42 Metaphors for heating

Heating of bearings, causes of, bearings should always be slack at the sides, else the pressure is infinite.

And if our dreamer pleases to try whether the glowing heat of a glass furnace be barely a wandering imagination in a drowsy man's fancy, by putting his hand into it, he may perhaps be wakened into a certainty greater than he could wish, that it is something more than bare imagination.

At Kelát, on the other hand, which stands 6800 feet above sea-level, the extreme maximum heat as yet recorded during the months of July and August is only 103° Fahr., while the extreme minimum during the same months is as low as 48° Fahr.

This incumbrance retaining its position till about three o'clock, the heat became tormentingly sultry.

But that heat was not an unmixed blessingand I was already parched with thirst; and as the sun mounted higher and higher, pouring his rays full upon me, the thirst became almost intolerable, and my tongue felt as if my mouth could no longer contain it.

Heat is, therefore, the antagonist of cohesion.

Ice-cold seems heaven's noble glow To spirits whose vital heat is hell.

He believed that the heat was the cause, and never suspected his wife's share in the story.

The delight of spiritual heat with spiritual light is more vividly perceivable in human forms, in which spiritual heat is conjugial love, and spiritual light is wisdom.

They buzzed, and hummed, and swarmed round us like flies, and the heat and dust consequent upon this friendly companionship were a most unpleasant addition to the labour of walking in the sandy soil through which we were ploughing.

The internal heat of the earth, the elevation and depression of its crust, its belchings forth of vapours, ashes, and lava, are its activities, in as strict a sense as are warmth and the movements and products of respiration the activities of an animal.

The palpitating heat was terriblethe hottest day that summer.

A.Yes; the heat in steam is nearly a constant quantity, at all pressures, but not so precisely.

The reason why the delights of adulterous love commence from the flesh is, because the stimulant heats of the flesh are their beginnings.

The slow heat is the most important point.

In fact, the heat of the body was a trifle sub-normal, considering that the heart was beating so rapidly.

I have been told, on the contrary, that superabundant heat is the great disease of youth, and that the want of it produces most of the infirmities of age; and every one has known the lives of persons languishing with age, prolonged by a removal into warm countries.

Or how comes it that my exceeding heat Is not delayd* by her hart-frosen cold, But that I burne much more in boyling sweat, And feele my flames augmented manifold?

But, with regard, sir, to those whom I have offended, I am of opinion, that if I had acted a borrowed part, I should have avoided their censure; the heat that offended them is the ardour of conviction, and that zeal for the service of my country, which neither hope nor fear shall influence me to suppress.

Dry heat, steam, and boiling water are valuable disinfectants and do not injure most fabrics.

"This heat is so fearfuland the glare!

There were no mosquitoes or sandflies, and the heat, though severe, was never excessive save for a couple of hours or so at midday, when enforced imprisonment in a thin canvas tent became rather trying.

The heat and thirstit was mid-summer and this action took place at noonand the dust of which all the barbarians raised as much as possible by riding around them, told fearfully upon the survivors, and many succumbed to these influences, even though unwounded.

While the cold inward heat of cruelty Warms what was once your heart, now crusted o'er With duty and slimed with poisonous drip of tongues.

I thought body heat would be the easiest to try, so I laid my hand on it, concentrated, and made it warm, and it opened!"

42 Metaphors for  heating