50 Metaphors for ignorance

The Ignorance of the Moderns, the Scribblers of the Age, the Decay of Poetry, are the Topicks of Detraction, with which he makes his Entrance into the World: But how much more noble is the Fame that is built on Candour and Ingenuity, according to those beautiful Lines of Sir John Denham, in his Poem on Fletchers Works!

Conscious ignorance by even the best informed delegates from one section as to affairs in another was a dissuasion from the centralizing of doubtful issues; and the secrecy of the convention's proceedings exempted it from any pressure of anti-slavery sentiment from outside.

None the less, such ignorance is a fact in the case of some girls at least, and no mother should let her daughter, blindfold, slip her neck under the marriage yoke.

Yet the Times's ignorance was less unreasonable than its requirement that Dacres should have gone down with his ship,a cry of passion the more unjust to Dacres because he fought his ship as long as she could float.

He is ignorant of nothing, no not of those things where ignorance is the lesser shame.

It was considered bad taste to speak of it, and ignorance of the value of different coins was a token of good breeding.

Great ignorance is still the misfortune of Italy, especially in the central and southern provinces.

Her ignorance had been his fault, his only mistake in calculation, because he had played with souls as pawns in those days before love had softened him.

The intense desire for education, and the keen recognition of the fact that knowledge is power, point to a time when utter ignorance even among the negroes will be a thing of the past.

It may be remarked with equal truth, that ignorance is often the effect of wonder.

All the ignorance of Great Britain's intentions in 1914 is to me the best proof that the German minute system of working does not always produce the result desired.

33, n. 3; 'His ignorance is so great I am afraid to show him the bottom of it,' iv.

The ignorance and darkness that is in us no more hinders nor confines the knowledge that is in others, than the blindness of a mole is an argument against the quicksightedness of an eagle.

The ignorance of the most noted clerks and lecturers of his day is over and over again the subject of Bacon's indignant remonstrance.

You know how much I value your friendship, and with what confidence I expect your kindness, if I wanted any act of tenderness that you could perform; at least, if you do not know it, I think your ignorance is your own fault.

Wherever the people are enlightened there is less crime; ignorance was never yet the safeguard of virtue.

Ignorance, or the want of knowledge and literature, the appointed lot of all born to poverty and the drudgeries of life, is the only opiate capable of infusing that insensibility, which can enable them to endure the miseries of the one, and the fatigues of the other.

Their ignorance of our language may be a source of infinite peril to them.

Some think fools and dizzards live the merriest lives, as Ajax in Sophocles, Nihil scire vita jucundissima, "'tis the pleasantest life to know nothing;" iners malorum remedium ignorantia, "ignorance is a downright remedy of evils."

Ignorance is a mask to conceal the little details that are necessary to knowledge.

Ignorance is the parent of tyranny, sophistry, hypocrisy; and the arms against this trinity of error are power, wisdom, love, the three main attributes of God.

If fear be the child of ignorance, ignorance is also the child of fear; the two react on, and produce each other.

The white man votes for his color's sake, While the black, for his is barred; (Though "ignorance" is the charge they make), But the black man studies hard.

Ignorance, idleness, and vice, are at once the punishments we inflict upon these unfortunate people for their complexion; and the crimes with which we are constantly reproaching them. 9.

Ignorance of the language was a perpetual hindrance in their way.

50 Metaphors for  ignorance