is a slow process.

If we want to characterize the "Modern Times" by one concept, we would have to call this epoch the time of the emergence of a middle class, and it will be remembered that the growth of the middle class in Europe was also the decisive change between the Middle Ages and Modern Times in Europe.

48 Metaphors for  growths