36 Metaphors for hell

They all remained quiet, until McHenry, with an oath, blurted out: "What the hell's the good of all this bloody silence?

Love can sun the Realms of Night Orcus owns the magic might Peaceful where She sits beside, Smiles the swart King on his Bride; Hell feels the smile in sudden light Love can sun the Realms of Night.

"An attack in front?" "It's the big guns, sorr; be gorry, they're goin' to shell us out, an' whar the hell was them reinforcemints, Oi'd loike to know!"

HERBERT, George, 'Hell is full of good meanings,' ii. 360, n. 1.

Hell was the basis of religious thinking in A.D. 1800, and the hangman was at the back of the law; in 1900 both Hell and the hangman seemed on the verge of extinction.

Kiss you?" He said calmly: "I see the hell is startin', all right.

Hell is the state of sin and all that goes with itthe fiery hell of the spirit.

You should have thought, That Hell would be your punishment when you did them, A Prince in nothing but your princely lusts, And boundless rapines.

Hell is my legacy.

In a word, Hell is the temple of anguish and despair, while the kingdom of God is the temple of peace and happiness.

Hell shall be their dwelling-place!

Viewing the book as a "practice" instead of an object is a pretty radical notion, and it begs the question: just what the hell is a book?

The Man From Michigan VI "That's My Dill Pickle!" VII "Till Hell's a Skating-rink" VIII Just a Day-dream IX

This celebrated divine could always draw a white audience, except on the days when his no less distinguished white rival in the field of sensationalism preached his equally famous sermon to prove that hell was exactly one half mile, linear measure, from the city limits of Wellington.

Until evil be good, until hell be heaven, until the sun hide his light, until the stars of heaven fall, women will remain as we have declared.

What the hell's the use?

"What the hell are you lookin' at?" roared the other.

Who the hell are you anyhowthe captain?" "Joe Gates, sir.

Hell is hell the world over, and I might also add that hell is only a great big bunch of disagreeable details anyway.

What great record is yours, and were Hell a reality how many souls would we find wreathed with your poisonous blossoms.

Texall hell is bustin' loose inside me!"

Hell is hell the world over, and I might also add that hell is only a great big bunch of disagreeable details anyway.

Of evenings the gambling hells were a glare of light, and music, both vocal and instrumental, floated out upon the streets to tempt the miners to enter, while away an hour, and incidentally part with their well-earned dust.

Now is Belphegor, an incarnate devil, Come to the earth to seek him out a dame: Hell be my speed!

But when they were come quite close and the glare was on their faces, and they saw the gates already divide and prepare to open outwards, they said: 'Hell is a terrible city, and she is tired of cities;' then suddenly they dropped her by the side of the road, and wheeled and flew away.

36 Metaphors for  hell