59 Metaphors for  happy

59 Metaphors for happy

Happy is the man who loves and is loved of a plain woman; for she will take her own lack of beauty into consideration, and give him more than most beautiful women have it in their power to give.

" "non hoc primum mea pectora vulnus Senserunt, graviora tuli" The commonwealth of Venice in their armoury have this inscription, "Happy is that city which in time of peace thinks of war," a fit motto for every man's private house; happy is the man that provides for a future assault.

He thus describes the land where this fabulous bird dwells: "Calm and fair this glorious field, flashes there the sunny grove; Happy is the holt of trees, never withers fruitage there.

One bright little girl remarked very gravely, "Happy are the blind, for they see no ghosts."

the more crimes his subjects commit, the richer is he made; the more abandoned the subject, the happier is the prince!

Happy is the bride.

By the way, Happy is not a nickname, it's Kreter's real first name; which was given to him by his sister.

Happy were those wild days in the great glen of Etive, and dear did the sons of Usnac grow to her heart, loved as brothers by her who never knew a brother, or the gentleness of a mother's watching, or the solace of dear kindred.

The happy and the miserable, the free and the captive, are equally my care!"

Happy are the shes that can number among their ancestors Counts of the Empire; they have neither occasion for beauty, money, or good conduct to get them husbands."

Propitious was the moment, and happy was the hour, When all that he had longed for had come into his power.

Happy is the groom.

Happy was the household that had such a mistress at its head!

Happy are the ladies at the hotel who have a perpetual volante at their service!

Happy are the shes that can number among their ancestors Counts of the Empire; they have neither occasion for beauty, money, or good conduct to get them husbands."

Happy were kings, could they disclose

Happy is the husband who gets her.

This past, I threw the clothes quite o'er his head; And, stung with fear Of my own frailty, dropped down many a tear Upon his bed; Then sighing, whispered, Happy are the dead!

Such is the general revolution of affairs in every state; danger and distress produce unanimity and bravery, virtues which are seldom unattended with success; but success is the parent of pride, and pride of jealousy and faction; faction makes way for calamity, and happy is that nation whose calamities renew their unanimity.

" "Happy is the wooing that is not long a-doing," and Milan's wooing was as brief as it was blissful.

Of all the new system I believe the happiest is Offley; though in great humility he says he only takes the bedchamber to accommodate.

Happiest, at any rate, is the reader of Vergil's pastorals who can take an unannotated pocket edition to his vacation retreat, forgetting what every inquisitive Donatus has conjectured about the possible hidden meanings that lie in them.

Happy is the child whose mother knows how to direct those earliest manifestations of love.

Happy are ye and glad....

At Chatters, Style Happy is an attitud.

Happy is a word that belongs to children.

Happy be Sylla, if no foe to Rome.

"Happy is the monarch who sees himself surrounded by loyal subjects and by faithful friends," pursued the exulting Princess; "your Majesty has not yet completed the good work so royally commenced?" "M. de Créquy has already a bâton," said Louis, somewhat bewildered by the new part he was called upon to enact on so large a scale.

XXII NO HERO, YET HAPPY ARMS AND THE MAID Through the gateway flanked by tall recruiting posters came rather hurriedly a youth of no great stature, but of sturdy build and comely enough countenance, including bright brown eyes and fresh complexion.

Happy had been his chance, too happy, alas!

Happy is that philanthropist, and honored should he be with a nation's gratitude, who can rescue these juvenile offenders from the power of evil, and from the fearful suggestings of temptation and want, and enlist them on the side of virtue and right!

Or he may exclaim in the words of poor Keatsnow slumbering under a foreign turf Happy is England!

"'Happy is the servant who has chosen God for his master, and who employs his present good only to acquire those which he awaits.'

Happy were the first discoverers of Niagara, those who could come unawares upon this view and upon that, whose feelings were entirely their own.

The happiest of all lovers Was Ernst of Edelsheim;

The happiest of beings in this part of the world is my Lady Suffolk: I really think her acquisition and conclusion of her law-suit will lengthen her life ten years.

Happy is the country in which men of reverend years and whitened heads watch, until night draws towards the day, and weariness is forgotten in the desire to do good, and to honor the state!" "Thy mind partaketh of the eastern imagery of the country of thy fathers, good Hosea, and thou art apt to forget that thou art not yet watching on the steps of the Temple.

But the happiest of all was Abbé Constantin.

Happy are the young who find the pestilence cleansed out of the earth, leaving open to them an honest career.

We were all sitting on deck as happy as angels, when, without a word of warning, the Hela simply turned over on her side and threw us all out of our chairs.

" There dwelt we, as happy as birds in their bowers; Unfettered as bees that in gardens abide; 10 We could do what we liked with the land, it was ours; And for us the brook murmured that ran by its side.

they look to you for all the tenderness of father and mother combined in order to be as happy as children ought to be.

And so it seemed best to take what she gave and to try to make her as happy as circumstances would allow.

We were as happy as clams.

There will be enough for all, and I've nothing else to give to people who have made me as happy as cousin Sophie and you," answered Ruth, half drowning her great calla as she spoke with grateful warmth.

Anne Chute, in the course of time, became Kyrle Daly's wife, and they were as happy as earth could render hearts that looked to higher destinies and a more lasting rest.

The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings.

Take your Candiope; and be as happy As love can make you both:How pleased I am, That I can force my tongue To speak words, so far distant from my heart!

The Duke of Norfolk was in the House, as happy as man could be.

"You seem to forget," replied Rasselas, "that you have, even now, represented celibacy, as less happy than marriage.