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13 Metaphors for « hare »

13 Metaphors for « hare »

  • "And a dream hare is not a real hare, is it?
  • Among the Egyptians, the hare was the hieroglyphic of eyes that are open; and it was adopted because that timid animal was supposed never to close his organs of vision, being always on the watch for his enemies.
  • Hare is a bad comparison.
  • Hares were preferred to rabbits, provided they were young; for an old French proverb says, "An old hare and an old goose are food for the devil."
  • The White Hare is a friend of the Fairy King of the Gump.
  • The rising sun, owre Galston muirs, Wi' glorious light was glintin; The hares were hirplin down the furs, The lav'rocks they were chantin Fu' sweet that day.
  • The greyhounds were Damen and Garrett, with some others, and the hare was an older man, who leapt and bounded forward, faster than I should have thought any but a youth could run; but then he knew what men were after him, and that 'twas a race for life.
  • Mizaldus and some others say, that hare is a merry meat, and that it will make one fair, as Martial's epigram testifies to Gellia; but this is per accidens, because of the good sport it makes, merry company and good discourse that is commonly at the eating of it, and not otherwise to be understood.
  • Mr. Hare was peppery and irascible, and lost his temper easily.
  • The hares in this district are remarkably big and strong-running.
  • The hare is an unclean animal.
  • Of the three kinds of hares mentioned by Varro the "common Italian kind" was L. timidus, a roast shoulder of which Horace vaunts as a delicacy: the Alpine hare was L. variabilis, which grows white on the approach of winter: and the cuniculus was the common rabbit known to our English ancestors as the coney.
  • The lark, partridge, hare, are the colour of the dry vegetables or earth on which they rest.

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