46 Metaphors for  holidays

46 Metaphors for holidays

Holidays are sad days for people who don't have holidays.

The Shoemaker's Holiday of Thomas Dekker (1570?-1640) is also a good comedy of London life and manners.

Rom-coms don't usually receive the sequel treatment, but "The Best Man Holiday" is a follow up to 1999's "The Best Man."

This Christmas holiday will be action packed with key sporting events from around the world.

The Shepherds' Holiday is the most typical, as it is on the whole the most successful, of those pastorals which exhibit the blending of the Arcadian and courtly elements.

In the face of such adversity, the holidays are an opportunity to celebrate the people we love and those that we sometimes take for granted in our lives.

Christmas holidays are December 21st- January 5th.

Roberts had followed up various trails and discovered that Antoinette Holiday was the girl Massey loved, discovered through the bribing of a Crest House servant, that the young man they called Carson was also presumably in love with the girl whose family had befriended him so generously in his need.

A Holiday is a creature of impulse you know."

The interested reader was further enlightened to the fact that Miss Holiday was the daughter of the late Colonel Holiday and Laura LaRue, a well known actress of a generation ago, and that the daughter inherited the gifts as well as the beauty of her famous mother, and was said to be planning to follow the stage herself, having made her debut as the charming heroine of "As You Like It."

A paid general holiday can be a double-edged sword from a business perspective.

The holidays are here - Chanukah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa.

Tony Holiday was a born queen.

Today's Thanksgiving Day holiday is one such date.

But Ted Holiday was not an easily daunted person.

Halloween festivities might look a little different this year, but historically, the holiday is no match for professional artists unrivaled creativity.

Mother's holiday is a thing to draw tears from those who contemplate it.

The Valentine’s holiday has become so cliche, so commercial, Borrego told the National Post, explaining that she wanted to change all that.

The Christmas holidays were times of innocent festivities and gladness among the Indians and their white friends, both at the mission and at the trading post.

The coming holiday is a huge step for Katie and Carl, with the pair being friends for years but only being set up romantically by a mutual pal in June.

"Holidays in turmoil as quarantine is imposed", is the headline in the Times.

Probably it would be considered more unsuitable for a Holiday to be an actress.

A Juneteenth holiday was an idea that came about because of events at the end of the Civil War.

These four 'holidays' are not complete vacations from all labour.

A temporary stamp duty holiday, costing £3.8bn, to stimulate the property market was another measure unveiled by the chancellor.

The holidays at Roslyn were the months of July and August, and towards their close Mr. and Mrs. Williams intended to leave Vernon at Fairholm, and start for Indiasending back Eric by himself as a boarder in Dr. Rowlands' house.

But the holidays were a different story.

Holidays, even the annual month, were always uneasy joys,their conscious fugitiveness; the craving after making the most of them.

Men who work day after day in the open air, and to whom a half-holiday is a very rare experience, naturally seek their recreations in less energetic fashion than the noble game of cricket demands of its votaries.

At Roslyn the summer holidays were nine weeks, and the holidays at Christmas and Easter were short, so that it had not been worth while to travel so far as Fairholm, and Eric had spent his Christmas with friends in another part of the island.

His holidays were holidays indeed; but his days of work were dedicated to steady and persevering labour.

But the best holiday was a trip to the farm.

Holiday in the Park has become a family tradition with world-class entertainment for all ages and unparalleled thrills that only Six Flags Great Adventure can provide, said Park President John Winkler.

My holiday shall be That they remember me; My paradise, the fame That they pronounce my name.

I think the only statutory holiday that school boards must observe is November 11. They must observe that.

The holidays are a distant memory and so too is the joy from all that new stuff you acquired.

These holidays are the basis for the eight major Wiccan holidays, or what are referred to as sabbats, that occur throughout the year.

"The September school holidays will be the Gold Coast’s realistic goal for a noticeable revival, stimulating immediate overnight bookings from our intrastate and interstate counterparts," she said.

Benay Sager, DebtBusters chief operating officer, said while payment holidays were good news for people facing a short-term cash crunch, they came at a cost.

This holiday has been the most celebration with over 200 countries and territories in the world.

In a hard driving society like the United States, holidays are islands of softness.

The holidays were such an event, said her daughter Dr. Kim Meyer.

But either people got the Americans wrong or these Holidays were an exception to the general run.

The Holidays were Episcopal, the Lamberts Unitariana loose, heterodox kind of creed that.

Even Holidays are men!"

But Ted Holiday was not quite the same unthinking young barbarian in September that he had been in June.