8 Metaphors for hum

The soft hum of gentlefolks' speech was all around me, those smooth Virginian voices compared with which my Scots tongue was as strident as a raven's.

SEN. Hum, Acrasia? is Acrasia her confederate?

SEN. Hum, Acrasia? is Acrasia her confederate?

Accustomed as he was to the great silence of Russia, where sound seems lost in space, the hum of a crowded humanity was a pleasant change to this philosopher, who loved his kind while fully recognizing its little weaknesses.

His array, a horseman's coat worn over night-gear, with bare feet thrust into slippers, proved him newly risen from bed; but the hum of voices and clatter of plates which came from the neighbouring kitchen were signs that, late as it was, the good inn was not caught napping.

The hum of the bees and the whisper of the stream were a drifting of sound.

SEN. Hum, here's good stuff; Master Register, read them.

Again time passed on, and the hum of the busy motor was the only sound that came to the ears of the two young aviators.

8 Metaphors for  hum