152 Metaphors for homing

" On hearing of these drawbacks the children soon decided that their own dear home was the best, and no longer envied the possessors even of the cow tree.

Mute evermore the magic echoes, That ne'er shall wonders more reveal, The Poet's home is dark and narrow Upon the Singer's lips a seal.

"My native home is Alabama.

" "Home is the girl's prison, and the woman's workhouse.

Her own home, and many another, was the better for Clarice.

" Mollie's home was near the river, about ten minutes' walk from that of the other three girls.

Every home is an industrial establishment.

They lived a few houses from the school, in the same street, and their home was a revelation to Keith.

These homes of theirs are another proof of industry; they are beautifully woven of a dozen kinds of stuffgrass, bark-strips, seed-vessels, fine shavings, and sometimes bits of colored paper and worsted, and half hang from the crotch of a small branch with a nice little umbrella of leaves to cover Madam's head.

When Simon took trips to New York, he "stopped" at Mr. Wimple's, and Sally's summer home in Hendrik was always "Aunt Phoebe's," as she had been taught to call Simon's mother.

Where shall I call?" "My home is 1006 South Street, but I am only at home in the evenings.

Home is no stupider than the Canterbury.

Our homes is whar we hangs our hats.

Wishst 'at his folks they'd move here, An' we'd move to Rensselaer!" Only last summer I repeated this poem to a little girl whose home was a farm not far from a house at which I was stopping.

Their home became the local literary centre after she was installed as its mistress.

The other was Lucy Archfield, daughter to a knight, whose home was a few miles from Portchester, Dr. Woodford's parish on the southern coast of Hampshire.

A single home is in many ways a greater and more appealing thing than a nation; we should find ourselves thinking of the miseries of simple and ignorant people who have given their all for the country of their birth; and our hearts would fail us.

Theophil loves you, but some day your home will suddenly be rent from cope to base, unless his poor heart may speak, yea, babble itself, just once in Isabel's ears.

The home of the past was a beehive in which women drudged, and little children were weary toilers, and the result was not of a high grade.

The home or the family, therefore, is not the great superlative factor that it ought to be in the training and education of the child.

Cut off by half a mile of water from Papeete, it had an isolation, yet propinquity, which would have persuaded me to make it my home were I a governor; but it was given over to quarantine purposes, with an old caretaker who came and went in a commonplace rowboat.

Their only homes were rude huts which they could put up or tear down at very short notice; and so when they heard of more fertile lands or a warmer climate across the mountains to the south they used to pull up stakes and migrate in a body, never to return.

A home in the background is such an aid.

After all, the end of all our exertions is to be happy at home; that is the end of everything; don't you think so?' 'A happy home is certainly a great blessing,' replied Lady Annabel; 'and a rare one.'

Home is the most unforgiving of friends and always resents Absence; I know its old cordial looks will return, but they are slow in clearing up.

152 Metaphors for  homing