50 Metaphors for honoring

This committee, of which also I had the honor to be a member, met and took under their consideration the subjects committed to them.

Travelling on the cars, a short time since, we had for a companion a shrewd Yankee who had the honor to be postmaster of his city, and at the same time was engaged in the boot and shoe trade; one of those stirring men who, if he did not possess genius, had its nearest kinactivity, and illustrated the fact that a man might do two things well at one and the same time.

Honor to whom Honor is DueA Class of Men Not Always Thoroughly Appreciated at their WorthAn Amateur's Ride on a Flying LocomotiveFrom

Well, yer Honor, ye was 'lected coroner by a small vote; an', in turn for me services, ye got me 'p'inted" "Ah!

"To resume where I was interrupted, Your Honor, the directors controlling a majority of the stock of this corporation, the capital of which is ten millions of dollars, have made a contract to sell all of its properties to another corporation, organized by themselves and capitalized for one million, for the sum of one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars!

I have the honor to be, your obedient servant, J. ROWAN.

National honor is national property of the highest value.

Their honor, dignity, enlightenment, and genius are not numbers which those gamblers, heroes and conquerors, can stake in the lottery of battles.

Well, honor is the subject of my story.

What an honor is such a man!

'Has His Honor, the CouncilorI mean His Honor's son, also taken up music?

Official honor is the general opinion of other people that a man who fills any office really has the necessary qualities for the proper discharge of all the duties which appertain to it.

"I have the honor to be with great regard, "Sir, "Your most obedient, "Humble servant, "TH'S. GAGE.

" Honors paid to such viragoes are honors to masculinity, not to femininity.

I have the honor to be, madam, your most obedient servant, ANDREW JACKSON.

Even honor is no curb; it is only religion that condemns it absolutely.

The wife of the hero lives to realize her wretchedness; the honors paid by his countrymen are a poor recompense for the loss of his love and protection.

I have the honor to be, with great consideration, sir, your obedient, humble servant, SÉRURIER.

But in the salon of the American Legation gathered the best of every following, for, although Mr. Jefferson's democratic principles were, of course, well and widely known, yet was he so respected, his moderation and fairness so recognized, that all considered it an honor to be his friend and his presence a guarantee of amicable discussion and good-fellowship.

One day a hostess asked a well known Parisian judge: "Your Honor, which do you prefer, Burgundy or Bordeaux?" "Madame, that is a case in which I have so much pleasure in taking the evidence that I always postpone judgment," was the wily jurist's reply.

O, had thy father graced a kingly throne, Thy mother been for royal virtues known, A different fate the poet then had shared, Honors and wealth had been his just reward; But how remote from thee a glorious line!

If I were to say Honor is external conscience, and conscience is inward honor, no doubt a good many people would assent; but there would be more show than reality about such a definition, and it would hardly go to the root of the matter.

I have the honor to be your Excellency's Ob't serv't, JOSEPH E. BROWN.

Should not my own Honor and country's welfare be the excitement?

It was twenty-three long centuries ago that a Greek soldier of fortune, who had the honor to be also a disciple of Socrates, was leading ten thousand mercenaries back to their native land after their famous failure to set the Younger Cyrus on the throne of Persia.

50 Metaphors for  honoring