4 Metaphors for imagine

"What good will thet be?" "Imagine, sir!

Nilakantha imagines that the meaning is "As distribution (of food) amongst the various classes of beings like the gods, the Pitris, &c., is applauded &c., &c." A form of sacrifice which consists in pouring oblations of clarified butter with prayers into a blazing fire.

Imagine, if you can, what animals would be if they lacked restraint of habit.

Imagine to yourself a short fat man, of sallow complexion and small eyes, with a sash of white, red, and blue round his waist, a black belt with a sword suspended across his shoulders, and a round hat turned up before, with three feathers of the national colours: "even such a man" is our representative, and exercises a more despotic authority than most Princes in Europe.

4 Metaphors for  imagine