10 Metaphors for investigations

But if the investigation of animal life be his choice, the name generally applied to him will vary according to the kind of animals he studies, or the particular phenomena of animal life to which he confines his attention.

" This investigation by organizations of educated and expert women was the first survey ever made of domestic service as an industry, the first scientific study of domestic workers as an industrial group.

As Mr. Baines had minutely detailed the whole transaction to me, and nothing farther was alleged by Mr. Wilson, who appeared to be actuated by no friendly feelings towards Mr. Baines, and my investigation would have only been an expression of a want of confidence in the veracity of Mr. Baines, which I could not entertain, I informed Mr. Wilson that I did not see any necessity for the investigation suggested.

His investigations were certainly not purposeless; and, as I walked by his side trying to conceive some purpose in his actions, I only became more and more mystified as I recalled them one by one, and perhaps most of all by the cryptic questions that I had just heard him address to the equally mystified porter.

At first he considered complaining; but as morning drew to early afternoon he began to believe that investigation would be the wiser course.

As usually happens, it is in details of a personal and biographical kind that the author's investigations have been the most productive of new discoveries.

Congressional investigations are usually farces.

But what particular light my investigations were to throw upon the intricate Bellingham case I had no very definite idea.

It is to be hoped that renewed and careful investigation will be made(much preliminary inquiry has already of course taken place)after the war into all these cases.

The numerous experimental investigations in relation to coal-gas have been the means of extending the use of that substance, and of increasing the employment of workmen and others connected with its manufacture.

10 Metaphors for  investigations