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229 Metaphors for  homing

229 Metaphors for homing

On hearing of these drawbacks the children soon decided that their own dear home was the best, and no longer envied the possessors even of the cow tree.

Your home is your paradise and if you are planning to renovate your home, go for the changes that are not only eye-catching but also comfortable for you and your family.

Mute evermore the magic echoes, That ne'er shall wonders more reveal, The Poet's home is dark and narrow Upon the Singer's lips a seal.

and then he came in for a chat, and always asked how the Soldiers' Home was prospering; expressing his opinion that "Boston was the charitablest city under the sun, and he was sure he and his mates would be took care of somehow.

Priced under $900k, this home is a rare find on the North Shore.

"My native home is Alabama.

" "Home is the girl's prison, and the woman's workhouse.

What was that refined little home to her now, spite of autotypes, Morris papers, and bureaus?

Health Secretary Matt Hancock acknowledged that there would be further competition for PPE from businesses seeking to reopen as the lockdown eases, but said that the NHS and care homes must remain a priority.

Mollie's home was near the river, about ten minutes' walk from that of the other three girls.

Every home is an industrial establishment.

After all, thereโ€™s a lot at stake, considering that a home is the biggest purchase most of us ever make.

โ€œI feel like people want us gone from there because they think mobile homes are an eyesore.

A home is a series of obfuscating scars.

But the other factor that I think is no different on one side of the border than the other is that every single home we build is 2.8 permanent jobs, full-time jobs.

They lived a few houses from the school, in the same street, and their home was a revelation to Keith.

These homes of theirs are another proof of industry; they are beautifully woven of a dozen kinds of stuffgrass, bark-strips, seed-vessels, fine shavings, and sometimes bits of colored paper and worsted, and half hang from the crotch of a small branch with a nice little umbrella of leaves to cover Madam's head.

Within four days from their arrival William had to sail; and Fanny could not conceal it from herself that the home he had left her in was, in almost every respect, the very reverse of what she could have wished.

Fourth home was the lighly-raced Chaillot from the Archie Alexander stable.

The science fiction series' true home has traditionally always been the small screen, but over the last few decades the franchise has grown and grown, with the last few ventures being huge blockbuster-type experiences.

Our home here at The Jazzfarm and our Jazzfarm Social Club have been the backdrop for our wild, creative pursuits and our life as The Dagga Couple and Fields of Green for ALL.

When Simon took trips to New York, he "stopped" at Mr. Wimple's, and Sally's summer home in Hendrik was always "Aunt Phoebe's," as she had been taught to call Simon's mother.

Where shall I call?" "My home is 1006 South Street, but I am only at home in the evenings."

Doctor Parker was old, and Mrs. Parker was old, too, but she called it nervous; and home was stupider than ever to Ned, particularly as he had broken his ankle and was laid on the sofa for a good six weeks at least.

She states, โ€œYour home is your legacy; while you might make minor improvements to it with a tax refund, protecting its full value in the event of your death will make certain that your home remains a part of your estate.โ€

Our homes is whar we hangs our hats.

" Only last summer I repeated this poem to a little girl whose home was a farm not far from a house at which I was stopping.

Their home became the local literary centre after she was installed as its mistress.

The other was Lucy Archfield, daughter to a knight, whose home was a few miles from Portchester, Dr. Woodford's parish on the southern coast of Hampshire.

A single home is in many ways a greater and more appealing thing than a nation; we should find ourselves thinking of the miseries of simple and ignorant people who have given their all for the country of their birth; and our hearts would fail us.

While this doesnโ€™t necessarily matter now, as the principal home is an exempt asset for pension purposes, in the future, if she needs aged care, it may be included in her assessable assets and be difficult to realise.

Theophil loves you, but some day your home will suddenly be rent from cope to base, unless his poor heart may speak, yea, babble itself, just once in Isabel's ears.

The home of the past was a beehive in which women drudged, and little children were weary toilers, and the result was not of a high grade.

The home is 4,466 square feet, and has four bedrooms including a private master loft and secondary lower-level master, four baths, two-car attached garage.

The home or the family, therefore, is not the great superlative factor that it ought to be in the training and education of the child.

Cut off by half a mile of water from Papeete, it had an isolation, yet propinquity, which would have persuaded me to make it my home were I a governor; but it was given over to quarantine purposes, with an old caretaker who came and went in a commonplace rowboat.

Their only homes were rude huts which they could put up or tear down at very short notice; and so when they heard of more fertile lands or a warmer climate across the mountains to the south they used to pull up stakes and migrate in a body, never to return.

A home in the background is such an aid.

After all, the end of all our exertions is to be happy at home; that is the end of everything; don't you think so?' 'A happy home is certainly a great blessing,' replied Lady Annabel; 'and a rare one.' '

Home is the most unforgiving of friends and always resents Absence; I know its old cordial looks will return, but they are slow in clearing up.

* * * * * And now his pleasant home and pastoral farm Are all the world to him: he feels no sting Of restless passions; but, with grateful arm, Clasps the twin cherubs round his neck that cling, Breathing their innocent thoughts like violets in the spring.

Straight home went the farmer, not stopping by the way.

Your home is too important an investment to gamble with.

For them the home was the spring from whence the mighty river rolled forth.

The home is a total mess, he wonโ€™t come out to talk at all and forced his wife to meet me insteadโ€.

My home is a sad, lonely placehow lonely even you, who have guessed so shrewdly and who speak so eloquently, cannot know.

In the collects, the fatherland of the saints is rarely found, because the saints' true home and fatherland is heaven, where they were born again to life eternal, and their fatherland is not this valley of exile where they spent their temporal life.

"Our Old Home" is the fruit of this period spent in England.

First of all, Google Home is a smart speaker.

But, according to the better opinion of Worcester, home is here an adverb, and not a noun.

Children tend to be too rough and too loud for her liking, so a quiet home would be a good fit.

Of two prizes is the lot fallen to Melissos, to turn his heart unto sweet mirth, for in the glens of Isthmos hath he won crowns, and again in the hollow vale of the deep-chested lion being winner in the chariot-race he made proclamation that his home was Thebes.

Late nineteenth and early twentieth century photographs show the home to be a classic Ontario farmhouse โ€” one full storey with the second under a pitched roof, and the faร ยงade marked by a central door flanked by two identical windows with a gable above.

The second 943 SF home is a great compliment to the acreage.

The home of the poor was squalid and repulsive; the home of the rich was gaudy and tinselled enough, but was dull and uninspiring.

My home Is the convent of St. Gildas de Rhuys, Of which, very like, you never have heard.

If you were lost and knew your home was north, how would you find it?

The home of the bridegroom's family is an immense wooden house in the native quarter, and when we reached it we had to pass through a crowd of coolies that filled the street.

Lassie Come-Home is a story about a dog and a boy.

The good home I left behind was a favorite theme about the campfire, and many a one told of the dream pictures, natural as life, that came to him of the happy Eastern home with comfort and happiness surrounding it, even if wealth was lacking.

His home is now the East Lexington Branch of the Public Library.

Shem Creek home sold for $3.25 million in September, and is an example of what luxury buyers are looking for: It's near water and provides ample space with five bedrooms.

The Striblings lived in Rockport, Arkansas, but their native home was Georgia.

And thereโ€™s another financial incentive for the work-from-home buyer: When your home is also your office, a portion of your mortgage can be claimed on your taxes as a home-office deduction.

The sapper has his dug-out as cushy as can be, The flying man's a sportsman, but his home's a long way back,

Home for Christmas is the 13th album by Christian music and pop music singer Amy Grant, released in 1992.

Hindt says the mobile home will most likely be a total loss, with a significant loss of the residentโ€™s belongings, as well.

My home was once this Londonthis Englandin which I am writing; but nothing so much as being in London again could make me realize that my home now is New York, and how long and how instinctively, without knowing it, I have been an American.

Home was a guest at a large villa in Nice, M. Karr and Mr. Aรฏdรฉ were two of a party in a spacious brilliantly lighted salon, where Home received them.

Their home was mineand such a home!

Continuing care homes and meat-packing plants will be a particular focus, he said.

His home is a sort of hempen hammock, only deeper and more pocket-shaped, to keep the babies from falling out, as Nat and Dodo both did out of our hammock yesterday.

The last line was quoted by Lamb in his Popular Fallacy "That Home is Home": "It has been prettily said, that 'a babe is fed with milk and praise.'"

Home was no longer the dearest spot on earth to him, since it was rudely desecrated by the hands of TAFFYof DAVID, the Welshman.

For ourselves, I think it made us feel homesick, and the home which Thomas and I felt sick for (if you can believe it of us) was a certain estaminet we know of and a cup of caffy-o-lay.

That home is tenantless; the spot It graced is rude and bare;

Home is the hunter.

Why, this Home is the very gate of heaven!

Its home is in the East not the East of barbarous Pontine countries peopled by men of our own race, where the legend of St. George is allowed to have sprung up, but of the civilised, metaphysical, dark-haired races of Egypt, Syria, and Hindostan.

โ€œWhen (Weiser) first took office we reached out right away, and flagged that mobile homes were a really big issue.

"What a luxury a home is, be it ever so humble, on a night like this."

When a child has been surrendered to any home for the friendless according to the provisions of these sections, such home becomes the legal guardian of such child, and may exercise the rights and authority of parents over such children and may apprentice or provide for the adoption of the same.

For baby boomers who are currently spending their time in and Haliburton during the summer at a cottage, the idea of retiring permanently and making their summer home a year-around home is a very affordable option.

Saqqara, home to more than a dozen pyramids, ancient monasteries, and animals burial sites, is a vast necropolis of the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Home is the community.

Their homes were the most miserable hovels, chimneyless, filthy.

It declares that the sending home of the Africans would be "a practical reversal of the Dred Scott decision," and adds,"We have no fear that our people will long remain passive under such an accumulating weight of inequality."

This 1 3/4 storey home itself is picture perfect, complimented with a covered wrap around deck and multiple picture windows so that you can enjoy the true beauty of the yard from every angle.

His home is a desert to him,and the love of social converse, which is so natural, and so amiable at the same time keeps him eternally in a state of fidgetty restlessness, which precludes all possibility of serious and persevering labour.

His home is a movable point upon an area of twenty thousand square miles; his horse, the finest steed that he can find upon the Pampas between Buenos Ayres and the Andes, between the Gran Chaco and Cape Horn; his food, the first beef that he captures with his lasso; his dainties, the tongues of cows which he kills, and abandons, when he has stripped them of his favorite titbit, to the birds of prey.

The best home for solar panel installation is a south-facing.

It isn't as though he lived in England," said Anthea, shaking her head, "his home is thousands of miles away,he is an American, and besides" "Ah!but theneven a Americanmay get married.

To such a man a home was a refuge pitifully needed, and for a while longingly sought.

Since clothes are constantly and easily changed, and a family home built to order is comparatively permanent, such expression in wood or stone should be carefully thought out; but how rarely do we gain a pleasant impression from the houses built for the purpose of setting forth social standards!

The home of the Southwicks was always a harbor of rest for the weary, where the anti-slavery hosts were wont to congregate, and where one was always sure to meet someone worth knowing.

The newcomers were the Sons of Milid, and their former home was either Gaul or Spain.

Their home and region is the air, but this warm world is their resort.

Briefly, the sisters' little home was becoming a perfect hell.

My home is a non-smoking, safe, fun, and friendly environment that you could feel confident bringing your child to.

"Home on the Range" is a classic western folk song.