136 Metaphors for  hilled

136 Metaphors for hilled

Hill 70 was the last high ground held by the Germans in the region of the Artois, and its fall menaced their whole line south to Queant and north to La Bassee.

From this point we cannot tell whether the wooded hills before us are islands or promontories.

He believed Hill to be a cunning scoundrel who had overreached the police for some purpose of his own by accusing Birchill, and who, to make his story more probable, had even implicated himself in the supposed burglary as a terrorised accomplice.

To the west again is Mount Atlas, quite to the sea; to the south the hills called AEsperos, and to the south again the nation called Ausolum, which inhabits quite to the sea.

John Carter was a prominent man and the secretary of the colony; Elizabeth Hill was a beauty and the heiress of Shirley.

Hill had been the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court and had been the Texas Attorney General for six years.

Until the night of the convoy-sortie, however, the enemy had not had the ordinary common sense to grasp the fact that the hill was the key of the situation and to seize it.

I admit that Hill is a tainted witness, but they'll find it pretty hard to break down his story.

"Hill," was the reply.

Dracontius, pointing to the place where they were standing, said, "This hill is an excellent place for running, in whatever direction the men may wish."

Broken Hill is a mining town in the center of Australia.

The hill was an "excellent sanatorium", as the air was "cooler and fresher than the plain, producing an agreeable exhilaration of spirits".

Flag Hill is a rock formed of sand and comminuted shells; while the flat which stretches to the south-west from its foot is of limestone formation.

Rock Hill was a citysmall cityreal close to Ebenezer.

Bunker Hill, there is a feeling that apartments would rent better if the musty associations of the spot were obliterated by some such name as "Buckingham Heights," or "Commonwealth Crest;" "The Acropolis" has been prayerfully considered by the freemen of the modern Athens; whatever the decision may be, certain it is the name Bunker Hill is a heavy load for choice corners in the vicinity.

Julia Lorraine Hill (known as Julia "Butterfly" Hill, born February 18, 1974) is an American environmental activist and tax redirection advocate.

Yonderyou see where the two hills almost close over the roadyonder is Shorty Kruger behind the rocks, waiting and watching.

A powerful athlete of over six feet, Major Hill was an ideal sportsman in appearance, and he was noted for the long distances he would travel on foot with his hounds.

Asked in 2014 about the secret to the band’s longevity, Hill it’s a cliche and sounds so simplistic, but it’s down to the three of us genuinely enjoying playing together.

Till a' the hills are rairin, And echoes back return the shouts; Black Russell is na spairin: His piercin words, like Highlan' swords, Divide the joints an' marrow; His talk o' hell, whare devils dwell, Our verra 'sauls does harrow' Wi' fright that day!

As Marye's Hill is the natural position for the left of an army posted to defend Fredericksburg, the crest above Hamilton's Crossing is the natural position for the right of such a line, care being taken to cover the extreme right with artillery, to obstruct the passage of the ground between the crest and the Massaponnax.

The center of the island was covered with mangrove-bushes; the hills were cones, but had no craters on them.

In terms of registered voters, Breezy Hill is the largest precinct in the county, with 3,058.

Softer than rainfall at twilight, 5 Bringing the fields benediction And the hills quiet and greyness, Are my long thoughts of thee.

ECLIPSE HILL, being higher than the land near it, and conspicuous from its flat tabular shape, is a good mark for the port; it is in latitude 13 degrees 54 minutes 20 seconds and longitude 126 degrees 18 minutes 40 seconds.

Telegraph Hill is 394 feet high, Clay Street Hill 376 feet, and Russian Hill 360 feet.

Vpon the sayd hill is a certaine crosse, which is, they say, a holy Crosse.

" Grave, taciturn, watchful, secret and suave, with an appearance of tight-lipped reticence about him which a perpetual faint questioning look in his eyes denied, Hill looked an ideal man servant, who knew his station in life, and was able to uphold it with meek dignity.

We first came to a hill on the confines between the east and the south; and while we were ascending it, he shewed me a great extent of country: we saw at a distance an eminence like a mountain, between which and the hill on which we stood was a valley, and behind the valley a plain, and from the plain a rising ground of easy ascent.

That Olympic Hill was his "highest heaven;" himself "Jove in his chair."

The hill is 345 meters (1,130 ft) above sea level.

The Westmoreland hills are the remains of an infinitely older worldgiants decayed, but of a great race and ancestry; they have the finish, the delicate or noble lovelinessone might almost say the mannerthat comes of long and gentle companionship with those chief forces that make for natural beauty, with air and water, with temperate suns and too abundant rains.

He added, therefore, that Dr. Hill was, notwithstanding, a very curious observer; and if he would have been contented to tell the world no more than he knew, he might have been a very considerable man, and needed not to have recourse to such mean expedients to raise his reputation.

For, when he had come into the smaller camp for the purpose of securing the works, he noticed that the hill in the possession of the enemy was stript of men, although, on the former days, it could scarcely be seen on account of the numbers on it.

Marion Hill is a retired salesperson who has lived in Longmont for 38 years.

The hills in the west were all gold and purple in the last rays of the dying sun, and the heather was indescribably beautiful.

Aidan Hill is the mayor committed to the people.

The 'hills' in the background are actually the edges of the extensive Frenchman River valley.

He probably remembered that Hill, who had heard the threat, was an unwilling participator in the plan for the burglary, and might therefore denounce him to the police for the greater crime if he (Birchill) admitted that he had committed it.

Mr. Wright has furnished us with the following statement:"Just before his lordship left this city for England, he bore testimony to us substantially as follows:'When I went to Jamaica, Mr. Hill was a special magistrate.

"Gallows Hill" is the exact site of the Church of the English Martyrs.

As Coombe lies in a valley, Oliver's Hill is not a hill, really, but a gentle eminence.

The entire hill was a succession of tombs.

Hill was a born generaliser.

They were very straight and even, just like the street where your house is, and, if you liked, you could pretend that each hill of corn was a house.

The real place French Hill became Frenchtown.

Fish Street Hill, and the immediate vicinity, was the great mart for this branch of traffic, from its close connexion with the river, and here lived many illustrious citizens, particularly Sir William Walworth, and Sir Stephen Fisher.

I have shown you that Hill was the master mind in planning the burglary, and, that being so, would not Birchill have consented to the postponement of the burglary if Hill had urged him to do so when he visited the flat after the unexpected return of the master of Riversbrook?

The floating hills were grand objects to the eye, rolling and wallowing in the seas; but they were much worn and melted by the wash of the ocean, and comparatively of greatly diminished size.

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