10 Metaphors for inabilities

They are not sufficiently curved to enable the grizzly bear to climb trees, like the black and brown bears; and this inability on their part is often the only hope of the pursued hunter, who, if he succeeds in ascending a tree, is safe, for the time at least, from the bear's assaults.

It will be recollected that their inability to collect the inhabitants in a meeting for worship was a source of discouragement to John and Martha Yeardley in their former visit to Corfu.

To read freely, extensively, has always been my ambition, and my utter inability to study has always been to me a subject of grave inquietude,study as contrasted with a general and haphazard gathering of ideas taken in flight.

The inability to combine for their mutual protection and advantage of scattered employés working in small bodies, living apart, and unacquainted even with the existence of one another, is another "cheapness" of the workshop system. 5.

In fact, his inability or unwillingness to comprehend her had always been, in her searching and sensitive eyes, his chief crime.

Our inability to speak frankly of money is another sign.

It became clear to her that the inability to read was indeed a great setback.

Though not only inability for, but even natural repugnance to good thoughts is often a prominent feeling, let us not think this a "discouraging experience."

These were the notions of a people in whose eyes the power of swallowing whisky conferred distinction, and with whom inability to take the fitting quantity was a mark of a mean and futile character.

His inability to remember faces is a town joke.

10 Metaphors for  inabilities